2018 Pre-Season Upon Us

First, some news about the site.    We’ve finally upgraded the awful chatroom that was so troublesome last season.

Let’s kick it off right on Thursday night.   Anyone is free to join us.  Hopefully, the new chatroom is flawless, but if not, then we’ll consider it the pre-season of chatrooms and it will give us some time to fix.

The room is here:  http://dolphinstruth.com/chat/

You can also find the link at the top-right of every Dolphins Truth page.


We always have some lively discussions on game days, some debates, some fights.  But that’s what chatrooms are all about!

And on Thursday, we’ll be able to chat about how nice Jay Cutler looks holding a clipboard while earning his $10 million.

I might be late to the chat due to other commitments on Thursdays, but the room is now open 24-7, so enjoy and start without me,

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    1. Author

      Strange. I woulda thought that all 32 multi-billionaire owners would have sprung for their own jets by now.

    1. Ahh this interview wasn’t bad. He’s not as aloof as I thought he would be.

  1. Off topic…Miami Heat reporter Ethan Skolnick arrested on battery charges on a 70 yr old man.

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