Stephen Ross has given away yet another home game. Next year, the Dolphins play a “home” game in London…again. Ross simply does not understand football.  He certainly doesn’t understand the huge advantage that one’s home stadium brings to the team.   Not a single Dolphin or Dolphan asked Ross to make them travel to England for a ball game.   Not a one. Instead, this is pure stupidity, where he’s (once again) trading away a huge advantage in order to get his property in a national TV game of the week. Because we all love getting up at 9 to watch a ball game.  Read More →

Welcome to the Miami Dolphins, Mr. Bacarri Rambo. Thank God he has a cool last name, because I’ll probably misspell his first name anyway.   Just when I learned how to spell Isa Abdul-Quddus. Rambo has a solid history with the Redskins and the Bills, nothing stellar but nothing negative either.   Yes, he was cut by two different teams, and the circumstances are murky.  Rambo was involved in two separate rumors, one concerning his alleged college drug use, and the other concerning if he were straight or gay.   Personally, none of that matters, as long as he can produce. It’s interesting that with anRead More →

Who do you guys like? I’m going with Cleveland in five.   Joe Maddon is one of those managers who gets his team to the playoffs seemingly every year, but he can’t get the job done.   I liked him at first when we was up in Tampa, but he could never ever get his teams over the hump, and I don’t think it starts now. The glasses and little-league mentality were cute at first, but it got the Rays nowhere. Terry Francona will own Maddon with savvy, strategic moves, watch and see.  And I hate the Red Sox but respect Terry’s accomplishments in Boston.Read More →

Arian Foster has retired.   A day after dropping a wide-open 5-yard pass with no one near him, and a week after refusing to fight for an extra yard to earn a much-needed first down, the man who refused to stand for the National Anthem has quit the team. Obviously, this is not a major blow to the Dolphins, since Foster has contributed virtually nothing but distraction during his tenure here.   His me-first attitude contributed to Houston not wanting him any more, and I thought that was behind him.  But nope. I suspect that Miami will bring Isaiah Peade off the practice squad now,Read More →

For the second week in a row, the Dolphins competed and completed, enabling them to inch back to respectability as they inch back to .500. Miami beat two pretty sound teams too, making you scratch your head as to how in the world we got blown up by the Titans at home.   Or how we squeezed by the winless Brownies. But that seems forever ago.  Now we get to go into the bye feeling good, with a lot to write about and discuss over the next few weeks. Jay Ajayi looked possessed again., and that’s been such a blessing. The defense is stepping upRead More →

As I expected, LeSean McCoy will indeed play today for the Bills.   Rex Ryan is always good at hiding and surprising us with little injury items like this to keep the opponent guessing all week. Our Chat room will open right before game time. As always, log in or register with the menu link on the right (or bottom).  Enter a name and password.   Once you’re in, you can skip the stylizing form and just go back to More →

I won’t repeat what the many other game previews have already stated.   A lot of focus this week has been on Richie Incognito coming back to town.   If I were the Dolphins’ defense, I’d be more concerned with shifty ex-Dolphin Mike Gillislee.    In addition, Charles Clay has been an effective weapon for the Bills this year, but he hadn’t scored a touchdown yet.    That means he’s overdue, and overdue players always seem to have breakout games against the Dolphins.  And of course, the Bills have Pro Bowl kicker Dan Carpenter, while we have a guy who’s had TWO chip shots blockedRead More →

The rumors and speculation were true.   Reshad Jones was officially placed on IR and is out for the season. It’s a tough blow to the Dolphins, and frankly it surprises me that Jones couldn’t make it through.   He’s shown resiliency in the past, but I suspect this time, the torn rotator cuff is just too severe to risk playing.   I’d like to see what rookie Jordan Lucas can do in the secondary, but it will be hard to get him or anyone to perform at Jones’ level. Tyrod Taylor is our next opponent.   He’s not a great passer, but he runsRead More →

The Denver Broncos are the latest team to take a chance on young Billy.  After getting cut twice by the Dolphins and then the Ravens, Turner tries again. On other news, Reshad Jones is questionable for Sunday…and the season.   Her has a potential rotator cuff injury.   That’s not as devastating to a safety as it is to a baseball player, so I predict Jones will tough it out. Three Dolphins are now eligible to come off the PUP list and play:  Zach Vigil, Chris Culliver, and our old pal Dion Jordan.    Vigil would probably replace Spencer Paysinger, who hasn’t done anything wrong,Read More →

As we always say at Dolphins Truth, it’s not rocket science.   When something (or someone) is working well, then keep doing it.  Over and over again, until it no longer works.  And by relation, if something is NOT working, then you must abandon it. That is an unquestionable tenet of the NFL, but one which Adam Gase refused to accept.  Until the Steelers came to town. Gase FINALLY did a few things right.  Simple things that we’ve been calling on him to do: He realized that putting Ryan Tannehill in a 7-yard-deep straight dropback every other play was a disaster.   So he gaveRead More →

I think this one could be over soon.  The only chance we have is if all the drama, negativity, and garbage play is behind us.   If we just play our game and play it well, we might just win one of the 4 quarters. Winning the entire game, on the other hand…  We don’t have a chance unless we give the ball to Ajayi early and often.   Need a 100-yard game from him. Our Chat room will open right before game time. As always, log in or register with the menu link on the right (or bottom).  Enter a name and password.Read More →

Fulton Walker, the first man to ever return a kickoff for a touchdown in a Super Bow, has passed away at 58. For those too young to remember, Walker was an average defensive back for the Dolphins, but his claim to fame was spectacular kickoff return vs. the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVII.   At the time, the Dolphins were tied with Washington, and Walker’s return got us right back in the lead. Unfortunately, two other plays defined that game and overshadowed Walker’s stunning achievement.  One was when Kim Bokamper had an easy Pick 6 right in his arms, but he refused to reachRead More →

First of all, right off the start, don’t get me wrong.  I will not defend the play of Turner or Thomas.  They had some potential but never lived up to it, never excelled, never seemed passionate enough to destroy any competition.  Whether it was an opponent on Sunday afternoons or a rookie lineman fighting to take their jobs away in camp, Thomas and Turner never once raised their game to an acceptable level. Last Sunday at around noon, Thomas and Turner were warming up, expecting to take their usual role on the Dolphins bench where they belonged.  But then some strange things happened. Strike one:  Read More →

Now we know why Tunsil missed the game. Incredible. I’ve been studying Adam Gase’s ongoing press conference, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that he just doesn’t get it.   He blames the offensive line entirely, and doesn’t see any flaws in Tannehill.  When the defense is running straight at Tannehill AND HE JUST SITS THERE AND LETS HIMSELF GET SACKED, Gase just said, literally, “There’s nothing we can do about that.”  Read More →

Back in January, before the ink on his contract was dry, I was one of the few Dolphins writers who told you why it was a mistake to hire Adam Gase.   More on that later. But first, I have to tell you why I’m doubling down on my assertion that Gase isn’t good.   And today we saw two hugely important reasons. ONE, he blew the game.  We’ll get to that, and I’ll break it down.  TWO, he made things worse after the game, by stubbornly foisting Ryan Tannehill upon us. When asked if he considered benching Tannehill, he stubbornly said no.   HeRead More →

We’ll be in the chatroom at  shortly before kickoff. You can register with the option in the right menu (or it may be at the bottom if you’re on mobile).    Create an email and password.     You can ignore the stylization preference screen that may pop up and go right back to Might be a comical chat today, sadly.   With Tunsil AND Brandon Albert both out, our line is  doomed.    Arian Foster too.    With Xavien Howard out (he was hurt by Kenny Stills in practice Thursday), that means ourRead More →

Looks like Xavien Howard will be gone for about a month, with a knee injury he suffered Thursday in practice.  This team can’t catch a break with our injuries to our least-deep areas.   We have the worst secondary and LBs in the league, made worse the past month with all the injuries.   Not that we “prefer” injuries to other parts of the team, but those are easier to overcome. On TNF, we saw yet another backup QB come in and win a game, business as usual.    When will the Dolphins at least try it?    I’m not saying that Gase has toRead More →