Should the Miami Dolphins be featured on the Miami Dolphins’ App ? Yes, it should be a rhetorical question.   But very few things make sense when it comes to Stephen Ross’s handling of the Miami Dolphins.  I’m sad and embarrassed to point out (yet ANOTHER) example of Ross’s lack of priorities when it comes to our favorite team. You guys know who Mr. Ross is, right?   He’s the NY Jet fan who lives in New York City, travels to Michigan to watch his favorite sports team (the Wolverines) play, foists such luminaries as Clueless Joe Philbin and Genius Adam Gase on us, and thinks itRead More →

In a pathetic display the Dolphins’ starting offense only scored one touchdown against Baltimore’s third and fourth stringers.  Any time–that’s ANY time—your top-caliber players go up against a bunch of rookies and has-beens, you should easily score every single time.   But we didn’t come close.  just think how well we will do when we face teams in the real season, when we face first-string defense.  It’s gonna be ugly. It’s not too late though.   We can hope and pray that Adam Gase has been holding back.   We hope that he has a much better playbook this year that he hasn’t showed off yet.  Doubtful, butRead More →

A slow little white guy barely 150 lbs took the ball and scampered 71 yards against our first-string defense Friday night.  You have to assume that both of our safeties, and both of our CBs, and at least one of our new stud LBs are faster than this guy.   It just goes to show you that even though our men are faster than him, they didn’t have a chance to catch him because they were sooooo out of position. Adam Gase acknowledged this over the weekend, singling out Bobby McCain, Raekwon McMillan and Jerome Baker on that play.   Gase said they were all out ofRead More →

Last week, the booth announcers mentioned several times how bad the Dolphins’ offense was last year.   About 5 different times, they mentioned that Miami was ranked 27th in third-down conversions last year and like 30th on 4th down.   Unacceptable and terrible. But they didn’t mention their thoughts as to why.  I’m here to tell you that Adam Gase is why.  His play calling, especially on short-yardage situations, is the culprit.  I know last week was only preseason, but early on we faced a 4th and inches, and Gase called a pass play.   As usual.   The play worked, and we got a first down.   that stillRead More →

Sources tell me that Jordan Lucas is wearing #23 this year because Frank Gore wanted to buy #21 from him. The price:  $20,000! Yes, I actually do have sources and inside info. I hope Gore lives up to the hype.   Yes, it’s nice to sign a hometown guy, but that’s all we keep hearing about.   Come September, I want to hear about him running over defenders.Read More →

What do you guys look for? Personally, I just like to see the rookies go out there and show us what they can do.   Let’s just hope no one blows out their knee on their very first play! By all accounts, the offense is not performing too well in practices, so that could be a very dangerous omen when the real games begin…Read More →