With the game surprisingly close and the Dolphins primed to score right before halftime, Brian Flores watched the following enfold and did nothing about it: On a third down deep in Bills territory, the Dolphins broke the huddle.  It was obviously an over-complicated play to begin with, as several men appeared to be out of position.  Mike Gesicki was screaming at Waddle to adjust and come in motion, but there was too much confusion.  Gesicki appeared to get set, then ran to his left, while other men weren’t even set yet at all.  The linemen all looked at each other, confused.  Waddle literally didn’t knowRead More →

The football gods punish us by making us travel to this city, especially since they have a strong teams and we suck. I expect No miracles from our defense, which has been unable to stop anyone in any game entire year. But our offense is a little bit different. They’ve slowly gotten better the last month, including the playcalling, I admit. If we get 17 normal points by our offense, we will still need some sort of scoring like a defensive or special teams touchdown To have a chance in this game. Last time we played the Bills, Brian Flores didn’t care about pride and allowedRead More →

If DeShaun Watson had no legal troubles, I still wouldn’t want him on the Dolphins. Apparently, Ross/Grier/Flores don’t feel that way.  They seem to really want this kid.  There is no way that all reporters are making things up.  There has to be some truth in Ross wanting this guy. So why don’t I want him? (ignoring the fact that he will absolutely be suspended, and possibly go to jail).  He’s another ungrateful holdout. His defenders argue with me, but it’s a fact.  Watson did not get his way when the Texans were looking for a new coach, and he began a very public spatRead More →

Probably not.   But one never knows. I decided to write a few positive things here, now that the embarrassment of Sunday has subsided a little bit. The offense played better.  28 points should be enough to win against a bad team like the Falcons, but it wasn’t.   If you take away two game-changing horrible decisions from Tua deep in Atlanta territory, and take away another miss by Jason Sanders, then we’re in the 45-point neighborhood.  Yeah, I know you can’t really “take away” those mistakes, but it shows we were close. Malcom Brown went down, and Salvon Ahmed immediately stepped up.  Unlike other Dolphins, thisRead More →

For the second week in a row, Brian Flores was outcoached by a rookie head coach with a terrible team. Right after X Howard’s interception, the Dolphins’ Offensive Coordinators (dunces) came out and called for a pass instead of ramming it down their throats with a run. Gaskin and Ahmed played great Sunday, but for some reason, we tried a pass there. Granted, Tua threw a horrendous pass, but we shouldn’t be passing in the first place. But the WORST part is that we went with the 5-WR set yet again. 5 guys running a route means only 5 guys in to block. IT NEVERRead More →

Barring a miraculous turnaround, the Dolphins are now playing for their jobs.   It will be interested to see who gives an extra effort to try and get a win, or try to impress the coaches.  Last week, Isiah Ford and Kirk Merritt were barely targetted. How many times have we seen some unknown 5th-string bum come into a game and burn the Dolphins?  Many!   You have to give the new guys a chance.  Calling the same basic pass plays to Gesicki and Waddle all day long is not effective.  We keep losing, and yet Flores never changes anything. They need to involved Ford and HollinsRead More →

I’m giving Brian Flores’s numerous mistakes a momentary break in order to go back to pointing out the numerous mistakes of the two or three offensive coordinators we have. We know there are 2 coordinators, plus QB coach Charlie Frye, who sometimes calls the plays as well.   Like the 3 popes and the 3 simultaneous U.S. Presidents, having 3 people is always the best way to lead.  According to stupid Brian Flores anyway.  Dammit, I can’t even make it to paragraphs without coming back to the incorrect choices Flores makes.     Anyway, one of the ESPN experts noticed what a mess our offense is:  https://www.yahoo.com/sports/espn-matthew-berry-says-miami-222431330.html. Read More →

He even makes mistakes when analyzing his own mistakes. Flores blamed this atrocious loss on his not getting the team prepared.  No.  They played fairly well. They were prepared   Flores wasn’t. We lost the game because Flores decided to be cute and go for it on 4th down from our own 45 yardline.  This after earlier wasting two challenges that had no chance.  He can’t even point out his mistakes correctly because there are too many. Outsmarted by the lowly Jags.   This guy has to go.Read More →

The ignorance and lack of leadership of Brian Flores is utterly astounding. He is simply unqualified to be a head coach.  His frequent, consistent mistakes prove that.   I hope and pray that Stephen Ross realizes this. His absence of strategic football knowledge is mind-blowing.  And us fans have to suffer for Flores’s half-wit stupidity. Let’s start at the end of the game, with Jacksonville about to throw a desperate hail Mary.  Flores called a timeout to help them.  That gave Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence a chance to think things over.  Sadly, this wasn’t Flores’s first incorrect use of a timeout in this game, butRead More →

Brian Flores (once again) proved why he is utterly unqualified to be an NFL head coach. With about 50 seconds left in the half and the Jags facing a third and long with the clock running, Flores had a chance to  keep the time pressure on Jacksonville.   He could make Trevor Lawrence keep one eye on the clock and hurry into a bad decision. Instead, however, Flores called a time out. In Flo’s mind, you stop the Jags on third down, and then they punt.  Even if that works out (it didn’t), they’d be punting from midfield and pin us deep.   We can’t score when weRead More →

Personally, I think it’s a relief and exciting news to have Tua back.  I know many of you are not on his bandwagon, and you lump him in with other recent busts like Noah Inactive, Austin Jackson, and the new darling, Jaylen “Can’t Catch” Waddle. I’m not there yet.   I think Tua can shine on this team and in this league. Can 2021 be salvaged?  It’s a toss-up at this point.  Certainly Jacoby Brissett, the hand-picked “savvy veteran who can step right in and win games” according to Chris Grier’s and Brian Flores’s scouting, couldn’t get the job done, leading us to 4 straight losses.   WouldRead More →

…But unfortunately, they ask the wrong questions. Instead of grilling Flores for his awful coaching decisions this year, or instead of demanding answers about when he will fire his coordinators, the mild-mannered Flores-friendly reporting pool ask him what he thought about Jon Gruden. “I think it’s unfortunate.  Football is a game that brings people together. It brings people from all walks of life together, so you hate to see anything that brings any type of division. At the same time, I believe in forgiveness. I never want to judge anyone on the worst thing they’ve ever said or done.” It’s a very nice answer, butRead More →

If Stephen Ross decides that Brian Flores has lost this team after only 2.5 years, he’ll probably replace Flores with someone interim internally.   So we won’t have a real new coach until the upcoming off-season. A LOT of “if’s” are in play here.  I doubt Ross will fire Flores, but in the back of his mind, he must think about it.  He should definitely fire Grier.  We can only hope Ross realizes it. In addition to Dan Quinn, as was mentioned yesterday as a possible upgrade from Flores, I’d like to see an unemployed Doug Pederson come in.  He knows how to win–how to beatRead More →

Jaylen Waddle is the new Yatil Green. (Or Randall Thrill Hill if you prefer).  Google those bums if you re too young to remember! Hunter Long is the new Michael Egnew. Javon Holland is the new Noah Inactive Igbinoghene. Austin Jackson is the new Billy Milner.   Chris Grier’s recent crop of draft picks are among the biggest busts in Dolphins’ lore. At least when Shula bombed with draft choices, he cut the bums right away. Grier/Flores refuse to be humble and admit they were wrong. It makes us angry when Grier picks terrible players, but it makes us infuriated when he simply won’t admitRead More →

After dropping a sure would-be touchdown, Jaylen Waddle followed that up by flubbing a pass right in his arms.  The Bucs intercepted the ball and the game was over. Waddle simply isn’t a good player, and he’s certainly  not at the NFL level.  Chris Grier wasted first-round draft capital on this bum.  Grier needs to go. On a day when shoulda-been Dolphins Kyle Pitts, Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Herbert shined, Chris Grier and Jaylen Waddle showed why the Dolphins haven’t been relevant in years.   Bad choices.  Bad execution.  Bad performance.    And no repercussions.   That’s the sad part. If I have to findRead More →