A few plays and decisions that stand out in the Dolphins big win

There were plenty of plays that stood out Sunday, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few that really changed the flow of the game.

Although it seemed quiet, this was the biggest play of the game:
Second quarter, Dolphins only leading 10-3.

We had first and goal at about the Titans’ 10-yard line.  J’wuan James commits a questionable holding penalty, and suddenly we have 1st and goal from the TWENTY yard line.   The penalty seemed like a huge setback.

But on the very next play, Ryan Tannehill hit Dion Sims with a short dump pass.  Rishard Matthews throws a nice block downfield, and suddenly Sims scampers for 15 yards.   A HUGE play that got us right near the goal line again.  Next play, Miller runs it in.

Under Philbin, that first-and-goal from the 20 play would have been an inside handoff to Miller, followed by a sack or two on second and third downs.   But Lazor’s play call of a Tight End screen was excellent, and the execution was even better.   It got the Dolphins out of “possible field goal” mentality and straight into touchdown mentality.

The fact that Sims’ run and catch took place immediately after the penalty was important too. We didn’t get a 15-yard gain on third down.  We go it on first, with 3 more chances to get the touchdown.   It was the perfect way to punch back after that penalty.

Another important play:
Reshad Jones’ touchdown.

This one made the highlight reels all night and definitely was not under the radar.  But it was huge because it gave the defense a lift and pretty much showed Marcus Mariota that he was going to lose this game.  In our chatroom, we were discussing that we didn’t want our D to stay on the field too long.  But after a pick-6, those guys on D were dying to kick off and get back on the field and punish Mariota some more.  Give Lou Anarumo some credit for having the guys ready.

The formations were so much better and varied.
After weeks and weeks of the same exact formation on every down, the Dolphins did something that was apparently prohibited under Joe Philbin:  variety.

It was a thing of beauty to see the pro set, with two WRs and 2 RBs and a TE.  Just wonderful to behold.  I almost felt sorry for the Titans.  The Bills and Jets and Jags only had to prepare for one formation that we’d run at them all day long.  But then the poor Titans expect the same thing, and ooops, sorry. We crossed them up.  Imagine that!

The offensive line played admirably, and there were times, when xtra TEs and RBs stayed in to block.  You saw the results.  Tannehill had more time, and it showed.

It wasn’t just Campbell’s inspiration and mentality that helped the team.  It was his decisions.

Dan Campbell was not afraid to mix it up.  Billy Turner wasn’t learning much on the bench. He wasn’t getting better.  So Campbell thrust him into a starting role to see how the kid would do, and he rewarded his coach.

He changed formations and he benched ineffective players.   We scored 38 points with no help from Greg Jennings and Davante Parker.  When guys don’t help, they need to sit.   Joe Philbin never understood that.  Campbell does.

To his credit, Greg Jennings is a team player.   Three different times I saw him on the sideline, into the game and excitedly congratulating a teammate who did well.    I liked seeing that.


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  1. The Rishard Matthews slant on the first drive where he got pummeled but held on to the ball for the first down. That play was huge!!!

  2. This season all the Reshad Jones doubters should be laid to rest. He has been one of the better safeties in the league for years and has been absolutely monsterous despite our slow start.

  3. Reshad Jones / stats is the best safety in the league but where the Dolphins so no one talks about him I guess that’s a good thing that means teams won’t be trying to takw him from us cuz he flies under the radar.

  4. I agree with all of you guys but here are some other things that I saw that were in some respects more important to me.

    – Did you see all the Dolphins coaches on the sideline talking with each other throughout the WHOLE game? Remember Philbin? no one wanted to be near him he always seemed aloof and looked stupid.

    – Did you see all the coaches including Campbell coaching the players through out the game on the side lines?

    – Did you see how the players would run over to the coaches and talk to them during the game especially when they were coming off the field. I’m assuming they were telling the coaches what they saw going on which philbin would have never allowed nor wanted.

    – Did you see Campbell fist pump after the field goal? NO YOU DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!!!

    – Did you see the coaches rein Tannehill or the TE in after the interception? No they kept attacking!

    To me the way the players and coaches interacted looked like a TEAM for the first time in a long time.

    -We saw without a doubt that Lazor was handcuffed by Philbin but that he wont be by Campbell

    All these are an absolute positive and I hope Campbell and Co. can keep it going.

  5. Did you see Tannehill sitting with Lazor looking over photos and discussing what they saw instead of looking like a Philbin?

  6. I commented (here) a long time ago, that I could swear that Lazor was being greatly handcuffed by queasy Joe, in his weekly game planning. Now, there is (obviously) no doubt, whatsoever. I think we are now seeing just the tip of the iceberg in all of the new and different wrinkles that Lazor will be incorporating into the game plan.

    Isn’t it so very refreshing now to have (finally) a Young coaching staff that can relate so much better to their players than all of the crumudgeons (sp.?) we have had for so very long here lately (all set in their ways) ?

    1. Yes it is good to see coaches who compete just as hard as the players and who want to WIN!

      I hope these guys do so well there is no vacancy at the coaching positions year end

  7. Brian M.
    “No Vacancy”
    That’s awesome! Yeah, and if end up beating the Pats twice, we’ll be in GREAT shape. This team can do it…I have no doubt. This is gonna be fun. I’ve watched the game three times and it gets better every time I see it. These players were JACKED the whole game…they played out of their minds! It was a beautiful thing.

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