The loss of Jaelan Phillips could be a huge loss. However, we held the Pats down pretty well without him, so maybe Van Ginkel steps up again. Josh Allen is a million times better than Mac Jones, so it’s difficult. Waddle’s return will be helpful to further tire out the Bills defenders.Read More →

So much to write about, but yet I can’t add much more than what has already been covered. I heard Mike McDaniel’s explanation about why he took a knee instead of going for the NFL points record. He said he didn’t want to run up the score nor embarrass his opponent, etc. But…earlier when it was 56-13, McDaniel called for a long bomb, Mike White to Robbie Chosen.* That went for a TD and McDaniel certainly was running up the score by calling such a play. Miami led by 43 points with a few minutes left, and he ran up the score. I think thatRead More →

I was watching the Steelers/Browns game the other night (Thank God a million times over that Stephen Ross ended his infatuation with Deshaun Watson). On some plays, the Steelers used six offensive linemen, essentially having two left tackles. They ran sweeps that way, and had good gains every time. It got me thinking about if/when Terron Armstead is ready to come back. Kendall Lamm has played beautifully at left tackle for two games, and he deserves to keep playing. I don’t think we should immediately bench him when Armstead comes back. Instead, I hope McDaniel sees the value in both of these guys and comesRead More →

Mike Gesicki did everything he could to defeat his old team, and he came up inches short. Last week, I commented on how Justin Herbert allowed himself to be tackled on 4th down with the game on the line, when instead he should have just heaved the ball up and hope. Fumbled on purpose. Anything! You’re about to lose, so why not try something desperate? That’s exactly what Gesicki did. The game was over, and he knew it, so he had nothing to lose by lateraling the ball to a guard. Brilliant play. The stars were aligned for the Dolphins, however, as we barely tackledRead More →

My nightmare scenario is that Mac Jones feeds us a steady diet of crossing passes to Mike Gesicki, followed by occasional long balls to Devante Parker. Meanwhile, like last week, we can’t stop the run again, and Ezekiel Eliot eats us alive. I can see our defense having another bad game. The one good thing though is that Mac Jones isn’t 1/10th as good as Justin Herbert. It’s baffling to me why some media rate Jones so high. He’s a deer in headlights when you pressure him, and an interception machine like Josh Allen when you pressure him, It will be interesting to see whatRead More →

I like to freeze-frame certain plays that end up being important. Here are a few things you don’t notice at full speed…. This is the final drive. 2nd and 20 after the grounding flag. On this play, Zach Sieler got a huge sack to make it 3rd and 30. Look in the middle of the picture…#71 is holding Sieler by his pants and trying to drag him down. Refs missed that hold, but it didn’t matter because Sieler got the sack anyway! This is 4th down. Chargers have 3 WRs lined up on top. It appears Miami has 3 DBs to cover them. Chubb isRead More →

I’ll be the only honest pessimist out there today, while everyone else is all giddy. Outside of one series, our defense looked atrocious. Vic Fangio’s scheme gave up more points than we gave in any game last year. As a matter of fact, you have to go all the way back to Tom Brady to find the last time the Dolphins gave up more than 34. Xavien Howard looked tired and took lazy penalties. The defensive line took a water break during every single rushing play. It was truly as if the whole D line said, “Ahhh, I’ll just sit here and wait for theRead More →

With pre-season behind us, it’s time to get into Week One and our visit to Los Angeles. Last December, the Chargers beat us pretty badly. If not for Tyreek Hill picking up a loose fumble and sprinting into the endzone, the game was not as close as the final indicated. This game will come down to our running game. Khalil Mack and a dirty player like Joey Bosa will make life hell for Tua and our passing game. Is there anyone out there who thinks that Austin Jackson can keep Bosa away from Tua? I don’t. Our line was bad last year and didn’t getRead More →