I envisioned this scenario a few weeks ago when the Dolphins began their run of 7 wins in a row: If the Dolphins win out, they will be 10-7.  Their AFC East record becomes 4-2 (2 wins vs. NE, 2 wins vs. NYJ, and 2 losses vs. BUF).  The Pats will fall to 10-7, and also be 4-2 in the division.  And if the Bills lose to the Jets in Week 17 (let’s hope the Jets keep throwing the trick plays into their nothing-to-lose arsenal), they will fall to 10-7 and be 4-2 in the division.  What a mess to sort out. With a 3-wayRead More →

Mathematically, the answer is yes.  And that’s better than nothing.  We need to keep snorting the “Hopium,” as reader FlyerPhin says. I still think our best chance is to win the division.  I may alter that depending on the Bills-Patriots game Sunday, which is a day ahead of ours, and we’ll know more heading into Monday Night.  But if the Bills win, that means we are a game behind two AFC East teams with two more games to play.  If we beat New England in Week 18, we’ll own the tiebreaker over them.  So that means we need the Bills to win this week, andRead More →

Maybe he read all the stats about how accurate he was and decided it was a given. So Tua tried his hardest to not try.   He threw horribly all day long.  He gave the Jets points.  He underthrew a wide open Albert Wilson early.  But before we even got there, he fumbled on the first series of the game, then threw a pick on the second.  Disgusting performance. Maybe Brian Flores thought that giving players 5 days off in the middle of a (at least on paper) playoff run was a good idea.  Flores, evidently, certainly thought that running a fake field goal from midfield WITHRead More →

In a bizarre week of back-and-forth, with players going on the Covid list nd then coming off, it now seems that Jaylen waddle is the only starter who will miss the Jets game.  it could have been worse. The NFL continues to handle this all wrong.  The Dolphins are without their leading receiver, and were close to not having our top 2 RBs (plus backup Gerald Doaks is also on the Covid list).  That is a pretty devastating hit for any team to take.   And yet the league offered nothing.  Rather, Stephen Ross demanded nothing. But when a few player on more prominent teams haveRead More →

In desperate need for RBs (both Ahmed and Gaskin could miss the next game due to Covid testing, and Laird on IR, and Lindsay & Brown still hurt), the Dolphins are bringing in Lamar Miller as a test run. We have a few practice squadders who probably know the playbook, but it’s still good to get a veteran in, for cheap, who can come in and get 5-10 carries in case the rookies don’t pan out Sunday.  I always liked Miller, but the Dolphins’ execs have a terrible history of getting rid of quality RBs.  They let Miller walk.  They traded Ajayi.  They gave upRead More →

Well, simplicity and common sense can never be overrated. When our quarterback is not getting berated by DeShaun Watson questions, and when our owner butts out, and when our head coach doesn’t make idiotic decisions to help the opponent, and when you play to your own strength, good things happen. Is it truly that simple?  Yes! The pundits/announcers/analysts typically come up with the same old cliches, and one cliche we heard a zillion times during the 7-game losing streak is “You have to mix it up.  You have to take shots downfield.”   Nonsense.   Earlier in the year, our OCs and Brian Flores believed that hogwash. Read More →