It is a VERY scary thought that Mike Sherman’s son-in-law will be calling plays for us. Zac Taylor was first given an NFL job because Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman were buddies.  And now Zac Taylor has been promoted because Bill Lazor got fired. (And there was pretty much no one else left to give the coordinator job to.) Over the last few weeks, Dolphins Truth readers have noticed how hard we’ve been on Bill Lazor.  His schemes and play calling have been atrocious for quite some time.  No Dolphin got better this year.   Our schemes were outdated, and our play selection was predictable.Read More →

Ha!    Yes, the math is correct, and technically, the Dolphins are alive.   But let’s face it, the season is over. In my book, the season was over as soon as they picked DeVante Parker…a head-scratching move that addressed Zero of our needs.  It showed me, way back in May, that the inmates are running the asylum in Miami. We have no depth in the secondary, and our first stringers weren’t so hot either.  But yet they selected a wide receiver. Our linebackers are the joke of the league.  But yet they selected a wide receiver. Our offensive line? Who needs blockers when weRead More →

If a play works, stick with it.  Run it twice in a row.  Thrice.  Run the same play until the Jets stop it. Rush the ball and rush often.   Bill Lazor should have lost his job for calling only 7 rushes last week.   We have two stud running backs begging for the ball, but instead Lazor prefers to trust Jason Fox’s pass blocking.  Ridiculous. Stop Ryan Fitpatrick.   The novelty is over.   He’s had a nice ten games or so, but time for his fantasy to end.   Time to make him play like the journeyman scrub he is. Take advantage ofRead More →

First the high points of the game. Kenny Stills made another big long TD catch.  Neville Hewitt and Zach Vigil continue to show how useless Misi is and how easy he is to replace.  Andrew Franks has a booming leg.   Lamar Miller and Jay Ajayi combined for  57 yards on only 11 carries.  That’s over 5 impressive yards per rush. The entire defense (except Jamar Taylor) played proudly and were all over Romo all day long.   Yeah yeah yeah, let’s hurry up and get to the lows. And now for the long. long list of LOWS. Okay, my patience with Bill Lazor has officiallyRead More →

Live in-game commenting is open, or else feel free to join our chatroom.  Click Chat Room link on the right side of any page.   Doesnt work in Internet Explorer browser. Time to punish Tony Romo and make him second-guess his desire to return to a 2-7Read More →

Many Dolphins Truth readers weren’t even alive when the Cowboys defeated the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI.  That’s VI as in 6.  As in January 16, 1972. Most of us remember the Leon Lett game, in which big Leon gave us a free victory in a snowstorm. The Cowboys and Dolphins don’t play often, but they’ve had some fun games over the years.   Let’s hope Sunday is fun as well. There is a lot of hype surrounding the return of Tony Romo.    I don’t think that will influence the Dolphins’ game plan.  Romo is far more talented than Matt Cassel, but that isn’t important.Read More →

Unheralded players like Jamar Taylor, Mike Hull, Zach Vigil, Tony Lippett, and Neville Hewitt stepped it up big time to seal the deal in a big Dolphins win. It is an unwritten rule not to root for an opponents’ injury, but once Sam Bradford went down and we saw Jet Sanchez in the game, it seemed to inspire the defense. Our offense stalled far too many times, but they did just enough to make the defense’s outstanding effort hold up. The D forgot to show up in the first quarter, and then something lit a fire under Suh.  He was a beast for the remainderRead More →

While the Dolphins are not mathematically eliminated, they face an uphill climb if they’re going to make the playoffs. History and statistics are against them, but each year, some team sitting at 3-5 or 4-4 makes a major push.   Last year, for example, the Chargers got shut out by Miami, and everyone wrote off San Diego as a lost season.,   But they came roaring back.   Almost made the playoffs.  All we’re saying is that it’s possible. So where to start with the Eagles?   They have a very overrrated and beatable QB in Sam Bradford.  Sadly, however, the Dolphins tend to playRead More →

Stephen Ross gets involved in YET ANOTHER business that has nothing to do with the Dolphins Think of George Steinbrenner, and only only thing comes to mind. Jerry Jones?  Same thing.  Robert Kraft? All the great owners in all sports are obsessed with their teams and obsessed with winning. Believe it or not, most of the owners actually live in the area where their teams are.  Most owners hire and fire coaches in person.  Most owners live and breathe for their team. Mr. Ross lives and breathes for the Dolphins a little bit. He’s too busy trying to get stadium funding. Too busy trying toRead More →

I also watched Dan Campbell’s press conference twice now, noting several things. I also took in as many interviews and articles as I could cram in. The thing that strikes me the most is that Richie Incognito said the Bills kept running the same running play over and over and over. The Bills linemen were laughing at our linebackers, because they just sat there and let the Bills pulling guard block them. Terrible. Made me think…can you guys name ONE impactful play any of our linebackers have made all year? I cannot think of one sack or turnover. It might have happened, but it certainlyRead More →

Okay. so enough of this nonsense about Dan Campbell being a rookie interim coach and still learning and… Nonsense. The man has been in football his entire life.  He has played in the NFL and was a Super Bowl champion. He should know that when your defense has just stuffed the opponent on third down, and you’re about to get the ball back…you let those cards fall.  Period. Period.   Instead, Dan Campbell decided to give the Bills ANOTHER third down. We don’t have to get into the details, the down and distance, the score, or anything else.  Dan Campbell gave the Bills an additionalRead More →

Mike Pouncey gave the Bills 2 free points and the ball, which immediately led to a fast 0-9 hole for the Dolphins, and it doesn’t look like we’ll recover. Each week, another Dolphin blows a game. Bill Lazor continues to be pass happy and shotgun happy.  Other teams have been fooled when we went to T-hill under center.  It works.  Just ask Houston or Tennessee. Starting our first drive deep in our own zone and then going immediately to the shotgun?   In loud Buffalo?   A truly ridiculous formation to start the game; the result surprised no one.Read More →

On Sunday, the Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills, led by either some guy named Tyrod or else led by bust EJ Manuel, depending on who is injured the least. Joe Philbin always had trouble with the Bills, and we never understood why.   When we lost to Buffalo, we lost big.  When we won, we squeaked by in games that featured a lot of field goals.  And in each of those games, win or lose, the Bills featured a horrendous joke of a quarterback who we should have pounded into submission. Let’s hope we can shake off the New England game and get back intoRead More →

The Titans fired head coach Ken Wisenhunt today because he had a losing record, the team was stagnant despite signing some stars, and they had no chance of making the playoffs. They only needed a year and a half to realize this. While Wisenhunt was accumulating loss after loss, the Tennessee ownership did not give him an extension.  They did not build him a new stadium–thinking that fans want an awning more than they want a Super Bowl title.  They did not publicly praise him.  They did not bring in new executives to try and improve the coach. They looked at the record and madeRead More →

So next up is the Buffal Bills. That is not a typo.  There is no “O” in Buffal.  Seriously, they have a journeyman QB with no stars to throw to. They have a decent D, but so do we.  They have a firey head coach, but luckily, so do we this time.  They have good special team specialists, but so do we. The Bills are a very beatable team. No doubt that the loss of Cameron Wake will be painful.  But how many times do we hear about an opponent’s star being out, and they win anyway.   N.E. had two backups on the O-lineRead More →