2017 Season now upon us

Thanks to the NFL’s ridiculous decision to move a football game back two months instead of ahead one day or two, the Dolphins still haven’t played a game.   That is about to change come Sunday.

The distractions of the last two weeks probably weigh on the Dolphins more than they’ll admit, but I believe that will all go away at game time.  When you’re fighting in the trenches, you don’t have time to think, “Is my sofa back home water damaged?”

The Dolphins spent $12,000 this past week to use the Cowboys’ facility in Oxnard, CA.   Just in case any of you thought it was a freebie or a gift from Jerry Jones.  It wasn’t.

I’ve been reading a lot of so-called experts this past week and their predictions for the Dolphins-Chargers game.  More specifically, most of them say that the Dolphins O-line vs. the Chargers defense is the key to this game.   Ridiculous.  Wrong and very wrong.

The Dolphins had a horrible O-line last year and still won 10 games.   Mike Pouncey was missing as usual.  Steen and Urbick kept under-performing each other.  Thomas and Turner got cut.  Laremy Tunsil tripped in the shower.  These guys missed so many games, which meant that the 3rd and 4th stringers had to fill in.  And despite all of that, we still won 10 games.   So don’t tell me that we “NEED” an all-pro group of 5 offensive linemen to dominate the Chargers.

What we do need are some studs on defense.  Philip Rivers got off to a slow start last Monday night, but once he got it going, Denver had no answers.   And if the Broncos defense couldn’t stop Rivers, then the Dolphins defense has no chance.   So THAT is the true key to this game.

Can Matt Burke and his zero experience engineer a defense that can neutralize a fairly formidable QB with years of experience?   Last year, the men Burke was in charge of (Dolphins’ LBs) were among the worst unit in the NFL.  Yes, there were injuries.   But they were also men in the wrong place all the time.  Men missing tackles.  Men taking penalties. Men who were outplayed and (this part is troubling) outcoached.   So that’s why I’m emphatically stating that Matt Burke’s defense will be the key to this game.

Will Burke call vanilla defenses?  Will he call blitzes where our LBs run around the line (40 yards out of their way in a arching route) instead of blasting through the line?  Will he do something (anything) to free up Kong Suh?

The Dolphins Truth Chat room will be open Sunday around 3:30 or so.   Hope to see many of you there as we can discuss the game together.

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  1. I have been a fan since 1985, lived in Palm Beach County from 1985 through 2009. I would hire Ozzie Newsome as VP football operations . For older Dolphin fans we are running out of seasons. Love Landry and hope we will get our first playoff win since a running back went for over 200 yards way back in 2001.

    1. Author

      Lamar Smith ran all over the Colts in 2001! Welcome, Douglas.
      Most of us here love Landry too. I’m particularly worried about a potential Landry suspension, since the police have an ongoing investigation against him.

      1. Welcome Douglas nice to get more insight into the Fins as some of us live out of Florida. I remember that day Lamar could not be stopped hopefully the J Train does the same tomorrow… can’t wait! That will help the D as they were on the field too much in some games.

        I don’t think that Burke can do too much worse than last year. The teams more experienced and they’ve added some new blood on the D line. Hayes should help tremendously along with the young DT’s. So will Timmons he’s a tough guy that the LB crew was missing.

        My biggest worry is that the chargers are ahead of the Fins by playing. Took them a half how long will it take the Fins? It’s not fair and the schedule is set up for this to never happen for a reason. Game shape takes time….

  2. We have Cutler and some top notch WRs. I was just watching some of the highlights from the Dolphins Bears game in 1985. Landry, Suh would have fit right in with the players we had back then. Watch the fans in the Orange Bowl as they erupt at the big plays. We have been down, but like a dormant volcano we may erupt again soon. Every season brings fresh hope, look at the CANES!

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