My heart says Kansas City (and Matt Moore, Damien Williams).   But my gut says the 49ers will win. For the rest if my life, I will despise Kyle Shanahan and the way he blew a 25-point lead to the hated Patriots in the Super Bowl.   Even this week, Shanahan accepts no blame (“You won’t understand why I called the plays I did.  They were the right calls.)    Really?  How about calling a couple of handoffs and walking away with the title? Anyway, the Chiefs seems to have no D lately.   Even when they win, they give up a lot of points. Read More →

I’ve said a million times…I’d rather hear a coach say “No Comment” rather than lie to our faces. I would have no problem with Nick Saban ditching the Dolphins if he didn’t lie to our faces all season long and say it was not gonna happen. I’d have no problem with Bill Parcells trading Jason Taylor if he had not promised to never do so. I wouldn’t mind if Stephen Ross admitted he was a disinterested NY businessman instead of saying he’s a Dolphin fan and then undermining the team. When it comes to Dolphin management, the long journey of dishonesty has gone on forRead More →

Thanks to Reader Mike.   I thought the announcement was later, but he decided already. I don’t think Tua will last until the 5th spot. Let’s assume the Bengals take Burrow #1. That leaves the Skins, Lions, and Giants. The consensus is that none of those three teams need a QB, let alone Tua. I DISAGREE. The Cardinals last year proved that you can have a new QB with some upside (Josh Rosen) and simply give up on him if you feel a newcomer is better.   Tua and Burrow seem a lot better than Kyler Murray, so this same thing could happen again. I guarantee youRead More →

I forgot to mention a few things in my post-game Bengals report, which I attended live. First, before the game, I was watching the warmups and all that.   Bengals DC Lou Anarumo (former Dolphins DB coach and eventually interim DC) went over to the Dolphins side and was received warmly by some of the vets.  I think it was Reshad Jones who gave him a nice hug.  Pre-game handshakes are not uncommon, but Lou stuck around for about 10 full minutes. I also saw Fitz and Andy Dalton having a nice long talk before the game.  I wonder if they were saying, “Hey, we shouldRead More →