A few last thoughts heading into the Patriots game…

Thursday Night Football is silly.    It’s a test of whichever team is healthier from a previous game three days prior.  The visiting team has to spend a day traveling too.   I like prime time games, but the NFL needs to move them to Friday or Saturday Nights.  But previous commissioners like Tagliabue were too concerned about interfering with high school and college game nights.   Who cares!

Former Governor Jeb Bush owns Ryan Tannehill in his fantasy league and he’s 7-0.

Little Julie Edelmann runs the same slant route 99% of the time.  I’m not saying it’s easy to cover the tiny guy, but the Dolphins should at least try.   Other teams seem to be content about letting him catch the short passes as long as he doesn’t break one long.

We’re stuck with this image thanks to Pete Carroll handing them a free Super Bowl victory. Just kiss already, will ya?

The problem is that after he catches 5 or 6 short passes in a row, suddenly the Patriots are in the endzone.  You have to pop him hard and make Brady throw elsewhere.   I don’t mind Gronk scoring touchdowns as long as we don’t let little Julie beat us.

The Patriots defense is very fallible.  I think a lot comes down to the mindset and determination of the offense.  If our offense watches Brady dissect our D over a long drive, then our offense can’t get depressed.   They have to be determined to get out there and match the Pats, score for score.  It can be done.  New England will indeed score a lot.  We need to be able to do so as well.

I think N.E. will have some kind of game plan to limit Mr. Jarvis Landry, so that means Rishard Matthews, Kenny Stills, or maybe even Devante Parker could be prime targets.  But watch out for Greg Jennings, who could be a sleeper in all this.

The game hasn’t even started yet, and there are already 1,500 drunken Pat fans getting arrested for hooliganism inside Gillette Stadium.  It’s very sad that such a low-life fan base gets rewarded with a good team.

The Patriots are getting better and better at hiding the ways they cheat.  I mean, it’s been several months since the last time a Patriot got caught.  Let’s not be naive.  They are still cheating, but just better at covering it up.



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  1. I think the Dolphins need to be practicing getting the calls in via hand signals!

    At lest the coaches are all on the sideline so they can huddle up without headsets.

    Hell I would just go into the game and not but the headsets on! Bring your own walki-talkies from Walmart maybe then the Patriots wouldn’t be able to jump all your plays!

    1. Author

      Headsetgate! It was opening night when Pitt was in Foxboro. The NFL claimed it wasn’t N.E.’s fault, but what they really meant was that they couldn’t PROVE it was N.E. fault. Those headphones are state of the art, and they don’t just “accidentally” pick up a country radio station while Pittsburgh was trying to call in a play.

  2. The Marlins signed Mattingly!! Great move!!

  3. Author

    Donny Baseball knows more about football than Philbin.

  4. Ya and maybe the Dolphins can get him on the sideline tonight to send in the plays!

  5. Watch last year’s home opener for any inspiration we’ve done this before we can do it again the Patriots are not invincible. We just have to play fundamental football we can’t play outside of our cells just keep playing the way we’ve been playing don’t try to do anything special no stupid game X and no dumb penalties and I promise you we can grind out of victory against them. Jonas Gray is going to love running all over a team that had no business cutting him

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