A flurry of activity on opening day for the Dolphins

Who’s in?

Isa Quddus, Safety/DB
Byron Maxwell, CB
Mario Williams, DE
Kiko Alonso, LB
A Number 13 overall pick

Who’s out?

Brent Grimes (cut)
Miko Grimes
Olivier Vernon (Giants)
Lamar Miller (Texans)
A Number 8 overall pick

Lauren Tannehill
Just sharing a funny picture of Lauren T. today for the hell of it.

My first analysis of all these moves is that the Dolphins did some decent damage control in areas where they knew damage was coming.

They got out in front of the Grimes cut by trading for Maxwell and signing Quddus.

They knew they wouldn’t keep Vernon, so they brought in Super Mario.

In acquiring Alonso, I expect the Dolphins to release one of the non-Misi linebackers.

The one that got away was Lamar Miller.   This one could hurt.    I remember some beautiful runs the past few seasons, and we don’t have anyone to step in, yet.  Jay Ajayi is next up to the plate, but he’s more of a bruising back.   Not someone who will burst up the middle for a gorgeous 97-yard touchdown like Miller did in 2014 vs. the Jets.

People will point to Miller as a salary cap casualty, but as I’ve explained many times, if the Dolphins REALLY wanted to keep him, they would have found a way.   At first glance, this looks like a bad choice to jettison Miller.   But perhaps Adam Gase has some kind of plan in mind.    Perhaps he has his eye on a RB or two in the incoming draft class.   Let’s PRAY he doesn’t plan to give Damien Williams more playing time.

The franchise tag situation and Vernon was just sloppy.   It’s why Miami remains dysfunctional, even when they’re trying hard to lose that reputation.   Protect the player or not.  But don’t protect him for a few days and then release the tag.  Made no sense except to hurt Vernon’s chances of negotiating earlier.

Vernon played well for us, but his stupid penalties really stuck out for me this year.   He kept several drives alive that led to 3 losses.  We probably would have lost 2 of those 3 games anyway, but he certainly didn’t help.

Losing Grimes is tough on the field, but I understand why it had to be done because of his wife.   You just can’t have that stuff unless the wife’s name is Giselle.  Sadly, if Grimes himself would have said that Tannehill sucks, then they could hug it out and Grimes would still be a Dolphin.   But when the wife says it, it becomes ugly and awkward.    I predict he’ll end up in New England by Friday.

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  1. Vernon got an 80 mill deal with 50 mill guaranteed no way Miami could ever afford it. They just gave Vernon that tag to make sure they got a replacement before he left

  2. Author

    From newest Dolphin Mario Williams, talking about Stephen Ross:
    “I can say I’ve never, ever been in the room with an NFL owner and it was like talking to somebody who is 30 years old. He was cool to interview with. I want to say he’s 75? 65, 75?”
    Oh brother, we’re in for a long season.

    1. Ross is clueless but meddles as much as any owner in the league.

      Pray for new ownership.

  3. Wish we could have signed (Ike) Forte.

  4. If you look on the team website… Derrick Shelby ain’t there

    1. Yep, Shelby signed with the Falcons for 4 years 18 million.

  5. We just got older and more injury prone on defense. These deals are high risk, high reward….. we don’t need risk

  6. Forget about the replacements for a moment. So far, we lost BOTH starting defensive ends, Shelby and Vernon. (no way is Wake gonnna be ready from rupturing a 34-year-old Achilles). We lost our starting Pro Bowl CB. We lost our starting RB, who is our best offensive player except for Landry.
    No team can lose 4 huge components and expect to get better. These are horrible decisions.

    1. Author

      Yeah, Floridan. It just seems like a big washout. We lose a CB and bring in a CB. But losing our TOP CB and bringing in an injured, doubtful, risky player who TWO other teams already let go? Don’t get me wrong, Grimes sucked last year and his wife was a problem child. But he was the best we had (not saying much) and now we got question marks.

  7. Guys yea we lost starters but those are guys who have been with the team for years. Years that have sucked, I agree this moves are big risk big reward but honestly what’s the risk going 4-12 instead of 6-10 or 7-9.

  8. Author

    The Miami Herald is getting free publicity because Miko is threatening one of their writers. Why can’t Dolphins Truth get that kinda publicity !!??

    I’m always looking for new readers and commenters. The page hits and clicks on the ads are the helping me keep up the costs of this site. The Herald doesn’t need the $$ !!!!

  9. Ok I’ll sue you Admin but I’m not sure that will generate any publicity or money!!!!!


  10. Every year there are new coaches and new players and every year we get worse. Thanks Tannehill.

  11. @Csonk

    One consistent has been the owner……..

    what is that telling us?

    1. Oh yeah, he’s a total joke. The worst owner in sports.

  12. It’s a franchise without a face. And what do I do with my Lamar Miller jersey.?

    1. Idk lol I still got my Ronnie brown one laying around somewhere

    2. It’s got a face-it looks like an ass!

  13. So……. after 8 years of Ross we are now the equivalent of an expansion team. Great progress??

    1. I don’t know about that Jay at lest most expansion teams have hope and they certainly dont have 10 – 15 years of losing to bring the fanbase down!

      I’d say were in much worse shape then an expansion team

      1. @Brian M

        You are right. I just read the Finsider TV and radio shows were cancelled due to lack of interest! They were on for many years. This franchise is an embarrassment.

      2. We made the SB in year 5 but most of you weren’t born yet!

  14. Jimmy Johnson said the Dolphins start out like a new team EVERY year!

  15. @Admin

    Shelby and Matthews are out too.

  16. Cj Anderson would be a nice addition

    1. I’ve been saying that for 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings, Joe Philbin, and Miko Grimes said it also. But the team will NEVER learn and remain in the cellar.

  17. Grimes signed with Houston so you can forget about your crazy fantasy of him going to the patriots, they never even offered him a deal

  18. This dude posted a Mike Freeman article. They fact that you listen to Mike Freeman says it all.

    1. “This dude”? STFU you moron. I read anything and everything about the Dolphins,far longer than you have. And I’ll share whatever I feel is relevant. So again,fcuk off. So regarding your senseless reply, it speaks for itself.

      1. @John

        DOLPHGANG!! is a dumb jackass kool aid drinkin rose colored glasses senseless clueless homer.

        1. @ Jay-apparently! I think he’s still pissed that I called him Dorfgang or Dorkgang a while back.

      1. Other than Williams we got a bunch of garbage!

        No real replacements for Miller, Jennings, Matthews, Shelby, Grimes or Matt Moore.

  19. I don’t care who they sign or who they draft I will not be drinking any coolaid until at lest midseason when we know what we have.

    That said I don’t see any hugh upgrades yet so I don’t see our record being any better then last in the AFC.

    This team could sign Brady and manage to go 8-8

    1. Well, considering that Brady is rated 8-9 games a year better than Tannepuke the Fins would be 0-16!!

  20. At least you guys are well-versed at hurling insults and name-calling. If y’all put that energy towards learning actual football knowledge you might post something meaningful from time to time. Highly unlikely though.

  21. Dolphingang your one of the last smart football people here. Sad when grown men name call on the internet (yea john I’m talking to you, not hard to disagree with someone without calling them an idiot, it sucks cause you kno football but always disqualify yourself with the insults) jay I don’t think your over 18 yet so I don’t expect much from you and you don’t kno football at all

  22. Btw jay Miami won 6 games last year not 0 so with Brady they would of won 15 according to your logic

  23. Lmao brian are you kidding me? Brady would go 8-8!? Why are you even a fan of this team if you don’t think they would be good with the best QB ever

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