Reggie averaged over a thousand yards in each of his two Dolphins seasons. He worked hard and produced some amazing, electrifying runs, and he was deadly on screen passes.  Despite his production, Joe Philbin felt he wasn’t good enough to be a Dolphin. We really like Mike Gillislee and hope he can recover from his injury.  But Reggie is twice the back that Gillislee is, and his proven experience could make him and Lamar Miller a deadly combination. Bring back Knowshon Moreno, and we could give any team in the league matchup nightmares. This is all conjecture, of course.  Joe Philbin has proven that heRead More →

Thanks to reader Rik for pointing out Yahoo Sports’ recent rankings of all the coaches in the NFL…a list on which Joe Philbin finished dead last. Philbin in last place is not a surprise.  It’s accurate and fair.  And a little bit sad. But the saddest part is not that Philbin is ranked last.  The saddest part is that us Dolphin fans cannot argue the point.  That is depressing. Imagine if someone said that the Dolphins are the worst team in the NFL.  Or Cam Wake is the worst defensive end in the league.  Or someone said that Ryan Tannehill is the worst QB inRead More →

When a child gets behind the wheel of a car and runs into a tree, You don’t blame the child. He didn’t know any better.   You blame the idiot authority figure who handed him the keys and said, “Drive, kid. I trust you.“ That’s a bastardized quote from Pam in The Office. It also brilliantly portrays the quagmire the Dolphins are in thanks to Clueless Joe Philbin’s management style. Philbin kicks Pro-Bowlers off the team. He calls time outs to help the opponent. He passes when it’s 3rd and inches. He kicks whenever it’s 4th and inches. He hires his friends and their relatives. He admits heRead More →

Pro Bowl guard Richie Incognito is now a member of the arch-rival Buffalo Bills, and that is bad news for Dolfans. It’s just another item in the long list of exciting news that is occurring for the 3 other AFC East teams, while Stephen Ross keeps the Dolphins mired in morbose mediocrity. 2015 has been filled with exciting news for 3 of the 4 teams in the AFC East. The Patriots were handed a free Super Bowl victory. The Bills got a tough-as-nails head coach with a chip on his shoulder.  They also got Richie Incognito, a Pro Bowl guard who Miami should have kept.Read More →

NOTE:   The DolphinsTruth Facebook page at  is getting slammed with all sorts of fun comments from ignorant Patriot fans, in case any of you want to go there and reply.   In the left column you see their “Posts”.     I prefer that all the conversations happen here on our comments board, but Patriot fans are not known for playing by the rules, so they troll our FB page instead of our site here. We’ve all seen the images by now.  Non-Patriot-fans will suffer forever as we cannot get the pictures out of our heads. Meanwhile, the Patriots and their fans will notRead More →

Pete Philbin, I mean Carroll handed a free victory to the opponent in a similar way to how Joe Philbin has handed free victories to Dolphin opponents for three years. But in the case, Carroll did it on a stage where the whole world was watching.  Half the world saw his blunder.  And we also saw his insane rationalization. In case you missed his excuse, he said that when Seattle got ready for the 2nd-and-goal play, New England came out in a goal line defense, which Seattle wasn’t ready for. Apparently Pete didn’t expect  New England to use a goal line defense on the goalRead More →