The Dolphins got rid of All Pro Minkah Fitzpatrick because he wanted to excel at his position.  Okay fine, the Dolphins weren’t sure how good Minkah was at the time.  He was simply a second-year stud and not an All Pro.  So they took a chance that the Steelers would have a Top 5 draft pick last year and made the trade.  But a funny thing happened.  Minkah became an All Pro and led the Steelers to a respectable record.  Their draft pick ended up being #18.  I woulda kept Minkah. Now, we don’t have to wonder if Xavien Howard is a Pro Bowler orRead More →

Brian Flores continues to express anger over someone leaking to the media that Tua will be the new starter.  Ryan Fitzpatrick found out about being benched over social media, and Flores is mad about that. But seriously, it can’t be THAT hard to figure out who the leak is, if there is one at all.  Flores must have told someone.   A few people.  And then from there, one of them called the media.  It has to be one of them.  One rumor (it’s very possible too) is that Tua’s agent/publicist informed the media.   But that would mean that Flores told Tua and Tua told hisRead More →

Well, the time has come apparently. This begins an exciting (we hope) new chapter for the Miami Dolphins.  My only concern is the timing of it.   Fitzpatrick is the winner of 3 of our last 4 games.  He’s played well.*  Even on some sub-par throws, the team is winning and having fun around him.  Personally, I would wait until he has a dud game and a loss, and THEN make the move. Don’t bench the hot hand until he goes cold. Also, I don’t see the need to publicly announce it.  Why not make the Rams (next opponent) study Fitzpatrick film extensively, only to beRead More →

It’s been a fun 24 hours as we went from anticipating the kickoff, watching the game itself unfold, seeing THREE left-handed pass completions (one by Fitz; two by Tua), and then watching the media discuss Adam Gase. (as I write this, SHOCKINGLY, Gase still has a job). But for me personally, the best part is reading the NY newspapers and what they say about the Jets. As bad as the players played, the writers are roasting Adam Gase more than anything. I love it! Gase’s arrogance and stubborness leads to losses. We shut out the Jets, as our defense played well. But it could haveRead More →

I wasn’t going to write about this because I think it’s just a rumor that won’t pan out.   However, it’s becoming clear that Bell wants to play for the Dolphins and this actually might happen. While he’s a great RB, I don’t know if he’s the right fit here.  First of all, he had that huge issue of him holding out from the Steelers.  If you give up on one team, your mind set doesn’t change and you can easily give up on another.  He sat out and wouldn’t play for the Steelers, and then he chose the last-place Jets.   That does not sound likeRead More →

A lot more to come during the week, but for now, this win feels good, doesn’t it? Fitz continues his god-bad-good-bad inconsistent season. Jason Sanders is an All Pro kicker. Defense blitzed and mixed up the scheme superbly. Gesicki is better than Kittles. Our offensive line, minus a left tackle, is still playing ten zillion times better than last year. Adam Gase is next up.Read More →

Unlike some, I actually commend the NFL for what it’s trying to do and the ways they’re trying to play a season in the covid era.    You cannot have plans for every possible scenario, as there are just too many.   A corona case made public on a Monday (6 days before game time, which is plenty of time to tweak the schedule) is different than a case made public on a Thursday (not enough time). In baseball, teams took off an entire week if someone tested positive, and they simply made it up with an inordinate number of double headers.   The NFL doesn’t haveRead More →

Brian Flores faced a lot of questions today at his press conference about the QB situation.   A summary of what he said can be found here: First, let me say that I don’t mind holding off on Tua.  Like most people, I’d like to see what he can do, but there is no need to rush it.  Second, Chan Gailey’s play calling yesterday, plus some inept decisions by Flores, hurt us just as bad as anything Fitzpatrick did.  How many times did we have to watch a handoff straight up the middle, for example, go for two yards? All that being said, I do notRead More →

This was a game that seemed close for a while, then seemed like a Seattle blowout, then felt close again, then a blowout.   Back and forth.  For the most part, the Dolphins hung tough and played well, but the game was ultimately decided but a few key factors: Early on, Brian Flores did not challenge a legal pass by Ryan Fitzpatrick that the refs said was illegal.  Flores might be a good defensive instructor, but he is the HEAD COACH now and must govern ALL aspects of the game.  He needs to become a smarter leader, not just a guy who “the players want toRead More →

UPDATE:  Tua practiced Friday and should be there backup QB on Sunday. So Tua has not been at the last two practices.   The Dolphins officially have said that it is not Covid, so that’s good.   If Tua cannot suit up on Sunday, then practice squadder Reid Sinnett would have to be the backup. That would probably be Tua’s luck:   He’s waited a  month for a chance to play, and when Ryan Fitzpatrick finally gets hurt in the Seahawk game, Tua isn’t active–and his debut remains on hold.  Hopefully none of that happens, but you never know. In addition, it seems like CB Byron Jones’ soreRead More →