Mr. Ross, I owe you an apology.  You DID make the right call after all. You DID give us the best present we could ask for. Arrogant Adam Gase is gone. Yes, the dust hasn’t settled yet, and our new coach might be worse, but I doubt it.   Even so, let’s revel in the holiday joy for a while and take it all in.  No more Gase. We might run a QB sneak now. We might utilize a position called Tight End, something unknown to Gase. We might keep our good players. We might have a coach who hires professionals and not his friends. OrRead More →

The Jets and Buccaneers quickly wasted no time in all in getting rid of their unsuccessful coaches.   Stephen Ross, on the other hand, needs more time. And that, my friends, is nothing but bad news.  You see, the more Ross waits, the more time Adam Gase has to make up excuses, giving Ross reason to think that one more year might do the trick.  Ross’s hesitation shows us that he is not ready to make the call that needs to be made. The more reporters say that Gase is on the hot seat, the colder that seat gets. Mr. Ross is a quiet man, soRead More →

LIVE CHAT:   Let’s hope so.    I’ll have a lot to write about during the week, including a Bills recap and a season in review. But first things first.   Let’s see what happens today and then see who (if anyone) gets fired.   I have a feeling that not enough change will occur. Ross will probably change one of the behind the scenes guys, leaving Gase in charge.   Mark my words, if we keep this piece of shit Gase, in October 2019, the Dolphins will start 1-5, and Ross will fire Gase.   Way way way too late.  Mid-season firings neverRead More →

Christmas continues to come all week long for Arrogant Adam. Multiple articles seem to indicate that Ryan Tannehill is definitely gone.  Gase must be breathing such a sigh of relief. Seriously, he must go to bed at night thinking, “Thank God that Mr. Ross is blaming our QB instead of blaming me!” Other articles state that the whole front office will be fired, but Gase will get a another year. I don’t think Stephen Ross reads my blog, but he is a real estate developer, so I want to give him a real estate analogy. We are building a high-rise office building.  It looks nice andRead More →

Adam Gase on Monday continues to blame injuries for all the Dolphin losses, still refusing to look in the mirror.   And the media, once again, let him get away with it. When asked about his regrets this year, his first reply was to regret all the injuries.  He then moved on to change the subject, and the local hack writers let him dictate the conversation. If I had a press pass, I would politely raise my hand and ask a follow-up:  Coach Gase, you led the Bengals by 17 points and faced a third and inches with a few minutes left to play.  WhyRead More →

Live game day chat:  Ten months ago, the Jaguars led the Patriots by 10 points in the 4th Quarter of the AFC Champiomship.   A few minutes later, they had choked away their Super Bowl chance, and they never recovered. I knew they’d never recover from that crushing loss. I called it. The Jags’ descent into obscurity continues today with some bum QB who no one ever heard of at Hard Rock Stadium.    Guys like this usually have a field day against us.   Remember Thad Lewis? Anyway, let’s put it this way:   I won’t be crushed if we lose this one.  TheRead More →

It’s official.    All the third-and-inches pass plays and all the 5-WR sets and the “fun is better than winning” culture of Arrogant Adam Gase has ended yet another Dolphin season. The Herald laughably says (without a shred of evidence) that change is imminent.   The Sun Sentinel agrees.     Have these writers not studied Stephen Ross before?    The man rewards failure like no one else in sports history. If you find out about secret meetings and changes that are coming, then please report it.    But stop speculating and stop your wishful thinking, all under the guise of reporting facts. Madam GaseRead More →

The Herald had an interesting report this week about some locker room shenanigans, and I believe it because they were really there in the Dolphins’ locker room. Apparently, the offensive linemen (the much-maligned squad who just gave yup 9 sacks) have a fun little thing were they rope off their area of the locker room, banning reporters.  That’s gone on all year.  They think it’s cute.  This week, after the Viking game, they took it to a new level and made a playful, mini disco around Ted Larsen’s locker.  I won’t re-hash the details, but I fully agree with Armando’s take:   this is the worstRead More →

…And it is Xavien Howard. I think that Albert Wilson was on his way, having put up some impressive numbers and several highlight-reel plays.   But no one else shined through as a potential Pro Bowler. There’s been a lot of talk about replacing our front office, but I think the 2018 Draft was our best in years.   (That’s not saying much, but still.)   As I pointed out before, 2018 is the first year in Dolphins history where 3 different rookie draft choices scored touchdowns (Minkah Fitzpatrick, Jerome Baker, and Kalen Ballage).    Mike Gesicki and Durham Smythe get a lot of playing time, and theyRead More →

As I correctly told my readers, nothing happened in Miami. The Miami Herald saw Stephen Ross quietly walk out of the stadium on Sunday and declared. that “change is coming.”  Wrong.   Nice try, Armando.  Maybe you should create your own blog called Dolphin Lies. ESPN reported that Matt Burke would soon be gone.   Again, my readers know better. Adam Gase has said, “We’ll correct that” for three straight years, but no changes or corrections have come. The problem is NOT that the Dolphins are a mediocre team.   No, the problem is that the mediocrity is accepted around here.   You face no repercussions when you areRead More →

In yet another inexplicable play-calling failure, Adam Gase watched rookie RB Kalen Ballage become a man before our very eyes, only to suddenly stop using him.  Only Adam Gase pours water on his own red hot players.   It makes us angry when Gase does this, but it infuriates us when he does it weekly. So starting late in the second quarter, Gase (rightfully) kept calling Ballage’s number.   He picked up first downs on normal rushes.   He picked up big chunks from the wildcat.  He made the right calls in his options, handing off to Kenyan Drake for big gains.  Down 7-21, we rode Ballage all theRead More →

Join our Chat today!!   Last season, the Minnesota Vikings were in the NFC Championship, right on the precipice of making it to the Super Bowl   QB Case Keenum had led them on a Cinderella season, including a miraculous last-second win in the playoffs the week before. They came up a bit short.  Keenum’s reward?  How did the Vikings show their gratitude for their best showing in decades?   They got rid of Keenum.  It was a Dolphin-like move to say the least. To make matters worse, they brought in Kirk Cousins from Washington, a QB with zero accomplishments, so-so statistics, and a lot of baggage. Read More →

No matter what the Dolphins do to help the rest of the AFC, no one wants to take advantage and bury the Patriots’ chances. The Chiefs got rid of 80% of their offense when they cut Kareem Hunt.   Since then, they got a lucky O.T. victory, followed by a crushing loss where they couldn’t hold a 14-point lead with a few minutes left. The Patriots have the Steelers next, and only the “pundits” say that will be a good game.   Dolphins Truth says the Pats will win by 24, on their way to securing yet another first-round bye.   They ain’t going anywhere, folks!Read More →

Let’s feel good about the miraculous hook-and-lateral(s) play that won the game.  Okay, it feels good.  So even on a day when Kenny Stills decided to kneel down in the middle of a play instead of only kneeling down during our National Anthem, we won the game. Now let’s see why we really won.  With 16 seconds left in the game and the Patriots facing a 4th and goal from our TWO YARD LINE, Bill Belichik decided to kick a field goal.  He didn’t need it.   All he had to do was have Sony Michelle Obama dive forward.  The way our D was playing, heRead More →

Click here to join our LIVE Game Day Chat! Well, our wish of hiring Mike McCarthy has (as expected) come and gone.   Why on earth would Stephen Ross want to hire a Super Bowl-winning coach when instead he can hire an inexperienced, arrogant prick who dreams of winning a Super Bowl?  That’s who we’re stuck with in “QB Genius” Adam Gase. Defeating the Patriots is not as hard as it seems.  You need to rush and pressure Tom Brady.   Rushing 3 men and dropping 8 back into coverage does not work.   ATTENTION MATT BURKE.   Last week, we tried that, and we did a great jobRead More →

After watching Arrogant Adam Gase barely and luckily squeak by one of the worst teams in the NFL, it’s time–more than ever–to fire him. The man has no answers.  The jokers he hires are even worse.   If not for Charles Clay falling down, would Matt Burke still have a job? (the answer is yes, because he’s Gase’s pal). I am always interested in hiring Super Bowl-winning coaches, no matter what.  If only Stephen Ross thought like myself and thought like a winner.Read More →

LIVE CHAT TODAY It seems quite a stretch for the Dolphins to make the playoffs this season, and so hoping for a better draft pick is not a horrible thing to do. But not today.   Not against the Bills.   Not against a divisional rival. Bills’ fans are utter garbage.  I know most of my readers hate the Jets and Patriots more, but for me it has always been Buffalo. They are the type of fans who relish and rejoice from losing FOUR STRAIGHT Super Bowls.  They act like “getting there” is an accomplishment.  Uhhh, no.   You lost.  Repeatedly. They think Jim Kelly deserves to beRead More →