Brian Flores has accepted a job with the Steelers as their LB coach.   It didn’t take long for Flores to appear in the NFL again, and it also seems like he never left.   Since the day Stephen Ross fired him, he has been in the news complaining about one thing or another. Bill Belichick sent a text to the wrong “Brian” by mistake?  Better sue Stephen Ross for that ! The Dolphins fired a guy who seemingly couldn’t get along with anyone?  Better sue the entire NFL!  I’ll sue the Giants too, while I’m at it Can’t make the playoffs during your tenure AND can’tRead More →

Zac Taylor began the Super Bowl with a crucial mistake that the Bengals never quite recovered from.  On the Bengals’ very first drive, they reached midfield and faced a 4th and 1.  He should have punted.  The Bengals had shut down the Rams’ running game, and pinning them deep was the right thing to do.  Interception Machine Matthew Stafford is at his worst when he’s in his own territory.  Even if the Bengals picked up the first down, they still were 50 yards away from the end zone.   There is no guarantee that an risky, unnecessary 4th down play will get you any points.  HeRead More →

If compliments equated Super Bowl victories, then we will be champions for many years to come. This week, Mike McDaniel has been called an innovative genius more times than even Albert Einstein.  His knowledge of X’s and O’s, the way he inspires players, the plays he draws up…all you hear about is what a can’t-miss coach we have here. Unfortunately, we heard the same exact things about Flores and Gase and Philbin.   Unfortunately, McDaniel has zero experience.  Perhaps the lack of experience is forgiveable if he comes from a juggernaut program where he at least helped a team–if not led–to a Super Bowl.  But no.  His whole careerRead More →

If this news had come three weeks ago, I’d be irate.   I’d be saying my usual litany about how Stephen Ross has blown it again.  Something like:   He just hired a guy who has never called a play in his life.  He’s never been allowed to make a personnel decision.  Never been in a defensive meeting. Never had to manage a game clock.  Never played in the NFL.  Just another kid coordinator with zero head coaching experience. All of the above is true about our new coach, as Stephen Ross continues his charitable contributions by giving away yet another head coaching job to yet anotherRead More →

We now interrupt our Stephen Ross Weekly Tankgate Drama with some different news… Doug Pederson has been hired by Jacksonville.  HE was the coach he needed.  By far the best option out there. With Pederson and Daboll and Harbaugh avoiding Miami like the plague, the stakes are dire.   There is still time for Ross to hit a home run and bring in an experienced coach like Rex Ryan or Todd Bowles, but things are looking grim. The two unqualified kid coordinators (from San Fran and Dallas) aren’t even on the radar any more.  Who the hell else is out there? Pederson’s Jaguar interviews were extremelyRead More →

So let’s get this straight… The Broncos met with Flores, but John Elway didn’t take it seriously, showing up late AND DRUNK. The Giants knew they were hiring Brian Daboll, but gave Brian Flores an interview anyway. Bill Belichick accidentally texted Congratulations to the wrong Brian. The Raiders did not even bother to call Flores. The Jaguars did not even bother to call Flores. The Vikings did not even bother to call Flores. The Texans did not even bother to call Flores. And yet, with all of those seemingly legitimate gripes against all of those named above, Flores decides to name Stephen Ross as a defendant in hisRead More →

In what could prove to be the fastest open-and-shut case in legal history, Stephen Ross hired a black man to be head coach and now is being sued for not hiring a black man to be head coach. It’s like suing “1+1” for not equaling 2.  You cannot dispute facts. Yes, there is more to it of course, but the sour grapes of the Giants not anointing Flores as head coach obviously rubbed him the wrong way, and he decided to take it out on the league and the Dolphins. This is one of the few times ever that I take Stephen Ross’s side of things…andRead More →