2021 Draft Looking Worse each Week

In the span of 4 days, less than 96 hours, the Houston Texans went from a 2-win bottom dweller to a 4-win team.  Since the Dolphins own the Texans’ 2021 first and second round picks, we keep an eye on them.

Last Sunday, we were a lock to pick in the Top 3.   Now we sit at 11th.

The Texans and Jags were in a tight race for worst team in their division, and now the Texans are suddenly three games ahead of them.

I wouldn’t mind, and I wouldn’t pout like sour grapes, if the Texans put together some outstanding effort and really gelled as a team.  I’d acknowledge that and move on.   But that is not the case.  instead, last Sunday, the “mighty” Patriots went to Houston and laid an egg.  They barely tried.  New England was a shell of a team that beat us easily in Week One.  I understand that their players aren’t as good as years past, but that doesn’t explain the lack of effort.

Then a few days later, Detroit graced our presence with a j.v. team of misfits like I haven’t seen in years,  A disgusting showing by their “skills” players.  Matthew Stafford threw a pick 6 right to JJ Watt.   I’m still shaking my head and wondering how he didn’t see Watt.   To top it off, the Lions ran a trick play later and Stafford was the receiver.  A gorgeous pass right in his arms…and he dropped it. THAT is the type of opponent the Texans are beating lately, and it’s frustrating.

Picking 11th overall is nothing special, and we have the Pats and Lions to thank.  4 days ago we were sitting THIRD!   🙁

On a side note, I wanted to point something out about the special favors that some of the more popular teams get from the NFL.  Baltimore had a few covid-positive tests, and the league moved their game back 5 days.   Instead of playing Thursday, the NFL allowed the Ravens to get healthy by moving their game to Tuesday.  When the Dolphins had a few positive tests, guess what?  The league said to keep playing with your substitutes.   Inconsistencies = unfairness.

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  1. Despite Ross’ wealth, he is not an alpha male owner in the league. He’s not like a Jerry Jones or a Bob Kraft type of guy. It’s a pecking order like in any organization and Ross is at the bottom. That’s why we fans and players get shafted. As a side note Kenny Stills is available! 😃

    1. Author

      I think Ross may have to pass on bringing back Mr. Stills…

      1. Tua now listed as doubtful for tomorrow. Looks like Fitzpatrick starting.

  2. We have to win these next two games because the las 4 are not going to be easy! The Patriots game might be the easiest one of those 4!

  3. All 3 Denver QBs can’t play this weekend. Why couldn’t that have happened last week! LOL!!!

    1. Author

      Yah, in all fairness, they gotta move that game to Tuesday to see if 3 extra days allows someone to become eligible. The NFL did did it for Baltimore, but won’t for Denver?

  4. Author

    And Matt Patricia is fired! Wasn’t his fault that Stafford is the worst QB in the NFL.

  5. Admin, what’s the deal with Tua not at QB today and Fitz in. They said Tua’s our QB-so what changed? I can’t believe what I read online is totally accurate bec well, it’s the media. This game is a MUST MUST GOTTA WIN game. Any cred the Dolphins have or had is riding on this game, and you and all fans on here know that losing to the Jets is the worst, but losing to these Jets who have the retread Gase, plus not posting a win this season, will be a miserable one! They always play each other tough and Gas would love nothing more than to his first win off the Dolphins. Will be able to see this game in NJ and I hope I don’t get so disgusted and.leave the house and not watch. Your thoughts are always welcomed.

  6. I truly believe he jammed his thumb badly. Fitz in there as an injury sub today.

  7. I am afraid of this Jets game, too. In years past, we would lose this game. The difference now, I hope, is the coaching – coming off a loss, these coaches should be able to make the winning adjustments and corrections

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