Dolphins Starting Offense Scores 7 points in an entire half.

While the Dolphins writers and less-educated fans are raving about how great our offense looked in the third preseason game against Atlanta, Dolphins Truth readers have come to expect a little more.  Our readers expect honest analysis.

That’s why I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but the offense didn’t do as well as some writers want us to believe.   The only stat that matters is Points.   And our starting offense scored only 7 points against a horrible Atlanta defense, a defense which began resting its starters while our first-team O was still out there.

Has this fellow caught a pass all summer?

When you score only 7 points in a half, it’s an easy projection to make:   We would have scored 14 if they played the full game.  Maybe 17 if Franks didn’t miss that brutal field goal.   14 points is not enough to Continue reading


Mike Pouncey lost in another horrible pre-season game

Starting center Mike Pouncey is expected to miss at least the opening game against the Seahawks, further exposing the Dolphins offensive line inadequacies and testing its depth right off the bat.

This means that the Seahawks might beat us 50-10 instead of only 40-14.  Either way, we’re gonna get destroyed, but without Pouncey it will be worse.

The Dallas preseason game was worse that it looked, with a lot of false hope because our offense scored 2 touchdowns.    Whoop di doo.

You have to remember that they had 4 drives.  Only the first drive was against the Cowboys’ full lineup of starters.   Against those starters, we went three and out.

On the opening drive, facing a third down, Tannehill had two guys to his right wide open, but he went into his drop looking left.  He didn’t even have time to check to the right, because he was on his back again.

He MUST react faster.  The RB Foster ran a wheel route and was wide open.    The WR Parker ran a short route and was equally open.   You can see this below.

Two guys wide open.  But T-hill  doesn't spot them.

Two guys wide open. But T-hill doesn’t spot them.

T-hill looked left initially, and he saw Landry was double-teamed.  Next he looked to the center for TE Jordan Cameron, who was running a deep route.  This is where the screen shit above is taken.   T-hill has already looked left and then center (pictured).   He spent way too long looking in those directions.  He needed to look right much faster, and he would have seen the Continue reading


Stadium News: You can use a Sunpass Toll Card to pay for parking

The offensive line looked like garbage on Friday night, but Dolphins management addressed that issue by…letting us pay for parking in a new way,

If the Dolphins spent more time worrying about the players on the field and less time worrying  about a stadium that will be mostly empty on Sundays, we might have a chance.

How about this:   no stadium upgrades or parking lot news until we’re on our way to being a winner.

NOT the kind of gridiron that Mr. Ross should be focusing on.

THEN is the time to worry about minutia.  Not before.  We haven’t fielded a Continue reading


Maybe it is time to panic

While every other Dolphins article this weekend is telling fans not to panic, and telling us that it was only a pres-season game, and telling us that you cannot judge an offense by a few plays….while everyone else is saying all that…I will tell you they are wrong.  It IS time to panic.

It cannot and will not get any better.   We saw our 5 best O-linemen out there Friday, and you saw what happened.

The offense is abysmal.  Time to start looking at the 2017 draft class, because we are closer to the #1 overall pick than we are to a playoff spot.  The offense was atrocious Friday night, and there is no magic switch to make it better in 4 weeks when we go into Seattle.

We have outstanding wide receivers and tremendous depth at that position.  Our running backs are serviceable and might break out.  The QB is a huge question mark and may actually be good.

But the offensive line is pitiful.  Just horrendous.  Unacceptably unprofessional.  They looked like a junior high junior varsity squad in there.

Which of these guys should we have kept, and which should we have tossed aside?

The most exciting playmakers on earth are useless when their QB is on his back all the time.

Offensive genius Adam Gase seemed more like Joe Philbin out there.   When the first team O was out there, we spread the formations wide on most of our plays.

That means more receivers and fewer blockers.  That means disaster.   More receivers to Continue reading


Dion Jordan is back!

Not sure if it’s good news or bad news, but he’s back.

The NFL thumbed its noce at the Dolphins and Stephen Ross by waiting until the last possible day to announce this.   Literally, the NFL made us go through the draft, and free agency, and the beginning of camp today, before finally letting us know.   Thanks a lot.

Anyway, I am curious to know your guys’ opinions on Dion the potential player, Dion the person (the drug use; apparently is was ecstasy and not steroids), and how he should be handled in games.  Or cut?

Let us know…


Dolphins sit by idly and tolerate the league’s unfairly tardy Dion Jordan Decision

As many of you know, the NFL has not officially determined if Dion Jordan is allowed to play this year.

While he was suspended for a year and served that year, apparently the NFL still has to clear him.    Like a prisoner who is sentenced to a year and then serves his year, the judge can then keep him and his family in suspense and may decide to change his mind.   Okay, that last part was sarcastic; it’s based on the absurdly inconsistent guidelines the NFL has toward punishments.

Dolphins need to know who will be carrying their pads around for them!

The thing that bothers me most is that the Dolphins don’t seem to care.   And they don’t seem to be getting any respect from the league.   Now this is conjecture, and I could be dead wrong here,  but when other teams await decisions, don’t those decisions tend to Continue reading


Seahawks’ Fan Site predicts Seattle Will beat Miami in week one

A Seahawks blog is already predicting that Seattle will beat the Dolphins in Week 1, and I really can’t argue with it.

The Hawks are an elite team, facing the ever-changing, never-gelling Miami Dolphins.   It could be a bloodbath.  On opening day, every one of our offensive lineman will have someone next to him who he never played with before.  Meanwhile, Seattle’s fearsome defense has been together and knows all there is to know.   It’s gonna be ugly. Welcome to the NFL Mr. Laremy Pothead Tunsil.

Except for the Super Bowl when Pete Carroll handed a free victory to New England, Russell Wilson has mastered the read-option offense, and our new D might not stand a chance.  Suh and Wake and company won’t have a chance to overpower anyone, because Wilson will be gone the second he takes the snap.

Our best hope is that the Hawks are Continue reading


Dolphins Sign Former Star Arian Foster

The Dolphins’ backfield just got a little more crowded heading into training camp, with the addition of Houston Texan Arian Foster.

Foster gets hurt more often than Knowshon Moreno ever did, so let’s home he has a productive year.  It’s only a one-year deal, and it must have come cheap, because no one else wanted Foster.

If Ajayi and the rookies do well in camp, it might turn out that Foster is a just a guy to use up minutes in the pre-season, when we don’t want our real RBs to get injured in the second half of those meaningless games while running behind 5th and 6th-string O-linemen.

Arian Foster

I’ve never been overly impressed with Foster.  He had some stud years, but all that glory was for his individual stats, and he never seemed to help his team win.  Not that one man can will his way to a team victory, but just in interviews with him and the attitude he exuded…I never got the feeling he was a team player.  Time will tell.

I do know a few positives about him:   He is better than Damien Williams.   He has more experience than Kenyan Drake.  He has just as many career interceptions as Dion Jordan.  And he even Continue reading


Man, June is a slow month for Dolphins News! OBSERVATIONS

I guess no news is good news.

Dion Jordan didn’t get re-re-re-suspended.  The team didn’t announce any London “home” games or similar stupidity.  No one was indicted.    No one’s wife mouthed off.

It’s good news for the Dolphins when we hear nothing about them.  Even from us at Dolphins Truth.

So as we get ready for full training camp, here are a few of our thoughts overt the past few months,

The funniest thing I’ve been reading is how the Dolphins are gonna have an attacking defense, and the offense  has a new system that will make it more fast-paced.   Neither of those things make you laugh on the surface…but any Dolfan knows we hear the same old thing year after year after year.  no mater who comes in, they say they’re going to fire up the offense, and it never happens.  The defense has some attackers, but they’re in the base D far too often.   So forgive us Dolfans for not believing anything until Continue reading


Reshad Jones Comes back to the Dolphins after reading dolphins truth article about him

Reshad Jones pulled a Kam Chancellor.

He tried holding out, realized the team wasn’t gonna budge, tucked tail and came back.   Good for Stephen Ross for not caving in to a man who already gave his word, in writing, that he would play.

Was it because of our blog post the other day and all your comments that guilted him into returning?   Probably not (despite my joking headline above).  Although I did hear one time a few years ago from a fellow blogger in Denver that Wes Welker read one of my posts where I criticized Wes for siding with Nick Saban when Nick left Miami.  (Welker basically said “Who cares that he lied to our faces for an entire year,” and this always rubbed me the wrong way because 52 other Dolphins and millions of fans felt otherwise.  How could you NOT be furious with a lying scum like Saban?)

Anyway, I was pleased to see so many comments from you guys agreeing with my stance.  I hate hold outs, and many of you sided with the Dolphins over Jones.  This is a changing sign of the times.

I remember when Emmitt Smith held out in the 1990s, and almost everyone was on the player’s side. “Oh he deserves more money, and Jerry Jones can afford it.”  Both of Continue reading


It’s Official: Reshad Jones is holding out.

In a greedy, selfish move that will surprise no one, Reshad Jones did not show up for MANDATORY camp today and is officially a holdout.

Jones embarrassed himself and the team last year by actively campaigning for himself to be in the Pro Bowl.   Instead of just waiting for the fans and coaches to pick him.

However, neither of those options worked.  Jones was not selected by fans or coaches.   Yes, he did become a Pro Bowler, but that was only because all the other safeties ahead of him couldn’t play or had no interest in playing in such a silly game.

Reshad Jones got smoked TWICE ion this same play and then decided to give up. He watches as Antonio Brown almost pulls out out a miracle for the Steelers. Nice hustle, Reshad. Luckily Brown stepped out of bounds on his own.


14 (FOURTEEN!) Defensive backs were chosen ahead of Jones, and that was just to start.    Several of those players couldn’t make it to Hawaii, so the coaches selected alternates.   Still no Jones!  Finally, after so many others didn’t want to play, Jones got the call.   Not exactly a resounding vote of confidence.

Did Jones care that he backed his way into  a meaningless game because of injuries of others?  Nope!  He acted like he won the job fair and square!

He’s a good safety, but probably overrated because of the poor play of the linebacking crew, meaning Jones himself has to make stops and tackles that normally a LB would make.   Jones did have a few TDs this year that were sweet, but he showboated with his dangerous back flips into the endzone.

Sorry to you readers who love Jones, but I’ve always felt he is an average safety.  And I hate holdouts more than anything.   The Dolphins want to hand him millions and millions of dollars (and he gave his word in writing that he would honor that), but he has decided to spit in the team’s face.



Dolphins Preseason Game moves to Orlando

The London Dolphins have once again shown how much they care for their own local fans.

Once again, the Dolphins are moving a game away from their fans.

Just like the Patriots playing their home games in London and the Broncos playing in Toronto, all the great championships teams like to screw over their fans and move games.   You can’t help but be sarcastic each time you hear about Dolphins’ Management pulling a fast one on its fans.

When you hear the phrase “Miami Dolphins,” you have to accept that the Miami part is only a suggestion.   Why should “home” games be played in the home stadium?

As we’ve noted, the Dolphins have a grueling travel schedule this year, with trips to Seattle and San Diego and Los Angeles.   Why not let them stay home as much as possible?  Nah, let’s force the Continue reading


Tom Brady Whines to the Courts Again…His stats vs. Dolphins in Week 2 is up in the air; Also Brian Hartline cut by Cleveland

After the Patriots got caught in the Deflategate turmoil, owner Robert Kraft said that they would accept whatever punishment the NFL handed them.

That turned out to be the biggest lie in the NFL since Bill Parcells said he would not trade Jason Taylor, and then traded him to the Redskins.  The 2nd biggest lie since Nick Saban said that he was not going to Alabama.   Why do all the big lies involved Dolphins management?


When the wife beaters, steroiders, murderers, and other various potheads are suspended by Roger Goodell, they take their punishment like a man and disappear for a few weeks.

Will this guy ever go away?


When Tom Brady is punished by Roger Goodell, well…it’s a different story.  A story that just Continue reading


Jason Cole Does it Again!

This week, the Dolphins faced some media scrutiny again, as former Dolphins writer Jason Cole wrote that Laremy Tunsil had a a bad ankle.

The Dolphins denied it, of course.

All you need to know about Jason Cole can be summed up here:   In 2011, Cole reported, AS FACT, that Jim Harbaugh had been hired as Dolphins’ coach.

He didn’t report a speculation or a rumor or use any iffy language.

He said it as fact, and he stated it was a Continue reading


Judas Jonathan Martin Badmouths Teammates Again and won’t go away

When NBC’s Pro Football Talk recently published an interview with Jonathan Martin, we knew we were in for an opinionated, biased account of Martin’s worldview right from the get go.

The very first sentence called Martin a “victim,” which told us all we needed to know about how one-sided and dishonest the article would be.

For some reason, a school had Martin come in to talk to 7th graders.   Why on earth would a school do this?  What can Martin possibly talk about?  Quitting?   Getting cut?  Being traded for next to nothing?  What else does he bring to the table?

Right off the bat, the thing that interested me was Martin accidentally letting his guard down.  He fully admitted to Continue reading


Laremy Tunsil Signs his contract…and other developments

So Laremy Tunsil has signed his contract, and the possibility of a long protracted holdout is averted.  So far, he is behaving and saying all the right things, and acting all the right ways.   We should all be grateful that both Tunsil and his agent have the wisdom to just sign the deal asap and start collecting their millions.

Head Coach Adam Gase did away with Rookie Training Camp this year and instead replaced it with Rookie Classwork.  As has been reported in various media outlets, Gase apparently didn’t think that these young players needed to practice NFL football.   Instead, he wanted to give them life lessons.


Laremy’s influence is already showing.

Gase has been around enough camps to know how they work, and maybe–possibly–he saw something over the years and said “If I’m ever a head coach, I’ll do

Continue reading


Dolphins Draft Review 2016

So it’s time to review the 2016 draft from last week, now that the dust has settled and I am over my grieving period about the loss of Jamar Taylor.

So first up is Laremy Tunsil.   Right off the bat, we get a taste of controversy, due to the infamous mask-bong video.   But once the smoke cleared (pun fully intended), we find ourselves with a helluva player.

I took some time to digest this pick. His football skills qualified him to be the top overall pick.   That’s a consensus from every single draft analyst out there.    We got perhaps the best overall player in the draft.  The negative about him is his moral character.

But as a few of my commenters pointed out, a player’s morals and off-the-field nonsense shouldn’t be a deciding factor.   We’re not drafting Boy Scouts here.   We’re drafting men whose job is to Continue reading