I’ll have a lot more during the week about the NFL’s ludicrous decision to move the game times around today.  (Essentially, they didn’t want any teams to know the final scores of any other games).     Once again, the Dolphins get pushed around by the league’s schedule makers. In any event, join us at 4:15 EST for the last chat of the year. I know we’re better off with a loss and higher draft pick, but no way can I root against my Dolphins, especially with a chance to end the false playoff dreams of the despised Bills.  Read More →

For once, I can only blame Adam Gase and his play calls for a small portion of this loss. Jay Cutler is even less at fault. Instead, the Dolphins’ superstars, not Cutler or Gase, decided to play for the Chiefs today.  Cameron Wake had penalties.  Jarvis Landry gave the ball to the Chiefs.  Kenny Stills gave the ball to the Chiefs.  Kong Suh did nothing (unless you count jumping offsides).   Torry McTyer let a pick-6 go through his arms.  Punter Matt Haack decided to kick the ball 20 yards.  Twice.   (All right, those last two are not one of our superstars, but just another exampleRead More →

I’ve all but given up on the Dolphins ,making the playoffs, of course, but it’s hard to figure out if we have a mathematical chance still. With Baltimore winning yesterday, some reports say the Dolphins are out.   Some say we are still alive.   Two conflicting articles appear in the Miami Herald.  These are professional reporters with contacts at the NFL and at Dolphins headquarters, and even they can’t get their facts straight. anyway, let’s hope for a fun game and a win against the Chefs.   Or a loss for a better draft pick. Join our live chat.   http://dolphinstruth.com/chat/  Read More →

To pour salt in the wounds of Dolfans who had to suffer through Miami losing to an absolutely terrible Bills team, CBS decided to run an experiment with political correctness, inexperience, and amateurism. The network should be ashamed of itself for many reasons. First of all, modern telecasts feature a play-by-play caller, typically a proven journalist with a neutral voice who won’t distract from the game.  Also in the booth will be an ex-player, someone who’s been in the trenches and will point out the x’s and o’s while breaking down plays.   A third caller will be on the field, interviewing coaches and giving injury updates.Read More →

In listening to and reading all the reports over the past few days about the Dolphins’ loss to the lowly Buffalo Bills, the one word that keeps popping up is “inconsistent.”   As if it’s a big secret that the Dolphins play inconsistently. Most of the time, the reporters simply point out that the Dolphins play inconsistently and point out that Miami defeated New England and Atlanta yet lost to Buffalo and Tampa.  Fine.  But what they’re missing is that the inconsistency starts and end with Adam Gase’s play calling. On Monday night, when Adam Gase called a lot of bootleg plays and got Jay CutlerRead More →

While many of you are rightfully upset with the woeful performance of Jay Cutler, today’s loss clearly falls on Adam Gase.  And, once again, specifically it’s his play calling.   More on that to come.  But for now, I must point out just how awful the Bills truly are. We know that LeSean McCoy is a good, if overrated, NFL running back, and there’s no shame in him playing well against you.  But Tyrod Taylor?  This guy is bad.  Just plain bad.  Barely worthy to be in the NFL, and yet we made him look like an All Pro.  Again. In case you think I’m pickingRead More →

JOIN OUR CHAT Oh, no.     We have the chick announcer calling our game.   Nothing against her knowledge, but it’s a man’s game, and her grating voice just detracts.  Is she truly the very best of the best announcers in the world, or was she hired as a novelty so that CBS can say they have a female announcer?  You do the math. I don’t know about you guys, but I despise the Bills and their fans far worse than the Jets or Patriots.   There’s something about a sports fan who doesn’t see the utter humiliation of losing 4 consecutive Super Bowls, and then stillRead More →

The jinx is on for anyone who mentions Dolphins and playoffs in the same sentence.    It all hinges on winning the next 3 games, (plus needing some help).  And by the time we start to unravel all the playoff scenarios, the Dolphins will probably lose to the Bills Sunday and end all speculation.  So forgive me if I’m not too excited yet. But I am excited.  Beating New England showed that we have some spark and some talent on this team.  Beating them rather handily furthers the point.  And think about this: If Jakeem Grant catches one of the easiest TD passes he’ll everRead More →

Here it is mid-December, and the Dolphins get their first homestand of the season.  Not a typo.  The NFL schedule-makers, combined with Stephen Ross’s apathy, made the Dolphins travel every single week this season, except for this weekend.   Either flying to a road game or flying home from a road game, we were always on the move.  Stephen Ross even decided that he wanted us to play one such home game in Europe, lucky us.  The traveling is no excuse, but it sure doesn’t help.  There’s something markedly unfair about giving a team ONE and only one weekend without traveling. I expect the Dolphins toRead More →

The Dolphins could have put up 50 points Sunday if only Adam Gase would call a QB sneak on third and inches.  Instead, he calls passes to DeVante Parker.  It’s the most basic play in all of sports, and yet Gase thinks that dropping his QB back 7 yards and throwing it 8 is the easiest way to gain a yard.  His play calling is just awful.  I believe there were 4 different third and inches plays, and Gase called passes each time. Still wondering why he called an onside kick when he was up 24 points with a few minutes left.  Nothing illegal aboutRead More →

I don’t often link to other blogs and sites, but I found this one exceptional and wanted to share with you. Listen to Belichick dissect a couple of key plays, including a third-and-two on our very first drive.   Not one thing went correct on offense.   Every single receiver was covered, including the primary target Damien Williams.  The line broke down.  Matt Moore couldn’t do a thing. It’s worth watching: https://www.patspulpit.com/2017/11/30/16716914/watch-new-england-patriots-bill-belichick-film-breakdown-most-important-plays-miami-dolphins Look especially at the 4:16 mark.   You will see how badly Julia Thomas “blocked” his man.   Belichick speaks respectfully about the Dolphins’ players, as he always does.  Thomas is about 10 yards away from KenyanRead More →