Hard to believe that a quarter of the season has come and gone already.  As we grade the various positions, we tried to take into consideration certain areas like production and stats, as well as intangibles. Normally these grading charts end with the coaches, but we choose to begin here. Coaches: C We’ll give the staff an A+ for an excellent game plan vs. New England, but then two F’s in a row drop their grade much lower. Joe Philbin’s inconsistency, poor decisions, distractions, and more, did not help matters at all.  Interesting rumors developed about Dawn Aponte and the front office staff, too, which didn’tRead More →

The Highs: Ryan Tannehill played well.  His passes were impressive today, but mostly because he had all day to pass.   The Oakland defense is among the worst in NFL history, and Ryan benefitted.  What we really liked was Tannehill’s scrambles and designed runs.   We need more of that.  Successful things happen when he puts the ball down and runs. Brent Grimes had a great interception. Same for Walt Aikens. Lamar Miller continued to rush well.   Will give him a bad mark for his fumble, but otherwise he ran through that lousy defense like he was supposed to. Cortland Finnegan.  Where are allRead More →

One hour till game time.    Check back regularly for in-game updates, and the latest on all Dolphins news. As mentioned my reader Mania Dolphins Mint, there are interesting rumors going around about arguments between Kevin Coyle and his players, but also a rift between Joe Philbin and executives. Could it actually be that Philbin is the smart one and actually prefers Matt Moore…but management executives have ordered him to play Tannehill?  Intriguing.Read More →

If the Dolphins have any chance whatsoever of a successful season, it must get turned around tomorrow in England.  We just lost to two terrible teams in a row, with a third one on the way in the U.K.   The players must make a statement, and a strong one at that.  We cannot lose to inferior teams like Buffalo and Oakland and expect to do well. As you know, Dolphins Truth believed well in advance of the Bills’ game that Week Two would tell us all we need to know about our team.  And they told us that they can lose by 19 pointsRead More →

As Joe Philbin talked to his media friends about the challenges of the upcoming trip to London, time zone differences, unfamiliar stadium, extra media attention from the British press, etc…while all of that was going on, the Raiders quietly arrived in England much earlier in the week. The Raiders are already used to the time zone.   They’ve done their walk through at Wembley Stadium.  They’ve met the British press.   And they won over many many fans who originally were going to the game as neutral fans, but nowRead More →

There aren’t enough hours in the day to write about all the mistakes Joe Philbin makes.  There really aren’t.  For example, we could write an entire article on his inept and inconsistent clock management.  His play-calling.   So many more. While that is all sad news for Dolphins fans, what makes it worse is that Philbin can do what he wants with full impunity.   He knows that Stephen Ross is behind him and won’t fire him, so he continues to make ridiculous calls. One such call is that he will stick with Ryan Tannehill, who also enjoys impunity because he knows darn well hisRead More →

The Dolphins re-signed WR/RB Marcus Thigpen, showing a bit of concern about the struggling offense and special teams.  While Thigpen is just on the practice squad at this point, he could be a beneficial player soon. Jarvis Landry has looked good on some returns, but he also muffed a easily catchable ball vs. Buffalo.  And he fielded a punt at his own goal line vs. the Chiefs.   These are major mistakes that the reliable Thigpen never made. Dolphins Truth feels this isRead More →

There are only three things in life that are certainties:  Death, Taxes, and Joe Philbin will say “We have to get better” at every single news conference. As much as Ryan Tannehill needs to be benched, it is certain that Philbin will not bench him.  Not even for one play.  Not even to give the team a spark.  Or an attempt to energize the offense.  Nope. Joey P. will stubbornly stick with his quarterback. I didn’t see the warning signs aboutRead More →

Highs:  There aren’t too many, but we’ll single out a few things. Lamar Miller had his best game in memory.  He might have had more yards at some point in another game, but today he looked sharp.  He held the ball tight when he was about to get hit, and he seemed to be running with purpose.  Well done. Daniel Thomas.  He came back to the team just a few days ago and had some impactful plays on Sunday. Mike Wallace.  For the second week in a row, Wallace’s effort really shows.  He’s a hard worker, and Read More →

Philbin allows his coaching staff to trip a referee. Philbin opts for a long long field goal with a poor kicker on 4th and two inside Kansas City territory instead of pinning the Chiefs back with a punt or going for it. Philbin refuses to use his final time out of the half with 8 seconds left after Tannehill is tackled;  instead Clueless Joe waits until 2 seconds left. It’s all shaping up to be an unfortunate, easy win for the Chiefs thanks to Miami’s inept head coach.Read More →

Who the hell gets suspended twice in one season? It’s really time to let  Dion Jordan go.  There is virtually no trade value left, but we can still save a few bucks.   And 95 is a pretty cool number and should go to a deserving Dolphin. Before everyone starts blaming Jeff Ireland, we’re still not entirely sure who wanted Dion Jordan so bad in the 2013 draft.   It might have been Philbin who lobbied to pick a defensive end.   Apparently, Cameron Wake was not good enough in Philbin/Ireland’s eyes, so we had to draft another defensive end. What an utter waste.   DolphinsRead More →

One of the reasons that Bills fans have such a hard time accepting that Sammy Watkins fumbled on his “touchdown” is that they incorrectly believe that all scoring plays are reviewed. All scoring plays are NOT reviewed. In defense of the Bills fans, for the past few years, we have all been fed the same line from every single NFL announcer…over and over and over. “All scoring plays are reviewed. All scoring plays are reviewed. All scoring plays are reviewed.” Wrong, wrong, and wrong. The NFL rulebook statesRead More →

A picture is worth a thousand words in most cases.   But sometimes a picture is worth 7 points. As Sports Illustrated’s photo below clearly shows, the ball is NOT in Watkins’ hands as it crosses the goal line and hits the pylon.   First down, Miami, at its own 20.  Period.   Indisputable. As a free gift from the NFL for their home opener, the Bills got all the calls, all day long.  But no call was worse than the one above. On a side note, I WISH all the announcers wouldRead More →

Sometimes records can be deceiving.  The 0-2 Saints and 0-2 Kansas City Chiefs are both much better teams that the 2-0 Texans and 2-0 Bills,  for example.  It all depends on how the schedule unfolds and how long it takes a team to get in stride. So we can’t take the upcoming Chiefs game lightly.   Alex Smith is a great QB.  He lost a lot of his tools from last year (luckily Brandon Albert is now a Dolphin) but he still causes problems for defenses. I don’t foresee the Chiefs defensive line being as stout as Buffalo’s was.  Plus, our O-line hasRead More →

In listening to Joe Philbin’s assessment of the disaster in Buffalo, it becomes so apparent what a broken record he is.  Any serious Dolphin fan who listens to Philbin’s press conferences will hear the same repeated lines over and over and over again. “We have to get better.” “I made the right call.” “We considered the down and distance.” “We’ll get that corrected.” “(The opponent) is a great team. Well-coached.” Etc. Does this look like a confident, championship -caliber coach to you, or a confused man obsessed with down and distance? We’ve heard it all before. But the Dolphins haven’t gotten better. The calls were wrong. ConsideringRead More →

There wasn’t a lot of production from either side of the ball on Sunday, but still we have to find someone to be upbeat about.   This week, the award goes to Mike Wallace. Wallace’s one-handed catch was a thing of beauty, and he held onto it throughout the entire catch.  Earlier, Wallace broke free on a post route and burned a couple of Buffalo DBs along the way.  Tannehill blew that play, but Wallace’s route was still great. For his hustle and production, we giv e the Week Two game ball to Mike Wallace.Read More →