Much of the news concerning Chip Kelly’s firing in Philadelphia concerns the fact that Kelly had total control:  the players,  the team, coaches, draft, personnel, etc. Reporters are covering Kelly’s dictatorship like it’s a bad thing. However, that “bad” thing might be exactly what the Miami Dolphins need. Let’s say the Dolphins hire the exciting Chip Kelly and his innovative offense.  If we give Kelly all the power he wants (draft, coaching hires, etc.), that means that other Dolphins executives would have less power, or be fired altogether.  Would the Dolphins suffer if Mike Tannenbaum has less power?    If Stephen Ross took a step back, wouldRead More →

I got a lot of hate mail yesterday for blaming our COACHES for the loss.  Most of our readers felt compelled to blame Tannehill or our terrible offensive line.  Those blamers are not wrong. The offensive line is horrible and Ryan Tannehill didn’t do anything to earn praise (just ask Miko Grimes, who lambasted T-hill on public media), but it’s the way those players are utilized that makes the Dolphins lose week after week. This will sound like a broken record to many of our readers, but when we employ extra protection packages, we have success.  Period.   Case closed.  On the pass when DeVanteRead More →

The Dolphin coaches blew this game.  Namely Mike Sherman’s son-in-law once again. Yes, I know some of my readers will blame Tannehill and others will blame our D. And by the way, if you’re going to blame the D, then start with overrated Reshad Jones missing an easy interception on the first pass of the game, and then getting plowed over embarrassingly by Frank Gore on Gore’s first TD run.  Combine that with Jones’s game-changing fumble last week and you see what the Pro Bowl voters saw. But enough of that.  Zac Taylor and his ridiculous obsession with 4 and 5-wideout formations doomed us once again.Read More →

Sadly, no one cares. The Colts play in the easiest division in the history of sports, and they STILL can’t win it.  LMAO.  The Colts are all set to lose the division to a team who got destroyed by the lowly Dolphins (Houston).  The fans, the media, and even the NFL itself has given up on the Colts. As for the Dolphins, everyone gave up weeks ago.   This is a meaningless game in a meaningless year for both teams.   Sad sad sad. So the possibility of a Patriot-Panther Super Bowl is very real, and it’s causing some division among Dolphin fans about whoRead More →

I like Reshad Jones, I really do. But the fact that he didn’t make the Pro Bowl is not a surprise to me, although it will shock many of our readers.   I predicted it last week. when Jones fumbled after he made a nice interception.  I called it right then and there. Now I’m not saying that the fumble kept him out of Honolulu, but it sure didn’t help.  Besides, the way these things work is that playoff teams won’t be able to send their Pro Bowlers to the game, so that means Reshad will probably get in as a reserve. Sorry to theRead More →

It’s mind-boggling to think of how many NFL “experts” were choosing the Dolphins to overtake New England this year, 4 ft 8 Danny Woodhead hs become the latest nobody to embarrass us.  The pitiful Chargers haven’t rushed at all in 12 weeks, and today they all look like Larry Csonka. The Dolphins are trying anyone and everyone at left tackle, and they are all equally giving up crushing sacks.  Reshad Jones had the ONLY nice play iof the game, followed by a death-toll play by giving the ball right back to San Diego back when it was a 3-0 game.  Thanks Reshad.   Now you’llRead More →

An interesting article today from NBC Sports calling for Mr. Ross to either sell the team or move to Florida. Welcome to the Dolphins Truth World of 2011.   We’ve been saying that for years.  And NOW the mainstream media is catching up?  Now?    Teams don’t play well when their owner lives thousands of miles away?  Really?! For those who don’t know, Mr. Ross was a Jet fan who still lives and works in New York.  Like a babysitter who looks in on the kids now and then, Mr. Ross comes to Florida to watch his Dolphins play a game or two, butRead More →

Jarvis Landry got schooled by his pal Odell Beckham.   If there were and closeness in comparing these two, there is none now.  Beckham got open all night long AND held onto the ball when it was thrown his way.   He made a miraculous foot-drag catch, while Landry dropped passes right in his numbers. Beckham also didn’t commit a stupid penalty when we were driving for the tying touchdown in Giants territory. Zac Tayor is just as stupid as his father-in-law, and Bill Lazor, and Joe Philbin and…   Lamar Miller was eating the Giants alive, including two gorgeous long touchdown runs.   See theRead More →

At the beginning of the season, the MNF matchup against the Giants looked like a potential important December game. It’s still kind of important for the Giants, who are a terrible team but still very much alive in the playoff hunt since they play in a non-Patriot division.  But for the Dolphins, it’s just a matter of pride. The top 50 all-time Dolphins will be honored, and we’ll be in our throwback uniforms.   Should be fun to watch even if we get destroyed again.   I saw an interesting interview with Derrick Shelby, who said that he doesn’t really care about all the hooplahRead More →

A month after Dolphins Truth started to talk about the possibility of Mike Shula becoming our head coach next year, the rest of the media is starting to wake up too. It’s still a little surprising and a little flattering when the mainstream media and other writers start to agree with us at Dolphins Truth, but they always seem to be a step or two behind. Remember the pre-season, when the media was talking about how easily the Dolphins would make the playoffs, if not win the division and wrest it from the Patriots?  Dolphins Truth knew better, and now all the media is actingRead More →

Baltimore is a horrible team with virtually no healthy stars, but somehow they almost beat the Dolphins.    When you barely beat an awful team, should you celebrate the win?   Probably not. Matt Schaubb had two ugly passes at the end of the first half, or else we would have been shut out.  The Ravens missed a late field goal, or else we would have lost.  Yes, it was that bad and that close. We got a few questionable penalties to go our way as well.   We needed that help. Despite all that nonsense and terrible play, the defense was strong, albeit againstRead More →

Your Dolphins Truth staff has a family situation this weekend, and we will have limited time and ability to offer our insights into the Baltimore game. One quick note is that Matt Schaubb will play for the Ravens at QB, and the Dolphins have never beaten him.  Let’s hope that changes.   He always was tremendously overrated in Houston, so we need to burstRead More →

In addition to the Dolphins re-signing backup center Jacques McClendon, the team has also cut defensive tackle CJ Mosely. Of course, these would both be non-issues if we would have kept loyal Jared Odrick or Samson Satele.    Still waiting for someone inside the Dolphins organization to explain why neither one of those guys was re-signed.   Neither asked forRead More →