When Joe Philbin talks, people listen. And then they scratch their heads.  Realize how wrong he is.  Yawn.  Ignore him.  And, in some rare cases, they give him a job extension worth more than $3 million per year. I’m starting a new feature here where I’ll take something that Clueless Joe says after a game and analyze it. Sometimes it will be funny.  Sometimes it will be sad.  Often it will be wrong. And most certainly it will be frustrating. So here we go…  On the Joe Philbin show Monday, the coach was asked about what changes need to be made.   Philbin then saidRead More →

While all the media and so-called experts are saying Joe Philbin is on thin ice, as well as the rest of his staff,don’t expect anything soon. The problem is that people have have no memory for the type of owner Stephen Ross is.  Mr. Ross truly feels that Clueless Joey P. is a fine head coach, and Ross defends Philbin every chance he gets. Last year, on the very day when Miami was eliminated from the playoffs, Mr. Ross REWARDED Philbin.   Ross heaped praise upon Philbin that no one else on earth had ever said, such as Philbin being a strong leader and allRead More →

Miko Grimes, social media darling and outspoken Dolfan, was arrested during the game today. We can’t confirm yet what exactly she did, but there was speculation that getting arrested was a better fate than having to watch the game. Apparently the cops told Miko that the Bills had scored 40+ points, and Miko kept asking the officers if they were serious.   Here is the proof.   Cover your ears if you don’t like the F word a lot.   Sadly, Miko was the most passionate player wearing a Phins jersey today.  Read More →

Despite some negativity and doubt this week, the Dolphins have a team that can beat the Bills.   I am not convinced the Bills are a strong team, and let’s hope we can prove it today. Here’s how: Our offense must score points often, and that has not been occurring.   Philbin/Lazor simply MUST come up with a better game plan to beat the Bills and their stout defense. It’s not rocket science.  We need to give Tannehill more time.  But Philbin stubbornly leaves Jason Fox out there in isolation, and we get destroyed.  We need to double-team BOTH of the Bills’ defensive ends.  Using extraRead More →

On the positive side, the Dolphins have played two crappy games in a row, and we’re due  for a good one. Although Joe Philbin won’t ever admit publicly that the Jaguars are a terrible team, the Dolphin players have alluded to it during this week.  More than one player has mentioned how embarrassed and angry they are for losing to such an afterthought team like Jacksonville.  Such anger could rile them up and raise their intensity. The injuries that kept some starters out of the second half might be mended enough,  We’re looking to see Brandon Albert and Cameron Wake back and playing theRead More →

“First off, this loss is squarely on one man’s shoulders. It’s on my shoulders.  Hell yeah, I’m taking it personal.” Did Joe Philbin say that after being embarrassed by one the NFL’s worst teams?  Uh, no.  Rex Ryan said that. Wanna know what Joe Philbin said? ”I haven’t heard the fans screaming for me.  I hope they’re not screaming for my head or anything.” This quote shows two things about Joe Philbin, the clueless dolt of a head coach we’re stuck with. Number One, he doesn’t realize that everyone IS yelling at him and screaming for his head to be fired.  And we don’t justRead More →

Will Davis, who we so desperately need at cornerback, has been traded for a draft choice to the Baltimore Ravens. Mark your calendars for December 6th.   That’s when Baltimore comes to town, and I predict Davis will go off on us.  Just like Odrick did yesterday. By the way, does anyone know who Dan Carpenter, Richie Incognito, and Marcus Thigpen play for and when they are coming to town? Meanwhile, while the Dolphins continue to get rid of Pro Bowlers and other young players with potential, they decided to keep Jamar Taylor, God knows why.  Read More →

The HIGHS: Boy, there are few highs, but we’ll start with Jake Stoneburner, who had a nice touchdown catch for our only score of the second half.  I saw it coming a few plays prior, as he was being used as a decoy prior and set up the Jags. Rishard Matthews.   A few nice catches have made him quite reliable. Jelani Jenkins.  Showed heart and was all over the place making tackles. Jared Odrick.   He had a wonderful game and showed how valuable he is to his team.  Clearly he was the best defensive end on the field today.  Oh, wait… Now theRead More →

We’re experimenting with our new live Chatroom, and the link should be on the far right of each page.   Should start around around 4:15 if anyone cares to join. It requires an initial Sign Up, so just enter a user name and password.   You don’t need to list your email address or anything like that. The chatroom isn’t complete and might have a glitch or two, so feel free to comment on this article in real time. Meanwhile, The Patriot offense rolled over Pittsburgh last week and is now decimating the Bils.  They look more unstoppable than ever.    They brutalized two ofRead More →

The last time Miami played the awful Jags team was last year. The Jaguars outscored us. Well, our offense anyway. Thanks to Blake Bortles being a jv quarterback who gave us 14 free and easy points, we came out on top.  But it was an ugly game.   Tannehill looked awful.  Our defense couldn’t stop the run (Thank God Jax kept calling for passes!!). In other words, except for a few pick-sixes, we would have gotten destroyed in this game last year. Make no mistake about how terrible the Jaguars are.  I mean, they were silly enough to think that Chad Henne was a quality starter,Read More →

One offensive touchdown and one field goal are not enough offensive production to win most games. While scoring in the NFL is never easy or anything to be taken for granted, still, there are some very basic strategies that the good teams employ. Very basic strategies such as utilizing your playmakers and making smart calls.  Joe Philbin does neither. Let’s look at one series from Sunday, for example.   Brent Grimes just made a great interception and changed all the momentum toward the Dolphins.   We started at the Washington 21, already in field goal range. On first down, Ryan Tannehill almost kills his tight endRead More →

LaMichael James was given every opportunity to make the team, but his preseason fumble problems continued on into the regular season. On top of that, James started a fight with Jarvis Landry.  Luckily, he didn’t pull a Geno Smith and break Landry’s jaw. The Dolphins will more than likely promote Jonas Gray to the active roster.    It’s a bit dangerous to have Landry out there returning kicks AND punts AND playing WR.    You don’t want to expose him to too much injury, but at the same time, he is clearly our most electrifying player and we need him out there. We wish LaMichaelRead More →

The HIGHS: Brent Grimes had a huge game.  We saw the big early pick, but he shut down whoever he covered all day long.  That was huge.  This man earns every dime. Darr and Franks.  Neither kicker did anything extraordinary, but they played well, and that deserve praise for rookies.  Well done. Jarvis Landry.   A few great catches and a wonderful punt return.  Honorable mention to the block coverage on that punt.   The Redskins weren’t in position for a reason.   Our punt return squad all chipped in on those seven points. I will even give Joe Philbin a ‘high’ vote for goingRead More →

Welcome to the 2014 opener.  Not a typo.  2014.    Feels like the same old Dolphins. Jamar Taylor making mistakes just like last year. Dolphins stuffed on 3rd and one, just like last year. Dolphins lining up in a 4-wide passing formation and then trying a handoff on 3rd and short, just like last year. Opponent misses a field goal, and Joe Philbin thinksRead More →

1.  The Dolphin offense has to be aware of the hype surrounding its “great” preseason, especially Ryan Tannehill.   I keep reading about the 3 TD passes he threw in the pre-season.   But the writers seems to forget that those were aided by defense penalties on 3rd-and-goal.  And two of the passes were on 4th down, which won’t happen in a real game. This offense could be very overrated, and Sunday will begin to show us. 2.  The defensive backs.  Kirk Cousins is like a gift to the Dolphins.   Miami never handles fast, scrambling QBs well, so it’s very generous (and ludicrous) forRead More →

1.  Cover Gronkowski.   Pittsburgh refused to cover him, and you saw the results.  Last year in the Super Bowl, the Seahawks wisely covered Gronk with a DB and shut him down.   Then Pete Carroll tried to “fool” Tom Brady and cover Gronk with a linebacker.  Touchdown New England.   Just cover him. 2.  Make your easy field goals.   Pittsburgh gave points away all night with a lousy kicker missing field goals left and right. 3.  Hit Brady.  The Steelers pass rush was its most feeble in years.  It looked horrendous.  The once proud Steelers D is long gone, making it easy forRead More →

I like my colleagues over at the Phinsiders.  I really do. Despite the fact that they wrong 90% of the time, and despite the fact that they banned me from their site because I corrected them too many times.  Still, they are true Dolfans, and we have to respect that. In the latest example of how wrong they are, the Phinsiders today are defending Jamar Taylor.   The blogger Evan Silva correctly stated that Jamar Taylor was a bust, and the Phinsiders went nuts! The Phinsiders humorously said that Taylor is “developing into a solid player.”   So am I.  So are you.   We’reRead More →