One of the best.  Deservedly in the Hall of Fame. I love this shot of him arguing with Bill Arnsbarger (defensive coordinator with headset, standing between Shula and the mustache dude) and how Shula seems to be listening.  Shula took in what his intelligent players had to say and adjusted.Read More →

Citing a health issue, Jim Caldwell has “stepped back” from his role of assistant head coach and will now be merely a consultant. As I always say, there is no good news that ever comes out of June or July, and this is bad news. First, Caldwell is the ONLY member of the Dolphin staff with any semblance of experience.  He’s been coaching for years, including head coaching jobs.  5 years ago, he was a football coach while Brian Flores was an assistant to a regional personnel specialist, i.e., a desk job in an office. Second, he was seen as a real QB guru, andRead More →

There’s been nothing but nothing to write about.  Not even a rumor. But like I’ve said for years, this time of year, no news is good news.   If there’s a Dolphin story in June or July, it usually only means someone got arrested or else someone blew out their ACL. By the way, Dion Jordan got suspended again in May.    Jonathan Martin quit.   Now there’s a couple of impressive Dolphin draft picks, eh?Read More →