Sometimes the mainstream media who cover the Dolphins  just don’t get it.   They are duped into writing things that seem accurate, but they just aren’t true. Here at Dolphins Truth, we pride ourselves on digging deeper.  We don’t just report about what Joe Philbin says as if it were fact, but we analyze it, and (in most cases) we can demonstrate why Philbin is wrong so often. In today’s Miami Herald, for example, the usually reliable but a little-too-naive Armando Salguero wrote this: “Joe Philbin knows the results haven’t been good enough. He knows his players haven’t been good enough. He knows his assistant coachesRead More →

For the third year in a row, we’re hearing all kinds of rumors about Dion Jordan moving to linebacker. Yes, the Dolphins need a linebacker.  Yes, Dion Jordan has done absolutely nothing as a defensive end.  But, no, the Dolphins aren’t moving him anywhere. Head Coach Joe Philbin recently squashed all rumors when he determinedly stated that Dion Jordan would remain at defensive end.  This bothers some Dolfans, who want to see Jordan be given a fair chance at linebacker, especially given the need we have there. There are two sides to this, and both are bad. One, it’s always a bad sign when aRead More →

Dolphins Truth has been waiting for the dust to settle before writing this latest article about all the recent cuts, signings, and other news. While some media outlets were writing about Mike Wallace getting traded weeks ago, it didn’t happen until today. And what about all the rumors of Charles Clay signing with the Bills? Or how about NBC reporting that Dolphins TE Jordan Cameron is secretly heading back to the Browns.  Where do these guys come up with this nonsense, and how do they have the nerve to report these rumors as fact? We at Dolphins Truth think it’s better to wait a minute, examineRead More →

The Jets have acquired former Dolphin and Pro Bowl MVP Brandon Marshall. You remember Marshall, right?  He was the Pro Bowler who was traded away from the Dolphins, apparently because Joe Philbin thought that Marlon Moore and Davonne Bess would be better playmakers. I know some Dolfans never liked Marshall.  They point out his drops and stuff like that.  But Mike Wallace had drops too.  That doesn’t make these guys are bad players.  They are still playmakers.  Still the best receivers on their team.  Still fast and still clutch. Now we have to defend this beast twice a year.  Half of our WR corps hasRead More →

When Jason Fox first signed as a Dolphin last year, we at Dolphins Truth thought he would have more impact.  We studied him a lot, and found he was tough as nails and thought he’d be a great addition. Now, we still like him, but our opinion is lower.  He is tough, but he proved that he can be out-finessed but some of the NFL’s better defensive linemen.  But Fox adds depth and stability, and those are important factors for an offensive line that needs it. He is not an All Pro, but he is a valuable player, and this is a great re-signing. BrandonRead More →

Dolphins Truth was hesitating to comment on the release of Brian Hartline, Nate Garner, and Brandon Gibson until the dust had settled.  And so here we are. But first, the really exciting news!! The Dolphins have hired a new director of sports performance or some meaningless title like that.  A team in desperate need of a new coach instead hires a guy who will magically make all ACLs go away, and he will fix concussions with the power of his mind.  What a waste of money. For the people who believe the Stephen Ross conspiracy theories, this hire is intriguing.  Lots of rumors out thereRead More →