A great fun win but the Dolphins need to get rid of a few Philbin holdovers

An incredible win, and we all feel good.  But…

Jamar Taylor and Damien Williams should not be NFL players.   Cut them tomorrow and watch how many teams pick them up on waivers.  Zero.

These are guys left around by the Philbin regime, and we’re stuck with them for now.  Why?  Lack of depth.  Philbin’s idea of a balanced roster at the beginning of the season was to have about 35 wide receivers and two running backs.

Philbin put way too much faith in undrafted fumbler Damien Williams and thought of him as a solid backup to Lamar Miller.  They should have kept Jay Ajai active.  It only takes a few weeks for broken ribs to heal, and then a player can wear a flack jacket to come back sooner.  Philbin had so much faith in Damien that the Dolphins put Ajai on mini-IR, and he’s not available until Week 10.  A terrible decision.  Jonas Gray is still learning the playbook.  All this adds up to indicate that we are stuck with Damien Williams as a Miller backup.

Williams fumbled the opening kickoff last week at Tennessee and then fumbled away the shutout today in Miami.  He is a poor backfield blocker.  He brings nothing to the table.  Nothing.

No wonder his college kicked him off the team.  No wonder no NFL team drafted him.  Except Philbin.

As bad as Williams is, he is an All Pro compared to Jamar Taylor, another player Philbin kept around far too long…and now we’re stuck with him too because of injuries and awful trades.

If some loser bum like Brian Hoyer can pick on Taylor all day long, imagine what Brady will do to him Thursday night?  We might score 70 points and still lose, because Taylor is absolutely useless out there.   He is such a liability.  A nontackling corner who can’t cover anyone.   Andrew Franks covers a WR better than Taylor.

Before each play, Taylor is looking all around.  He has no idea where he’s supposed to be.  Then someone tells him where to go.  He gets set.  Then 3 seconds later, he’s getting burned.   Every week.  Every play.

Luckily today, the offense was on fire, and 10/11ths of our D was on fire as well.  If only we could get that 11th piece in place, then we could be a real contender inthe AFC East.


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  1. Nolan Carroll on the Eagles

    Vontae Davis on the Colts

    Either of them would make our secondary way better.

    I’m also getting tired of Walt Aikens at FS & the lack of a decent MLB.

    Great win today Dolphins! If we can beat the Pats Thursday then we’ll be taken 100 percent seriously.

    1. Author

      I think we lose to the Pats, but we will still put up a fight. But after that, we a re a strong team. The teams that seemed to be a tough win earlier this year are looking more and more beatable. Dallas. Baltimore. San Diego. Even the up-and-down Giants. Those are all winnable games. 2 weeks in a row we scored the most points in the NFL. Granted, these wins were against really shitty teams, but we’ll take it !

  2. I’m not worried about Williams as there are options but we need Taylor right now. Maybe just maybe he’ll improve. After all Davis and Carroll have gotten better over the years. Some time patience is key….

    They just better only rush four and double gronk all game. Put Grimes on edelman and they have a chance. You never know any given Thursday…

  3. Jamar Taylor only looks so bad because he plays opposite of Grimes and most menial qbs like Hoyer won’t dare try to throw to that side. He lacks instincts and football I.Q. and really needs to develop the latter. He doesn’t lact the talent though. Damien Williams is a good receiving third down back and adds some value there even though he is a poor runner between the tackles. To say he brings nothing to the table is a poor assessment.

    1. Author

      Dolphgang, wow. I hope you’re joking. Taylor looks bad because he IS bad. Has nothing to do with Grimes. Tell me how does Brent Grimes cause Taylor to miss tackles. How does Brent Grimes prevent Taylor from covering a man? How did Grimes make Taylor trip over his own two feet last week against the Titans after Taylor picked up a fumble and had a certain TD in front of him?
      Damien Williams dropped an easy TD catch in the second Patriot game last year right in his arms that I will never forgive or forget. You just watched him fumble two games in a row and defend him? Oh well, it’s your right to be wrong. 🙂

  4. I’d like to go off subject for a minute and talk about Campbell for a second. I keep reading news reports about us scouting other coaches for next year and I understand that that may still be in the cessity but why is it being made public I think this undermines Campbell at least let him think that there’s a chance he could become the permanent head coach that way he’ll give it is all every single game instead of feeling like a lame duck coach for the rest of the year. I understand that Campbell may not be the ultimate solution but there’s a possibility he could be given now he’s too and no into very impressive games
    don’t undermine in this early when he’s on a roll out that’s the way I see it anyway. sorry I’m doing this from my phone for the sentence structure may be a little bit weird.

    1. Author

      Agreed. He deserves to be considered for the full-time job. Any interim coach deserves that respect. But moreso for Campbell, is has a few results under his belt already.

  5. I say we beat the crap out of New England on Thursday. Brady gets knocked out of game. This game will be an epic pounding that will vault the Dolphins into Super Bowl contenders…watch!! If the Dolphins beat the Pats soundly as I think they will and continue to improve and play like they’ve been playing, we’re going to the Super Bowl and Dan Campbell will be voted coach of the decade…Why not? Fuck the Patriots and Tom Brady.

  6. Brian…love ya back, bro! I can only imagine practice tonight and tomorrow. These guys believe in each other and have bought in 1000% to the new coaching structure. Our Miami Dolphins are THE most dangerous team in the NFL right now. Why? Because nobody expects them to beat NE…nobody, especially at home. Fuck that shit! These guys don’t care about that anymore! They will RISE to a level and fight those guys to the death.

    I’m sure they are sick and tired of Brady and Belicheat as pretty much everyone outside of Boston is. When teams get the middle push on pats O-line, Brady gets squirrelly. Add a couple of sacks from OV and Cam and constant pressure and you have a scenario where Brady will be frustrated.

    I thought the last two games would be tough…HaHa!

    On a side note, Al Golden is a goner!

  7. I think Dan Campbells will be eating New England Clam Chowder this Thursday.

  8. On another side note I wonder what brand of chewing tobacco he prefers 😀

  9. Danimal Campbell for President! Man, NFL Primetime is really on fire for Dantallica.

    Guys…win, lose or draw, football is FUN again!!!! How ’bout them apples?

  10. Trey Wingo just referred to the Dolphins as “The Mighty Dan Cambell’s.” That’s just awesome!

    1. Author

      Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun to win a couple of blowouts and watch the team and the media respond to Campbell. I’m still waiting to see his moxy in a closer game, when he has to make a tough decision, when he has to bench a player mid-game etc. Luckily, we haven’t had to worry about any of that yet because it’s been 2 blowouts. He seems like the type of rah-rah guy to run the Dolphins like he was playing Madden ’15…you know, like going for it on every 4th down and silly decisions like that. But so far, he hasn’t. I want to see him tested in the same scenarios where Philbin was tested. Like when we have a late lead and need one first down to ice a victory…Philbin failed that scenario virtually every single time. Or how to manage timeouts when the opponent has the ball late…again, Philbin failed that scenario repeatedly and cost us at least 5 games. Is Campbell smarter than that? Time will tell.

  11. I don’t know if Campbell is necessarily smarter than Philbin but I know he has enough humility to consult with other members of his team to make the right decision he will make decisions by committee hen he needs to and he’s already admitted that. a person and coach whos not too proud to admit that someone else’s idea is better than his that’s how you get the right decision. and I think Rizzi’s doing an excellent job being his advisor but I suspect other people are also advising him and he’s going with his gut when he needs to and going with their opinions when he feels it’s better than his. This is why I don’t think it really matters if he gets in a tight spot he’s going to have multiple minds consulting him on what best to do I don’t think he’s at all stubborn unlike somebody else who is our coach for the past three years.

    1. Author

      Great points, PhinsUp. I also get the feeling that if Campbell DOES make a wrong decision or a horrible decision in any way, He will accept full blame. Philbin kinda accepted blame too, but it was always wishy-washy. He would spend 3 seconds saying that he needs to get better, and then 10 minutes going on about why he was right. I just can’t see Campbell doing that nonsense

      1. I used to captian competitive teams for over a decade. My greatest resource were the players and staff around me. I would include as many minds as I could. Humility was my greatest asset because in the end I would love being overuled and win than stubborn and lose. All that matters is winning not leadership structure and status.

  12. The Miami Danimals are going to shock the football world Thurday night. Haha!!!!

  13. Is anyone concerned about how we played the second half of that game? If any of that crap carries over to Thursday it will be embarrassing. If we start fast we win 35-31

    1. well, it is a problem because a lot of our starting D was out there. Texans scored 26 points in one half, mostly against our starters.

  14. @kelrvet

    The only reason that I was concerned is I was loving the butt kicking!

    Other then that I have no problem taking the foot off the pedal at 41 – 0

    The thing that I had a problem with was the texans not reciprocating when we were putting 3rd stringers in. I mean we let up because to score 60 on them would have been to emberrise the hell out of them and there was really very little conceivable way they could catch us at 41 so we pulled most of our starters on the dline and started to heavily sub the secondary

    I guess when we play Huston again in two years if Campbell is the coach he might just run it up to 60 if he has the chance after that classless move by O’Brian but hell he probably wont still be the Texans coach in two years which is why he probably put up such a futile fight in the first place.

    1. Huston?? YIKES!!

      Maybe ask your mom to get you spell check for Christmas.

        1. Author

          Jay needs SOMETHING to complain about now that T-hill was named the Player of the Week !


        10-18-15 – Philbin was a great offensive coach in Green Bay so we know its not coaching. (Referring to how bad miami was after 3 games)

        1. lol.
          I think that is based on ONE quote from Aaron Rodgers who once complimented Philbum 12 years ago. People always say nice things about an outgoing coach.

    2. Author

      Brian, great point and I hadn’t thought of that. Houston definitely kept fighting, and you can’t really fault them for that. But leaving in their starters and all that was ridiculous. Foster tearing his Achilles when he should have been on the bench resting taught O’Brien a lesson he’ll have to remember when he is soon in the unemployment line.

  15. I think we still had most of our starters in at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. It just scares me because we ended on a bad note. With a short week and no real physical practice I hope they can keep rolling.
    BTW THill (T-Hill John not Thrill) had a nice throw to Parker

  16. A dolphin’s truth I’m really shocked you haven’t written the Thursday article for tonight’s game what’s up man. I can’t say what’s going to happen tonight cuz the fucking Patriots have just been too damn dominant lately but I’m going to say this as long as our team doesn’t start regressing as long as the magic potion that Campbell has spelled this team with doesn’t seem to be wearing off I’ll be fine as long as this game is close and the players play with heart and no stupid ass penalties I’m good to go. what I’m hoping is something good happens early in this game and really sets the team on fire and we can get to the Patriots like the Vikings did last year. come on y’all let’s talk this game up.

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