Lamar Miller is a fine running back, and we can begin with that. However, he is far from elite.  He doesn’t break tackles as often as other RBs.  He doesn’t seem to run great pass routes when he’s asked to do so.  I don’t mean RB screen passes;  I mean passes more in the middle.   And although Miller is a 1,000 rusher and that is nothing to diminish, still a 1,000-yard-season means that he only needs to average 62 yards per game to hit a thousand yards.    If he didn’t break that huge run in Week 17 vs. the Jets, we’d be talkingRead More →

If Brent Grimes gets hurt, we’re doomed. I’ll start off by saying that, and I firmly believe it’s true.   We just don’t have enough depth in our secondary to make up for Grimes if he’s ever injured.  We barely held on for dear life last year when Cortland Finnegan got hurt.  It would be much worse if Grimes went down. The other Dolphins corners just aren’t too good.  I’m sorry to all you fans of Jamar Taylor and Will Davis, but those guys have had plenty of times and opportunities to do something, and they never have.   It might take a few yearsRead More →

For some reason, the NFL likes to give Ted Wells millions and millions of dollars. There are thousands (millions?) of attorneys and impartial investigators out there, yet the NFL keeps hiring the same guy:  Ted Wells.  Why? Whether you agree with Wells’ findings or not is irrelevant.  What is important to understand is why the NFL keeps hiring him again and again.  It makes little sense.  Certainly Dolphins Truth has no idea why. Is Wells the only attorney in the United States who’s capable of looking into a case?  Absolutely not.  So then Why does Roger Goodell turn to Wells all the time? This isRead More →

The NFL simply has never heard expressions like “Let sleeping dogs lie” and “Don’t tamper with success.” The NFL is a multi-BILLION-dollar industry, and everything works fine as is.  Tom Brady cheats, Ray Rice beats his wife, Ray Lewis gets into an altercation in a crowded bar with 100 witnesses, the victims end up dead, and Ray Lewis walks away…no matter what kind of shenanigans the NFL goes through, it survives.  It thrives. When something is thriving, you leave it alone.  Except in Roger Goodell’s mind.  When things are perfect, that’s when you must change. Extra points will now be kicked from the 15 yardline.  ThisRead More →

Ryan Tannehill has agreed to a whopping new contract extension, which should keep him in Miami for the rest of his career. We think this is good news. Tannehill’s stats might not be superb, but at least he’s progressing.  He has been limited and hampered by a head coach who thinks it’s 1925 and an offensive line & WR corps  that keeps changing on him constantly.  Despite all that, Tannehill has proven toRead More →

It’s with great sadness that we announce the death of the Dolphins’ greatest kicker, Garo Yepremian. To a lot of younger fans who don’t know Garo, you missed out on a very consistent kicker who was clutch.  Garo kicked the field goal in double overtime to win the longest game in NFL history, and it doesn’t get more clutch than that. Garo was also a Pro Bowl MVP, a left-footed kicker among the first to kick soccer style.   He rarely missed. I still remember the day I missed Garo most.  It was the 1982 playoff game against San Diego, when Uwe Von Choke missedRead More →

Sorry, folks.  I’m away one more day and then will be back with our brand of truth, including commentary on Ted Wells (and the millions of dollars that Roger Goodell handed over to him), our draft grades and reports, and a dream I had about why Joe Philbin would be a great basketball coach (because he would not be able to call timeouts on defense). Until then, here is the new thread Bryan requested…Read More →