In a move that won’t hurt the Dolphins, special teamer Michael Thomas has ditched the team to go to the New York Giants. Five years ago, Thomas came to the Dolphins in mid-season.   He had a game-ending interception that helped us beat the Patriots that year.   Since then?   Nada. Yeah, I know people count special team contributors as key ingredients to a team, but I don’t.  Thomas was not our return man, so it’s not a big deal to replace him. I’m more concerned that our DB coach, Lou Anarumo, also ditched Miami and went to New York.    The DBs were the ONLY position thatRead More →

Former Dolphins owner H. Wayne Huizenga passed away yesterday, leaving a nice legacy in Florida sports, but not such a great legacy for the Dolphins specifically. Huizenga was the Dolphins’ third owner, behind Joe Robbie and Tim Robbie and ahead of Stephen Ross. We all know that Joe Robbie lived and breathed for his Miami Dolphins.  When he died, Tim Robbie wanted nothing to do with the team, taking the money and running.  The Dolphins were an orphan…willed to a new parent who didn’t want them (Tim Robbie) and who sold them as fast as possible to the highest bidder:  H. Wayne. Huizenga clearly boughtRead More →

Going into the final game of the 2017 season, the Buffalo Bills were in the playoff hunt when they traveled down to Miami. The Dolphins had a chance to beat our division rivals and send them home crying.  A chance to knock them out of the playoffs.  A chance to return the favor, since the Bills’ defeat of Miami a few weeks prior had ended our season.  A chance to prove how incredibly over-rated Tyrod Taylor is.   A chance to end the season on a high note and send 70,000 fans home happy.  Did I mention how sweet it is to beat a division rivalRead More →

Ryan Tannehill was drafted the same year the Dolphins were featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks.   If you’ve never seen it, the show is a documentary on how NFL training camps work, with lots of candid behind-the-scenes conversations that fans rarely see. My first impression of Tannehill came from a simple conversation he had with Matt Moore, and the cameras were rolling.  I don’t remember the exact words, but it went something like this: Tannehill was new to the Dolphins, and Moore was talking to him about the AFC East and the upcoming schedule.  Tannehill did not know what teams were in the AFC East.  MooreRead More →

I’ve never been a fan of vastly over-rated Mike Pouncey.  But I am a fan of continuity on the offensive line.   With Pouncey and Jermon Bushrod both gone, we have nothing in the interior of the line. We won’t be able to run the ball at all, which is fine for Adam Gase’s pass-happy schemes.  We save some money, which is fine for Stephen Ross.  We will lose many many games, which is NOT fine for the fans. Management discarded 4 All Pros and got nothing in return but some low draft picks.   Ajayi, Landry, Suh, and now Pouncey.  If it was so infuriating itRead More →

Unconfirmed reports are declaring that Patriots WR Danny Amendola is coming to the Dolphins.   That accompanies news that we will also obtain Chiefs WR Albert Wilson. So that’s 2 WR signed in the course of 24 hours. A week ago, if you asked me what was the Dolphins strongest position–a position where we do not need to tamper…no need to sign free agents…no need to draft–it was WR.  But the Dolphins create their own needs, even when they don’t exist. The Dolphins drill a hole in their sink pipes and then say, “Hey, we just went out and hired the best plumber available.  Aren’t weRead More →

  Word out of Miami is that Kong Suh will be the latest casualty in Stephen Ross’s disgusting purge of all the Dolphins’ best players. Suh is the latest Pro Bowler to get discarded by the inept decisionmakers in Davie.  Fellow All Pros Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry got the axe already.  After giving Ajayi away, the Dolphins doubled-down on that mistake by getting rid of Landry too.   Today, the triple-down was announced.  The three best Dolphins are now gone. Who is our best player now?  Who is nearest to becoming a Pro Bowler? There will be idiots out there who say that losing SuhRead More →

It appears that Jarvis Landry is on his way to Cleveland for a couple of mid-round draft picks.  That’s not the important part of this. The important part, as I feared and wrote about, is that Adam Gase just last week lied to us.  His lie is now proven.  He lied and said that they gave Landry the franchise tag because they wanted to keep him.  We now know that’s a lie.  Dolphin fans are spat on once again by team management. The other important part is that Stephen Ross remains one of the NFL’s most ineffective and misguided owners.  With one word, he couldRead More →

As of now, the Dolphin owner will not force players to stand for the National Anthem.   However, the NY Daily News quoted him as saying that his players will stand throughout 2018.  Ross then issued another statement saying that his first statement was misconstrued. We can’t make this stuff up, folks.  This is the torture of being a Dolphin fan.  Each new decree from our owner, followed up by the invariable “clarification,” invites ridicule and laughter from other NFL fans towards us.  I’ll cut Ross some slack, and we can assume his words and his intent were not clearly displayed by the Jets’  hometown newspaper.Read More →

Breaking:   Dolphins acquire defensive end Robert Quinn from the Rams.   Because having 47 defensive ends already on the roster apparently isn’t good enough.   The local media are getting more and more bold in their predictions that Landry will soon be traded, even though they have no proof.   We are no closer to an answer now than we were at the end of last season. He may get traded, and that would be stupid for the Dolphins to do, considering we’d probably get a mere third rounder in return. The interesting thing to me is that on Wednesday, Coach Adam Gase said publicly that theRead More →