It’s shocking to see how quick and easy we opened the game, only to be stymied the rest of the way. McDaniel has to get better at counteracting the opponents’ adjustments. I think he will. Sometimes, we all need to take a deep breath and realize he is a man with 7 games under his belt. He’s beaten 4 coaches this year with a combined 900 years’ experience. He will get there. The start is awesome so far. Similarly, we must realize that the offense–the 11 guys out there starting the game–have only played together for 7 games. Only 7 times have they had aRead More →

Personally. I’m starting with Jaylen Waddle, who dropped a pass right in his hands in the second quarter with no one near him, then made it worse by deflecting it to the Vikings for an interception that was not Teddy Bridgewater’s fault. Unfortunately, Waddle wasn’t finished. His dropped fumble killed a promising drive when we were moving in to take the lead. He killed us twice in one game, and the D could not recover. Mike McDaniel continues to be a superb playcaller. Getting guys open for a 2nd or 3rd and 4th string QB isn’t easy to scheme up, but he did it. ButRead More →

Maybe the NFL will place another spy in the stands at our practice today, and if he sees Tua drink some water during a break, he will run to the Players’ Union to declare that “Thirst is a symptom of a concussion. I order Tua to sit for the next month.”Read More →

The deadpan comedy and nerdisms and one-liners at his press conferences were fine at first, but now it’s time for Mike McDaniel to be a true leader. It’s time for him to step up against his greatest opponent: the NFL itself. 28 teams played yesterday, with 53 men on each team. 1,484 players played, and of those, only Teddy Bridgewater was ruled out of the game for the NFL’s ridiculous new concussion protocols. Only a Dolphin. Again. Also yesterday, the NFL literally “invented” a new “rule” that no one had ever heard of before. If you throw the ball in the vicinity of your ownRead More →

In addition to the obvious story lines of wanting to win a division game and go 3-0 in the AFC East, and in addition to the also obvious story line of Teddy Bridgewater replacing Tua, there is a more subtle aspect to this game, and it’s something Dolphin fans are well familiar with. I’m talking about bouncing back after a loss. We have not been good at it. I haven’t looked up the official stats, but there have been plenty of times in the last 10 and even 20 years when the Phins had won 2 or 3 in a row, then we lose. AsRead More →

As always (and I mean ALWAYS), when the Dolphins need a little help from our fellow AFC teams, they choke badly. The blow big leads when we need them most. The Ravens led the Bills by a comfortable 17 points before choking. Getting shut out out in the 2nd half, at home, to a team filled with substitutes? The Ravens blew that giant lead thanks to some really stupid plays, horrible officiating, and John Harbaugh’s incorrect decisions. They blew a 21-point lead vs the Dolphins two weeks ago. Maybe this team simply isn’t as good anymore. Luckily for them, the Ravens play in a horribleRead More →