The headline says it all.  How can you NOT hand off to Marshawn Lynch?  How? Without a doubt, that was the worst play call of all time. The poor execution was just the side story.  The main part of that disastrous play was the call itself. The other disaster was Seattle’s defense forgetting to show up Sunday.   Brady and Belichick have poured salt in the wound that Stephen Ross opened. Now to recap our prediction: I like the Seattle defense a lot, and I think it’s enough to win the game.   But New England has seen it all and will be prepared, so it won’tRead More →

Ted Wells is back in the news, thanks to his friend and benefactor Roger Goodell. You remember Ted Wells, right?   He’s the guy with E.S.P. who can magically tell who is lying  and who is telling the truth.   A wizard who can instantly determine what people he chooses to believe and whom to dismiss.   An NFL consultant who wrote the embarrassingly one-sided and unfair Wells Report, which tossed aside the statements of countless Dolphins players, coaches, and staff who testified on behalf of Richie Incognito and Coach Jim Turner. Instead, Wells decided that Jonathan Martin, and only Jonathan Martin, told the truth. RogerRead More →

Cocaine vs. Ecstasy I’m one of the few people who actually enjoys the Pro Bowl. Or at least I used to. I just think there’s someting cool about watching two enemies lined up next to each other as teammates once a year. The effort is lazy on many of the plays, but at you get to see the best of the best on action. Kudos to Brent Grimes and Cameron Waker and Mike Pouncey for making it. What I don’t like is this stupid new format. Granted, the game needed an overhaul because the players weren’t trying real hard a few years ago, but theyRead More →

Dolphins’ Defensive Line Coach Kacy Rodgers has joined the Jets. In one move, the Dolphins are a much weaker team while our divisional rival, the Jets, have gotten much stronger. Rodgers was among the few Dolphins coaches whom the players truly respected. And now he will work against us. All because Stephen Ross decided that Joe Philbin and his losing record deserves to stay. Oh, well.  The only good thing about this is that when we  face the Jets early next season, they will have to come down to our turf and play in the heat and humidity and…Oh, wait.  I forgot.   Stephen RossRead More →

No words needed for this post.     And by the way, the NFL just hired Ted Wells to investigate this!    The same Ted Wells who wrote a one-sided opinion (and then claimed he was unbiased) that believed every single word Jonathan Martin said while dismissing the word of 52+ Dolphins who supported Richie Incognito’s side of the story.Read More →

Dolfans tend to get quite jealous this time of year.  We watch teams with better coaches play against teams with better owners, and all we can do is be envious. We see quarterbacks take control of games, and we wish our quarterback did the same. For example, in one of the conference title games Sunday, a defender was caught in a substitution and was racing to get off the field.  The QB saw this, and immediately hurried the sanp count.  The result:  five free yards and a first down. Have we ever seen Ryan Tannehill do this?  Seriously, in three complete seasons, has Tannehill ever rushedRead More →

Nearly every time Stephen Ross gathers the media to make an announcement, you know there will be two possible outcomes: 1.  Whatever he says will hurt the Miami Dolphins. OR 2.  Whatever he says, it will have no bearing on the Miami Dolphins. “We are relinquishing a home game to go play instead on a neutral field in Europe” HURTS the Dolphins. “I am allowing J-Lo to purchase part of the team” HAS NO BEARING on the Miami Dolphins. “I am keeping Joe Philbin for a 4th year despite his losing record” HURTS the Dolphins. “I’d like the stadium to host a soccer game in theRead More →

Jim Kelly had a great quote about Rex Ryan when he said that Rex is “one of us already.” The guy’s been on the job 2 days, and people love him already. Meanwhile in Miami, Joe Philbin’s been here over three years, and he’s done absolutely nothing to turn the team around.  Has anyone embraced him? Not even when he first came to the Dolphins did he bringRead More →

In the latest news to slap Dolfans in the face, the New York Jets have hired former Dolphins head coach Todd Bowles to be their new head coach. Bowles is the only Dolphins head coach since the ugly Wannstedt era to have a winning record.  He went on to be an outstanding defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals.  And now he takes his extremely impressive resume toRead More →

So the famous Dez Bryant non-catch shouldn’t be so controversial.   Everyone knows that if the ball hits the ground and bounces up, it’s an incomplete pass.  I don’t understand the argument that Cowboy fans are making.  Can someone please explain that? The rule itself is atrocious, but it’s a rule and it was properly called.  They need to go back to the olden days…if the ball hits the ground, it’s incomplete.  Period.  You should not be allowed to use the ground as a third arm to catch a ball. Having to maintain possession throughout the entire process is another ridiculous part of the same rule.Read More →

Stephen Ross’ handiwork continued to backfire today as the Buffalo Bills,…who have greatly improved over the past two years and who recently suplanted us from second place in the  AFC East…just got a whole lot better.  Rex Ryan remains in the AFC East. Slow Joe Philbin lacks the coaching skills to catch one superior AFC East team in the standings each year (the New England Patriots).   And now Stephen Ross is asking him to overtake TWO superior teams.  Yes, the Bills have become THAT formidable overnight, and that kills me to say it. The Bills have a new owner in Mr. Terry Pegula.  Read More →

As usual, everyone has all kinds of opinions of what the Dolphins need to do to improve.  And as usual, the so-called Dolphins experts and insiders are just re-hashing each other’s words. We keep hearing about the Dolphins’ need to upgrade at linebacker, offensive line, and defensive backfield.   We don’t dispute those needs, but we’re also not going toRead More →

Stephen Ross is like the weird old uncle who ignores your Christmas list and gives you a pair of socks as a gift. What we desperately need is a new head coach, but instead Ross gives us a new executive, a new logo, a “home” game in Europe, celebrity co-owners like J-Lo, and much much more. Today Ross announced that Mike Tannenbaum  would be our new Executive Vice President of Football Operations.  This furtherRead More →

We all know that New England gets all the calls.  I hesitate to state that this is a fact, but at the very least, it is an opinion that is backed up by many many facts. The Tuck Rule was an obscure technicality before Tom Brady fumbled the ball in the playoffs and the Raiders recovered…only to have the refs give the ball right back to Brady because ofRead More →

Jason Garrett showed no hesitation.  His Cowboys faced a fourth-and-goal from the Detroit one yard line.  Garrett left his offense on the field.  The Cowboys then scored a touchdown. Dolphin fans around the world were puzzled.  Is a team allowed to go for it on fourth down?  Our own coach, Clueless Joey Philbin, certainly never does this.  Is it legal?  Dolfans are unaccustomed toRead More →