Vincent Taylor getting hurt should be a minor setback, because we already have studs like Ndamukong Suh and Jordan Phillips as starters. Oh, wait. Happy Halloween to Adam Gase. Who wants to win games when it’s far more important to ensure your players never ever speak up and ask for more playing time? By the way, Tannehill is officially out, so Brock n Roll continues for another week.Read More →

Who should the head coach answer to?   The owner?  No, the owner is too busy rooting for Michigan University and planning soccer tournaments from his condo in NY City. Maybe then the media could make him answer some tough questions at least?  No, the media is too busy letting him get away with snide and incorrect answers. The fans?  I seriously doubt Adam Gase has ever listened to fans…or noticed the half-empty stadium that he himself is part of causing. This is usually the time of year when we start seeing the annual articles about how mediocre the Dolphins are.   The Herald and the SunRead More →

During a bye week, I find myself bored to death on Sunday.  Sure, there are other games to watch, but it’s not the same knowing our beloved Dolphins aren’t out there. This Sunday will be even worse, because we have the sting of two straight losses eating at us.   It’s not quite boredom, but depression.     So many What Ifs.   It would have been sooooooooooooo much nicer if Adam Gase had ran the ball on 4th and inches.   Or if he didn’t try a stupid onside kick.  Or if the defense remembered we had a game. But none of that happened, and now the gnawingRead More →

Which incorrect decision by the genius QB Whisperer hurt us the most:   Calling a pass play (while leaving JJ Watt unblocked and leaving Frank Gore fully covered) when we needed on inch.  25 millimeters.  And he called a pass.  Calling an onside kick when we had recovered all momentum.  Hiring his friend Matt Burke instead of a reputable defensive coach.   We don’t often get the network’s top analysts covering Miami games, but I was agreeing all night long in our chatroom with Troy Aikman.   Troy was criticizing Gase all night (rightfully so) instead of saying how smart he was like other analysts do. Read More →

CHAT ROOM NOW OPEN    In a play that the Fox announcers* failed to recognize last Sunday, the Dolphins lined up in a wildcat formation. Brock Osweiler was flanked to the left.   Jakeem Grant was the running back.   And Kalen Ballage was the QB. It was an interesting alignment, and I wanted to see what would happen.    But, alas, someone lined up wrong and Adam Gase had to burn a time out. We never tried that formation again. This is one of many reasons the Dolphins hover in the 20’s for points per game:   They try some ingenuity, but then theyRead More →

The disaster is now official.   Add two more skill players to the list of offensive producers who are now gone.  Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson now join MarQuis Gray in the medical ward.   Alongside Pro Bowl additions Josh Sitton and Daniel Kilgore.  And Kilgore’s backup Jake Brendal. Tannehill has missed time.   DeVante Parker as well.  (No jokes this time, just listing major important players who’ve been hurt). Of our starting 11 on offense, 5 are now out for the year and 2 others have been limited.   Those are tough odds to overcome.   The bothersome thing is that none of these injuries are the old ACL. Read More →

Yes, we will probably not have Albert Wilson in 3 days.   Kenny Stills is likely out too. But neither of those scenarios is worth letting DeVante Parker play.   Parker causes negative plays, so him not suiting up is more beneficial than forcing him to fill in.  The guy has never hustled in his entire Dolphin career, and he causes turnovers for us.   He’s awful.   I just hope no G.M. from another team reads this.   I want other teams to think that DeVante is good. Amari Cooper just got traded for a FIRST ROUND PICK.     Surely DeVante Parker is worth a Second or Third.Read More →

In a throwback to those atrocious Sundays in the late 80s and 90s, the olphins D simply did not show up.   None of the three aspects were there.    The line couldn’t stop the rush, and the linebackers–typically an insurance policy so that a 5-yard rush doesn’t turn into 10–instead turned it into 70.  And the DBs gave up everything thrown their way. The Line, the Backers, the DBs.   They all get a big fat F. I don’t want to hear anything about how good the Lions are.   Don’t want to hear about some rookie runner named Kerryon being elite.    No, there was noneRead More →

Kickoff time.   Please join our live, uncensored game-day chat throughout the game. Will Brock Osweiler be able to stay in control?   Will he revert back to the form that made 3 other teams get rid of him?  Will the Lions’s horrible defense make a stand. Check in and let’s discuss it…    Read More →

Let’s hope the Bears recover form their heartbreaking loss last weekend in time to win a home game vs. the Patriots.   It’s the first time in a month that the Patriots had to travel anywhere, and they’re not quite the same on the road. Meanwhile, we welcome the Detroit Lions to Miami.   They are not a strong team this year, but they still have Matthew Stafford and our old patriot nemesis LeGarrett Blount.    But I think we win this one 24-23.Read More →

Ryan Tannehill is officially out this week, meaning Brocktober continues at least for another week.   Here is a warning or two based on unfortunate past Dolphin history. After the Detroit game, we get  less than 72 whole hours until we have to fly to Houston.   It’s a brutal part of the schedule.   The players hate Thursday games, and the visiting team hates it 100 times as much.   The Patriots have no such hate, because they are the home team for their annual TNF game every year, but we’ve covered that enough. The game before our TNF game has not been good for the Dolphins.   WeRead More →

While Adam Gase leaves a lot to be desired as a head coach (his play calling is atrocious and his player management is questionable at best), still he does a good job in some facets of the job. This season especially, we’re seeing improvement. As recently as the Bears game, Gase recognized the hot hands. He continued to called Gore’s and Wilson’s number, and they kept producing. I guarantee you that the old Adam Gase would have forced the ball to DeVante Parker or to Mike Gisecki. Not so much this season. So far. Gase’s clock management has been superb. Look at the end ofRead More →

I have a few pictures to share with you all to demonstrate some items that should be pointed out.   Let’s start off with the officiating. With just under 2 minutes to go in regulation, the Dolphins recovered a fumble just inside Bears’ territory.   Things looked promising.  On first down, we ran a routine screen to Kenyan Drake.   Due to a rare, excellent design by Adam Gase, this play could have been the game winner.  But the refs blew it.  Badly. Drake got mugged badly on that play.   In the shot above, you can see the man literally tackling Drake.   Here’s an even more obviousRead More →

I know the image upload in our comments doesn’t work right most of the time, and I’ll work on that.    In the meantime, our friend Karmatourer sent this in:     Back in May, I started to analyze our upcoming 2018 schedule and pointed out all the inequities in it. Analyzing the Dolphins 2018 Schedule Now that we’re in the midst of it all, I thought I’d revisit a few key points, because it really goes to show you a few things. First, as we all know, home field advantage is important. It’s real. It’s a big advantage. But an even bigger advantage isRead More →

First-round bust Charles Harris sat this one out.   He contributed just as much from the bench as he did in the first 5 games this year. First-round bust DeVante Parker was targeted once.  The pass was poor, but Parker made the laziest attempt I’ve ever seen.  He casually jogged right past the ball while the defender caught it uncontested.  He does this routinely and needs to be shipped elsewhere.   Absolutely zero effort.  Hit hurts to watch. Ryan Tannehill, while I won’t call him a first-round bust, also got the day off, and we still won.   Can’t yet say if we won despite his injury orRead More →

Last week, DE Robert Quinn was in the face of Andy Dalton on almost every play.  But Dalton avoided a sack time after time by simply jogging to his right, where Charles Harris was tied up all day long.  No sacks.   A handful of unimportant tackles.   A microcosm for his career. DeVante Parker has been more productive than Charles Harris.  Dion Jordan has been more productive.  It’s sad.   Harris continues his downslide from first-round draft pick to official BUST this weekend.   With Cameron Wake out, today is Harris’s day to shine and step up.   Instead, he is out.   His injury is playable.   My gut reactionRead More →

Trivia: Which Miami Dolphin tried to throw the ball away and ended up nailing his own man in the head, causing a pick-6 for the Bengals? A.  Ryan Tannehill B.  Sam Young Which Dolphin was running with an protected ball and got it stripped away, which the Bengals picked up and scored 7 points? A.  Ryan Tannehill B.  Sam Young Who was responsible for calling a 60-yard bomb on third-and-inches while we held a comfortable 14-point lead? A.  Adam Gase B.  Sam Young I’m not saying Young is an All Pro.  By all accounts, he stinks.   But so does every other 4th-string practice squadder onRead More →