And now Kiko is gone too…And the fallout from the Tunsil trade

In news that has been predicted for days, Kiko Alonso has been traded.   The Dolphins will receive LB Vince Biegel from the Saints.  Admittedly, I don’t know much about Biegel, but this trade needed to be made, as Kiko was showing signs of discontent.

As Flyerfinfan correctly pointed out, Kiko was beaten out of a starting job fair and square.  And apparently he didn’t like it.  He started whining and demanding a trade.

Here are my instant memories of Kiko:

1.  He won the Chargers game 3 years ago with a pick-6 against Philip Rivers with about a minute left in the game.   Behind the Miami Miracle, it was the most dramatic Dolphin win this decade.  I’d like to say it was a great play, but Rivers hit him right in the numbers!

2.  Kiko took a lot of penalties, especially the time he took Joe Flacco’s head off in a Thursday Night game we lost by about 500 points.

The dust is settling on the Tunsil trade, and I still cannot believe the bounty of picks we receive.  The Dolphins should have a poor record and get a Top 5 pick to begin with.   Assuming they want Tua, they have the ability to trade to the top spot, if they don’t earn the top spot themselves.  But it’s intriguing to see what other QBs they covet.  Watching Tua under-perform in the Championship Game makes me take a second look.  He’s not THE automatic sure-thing #1 yet, in my mind.

Trevor Lawrence is most intriguing of all.  Here’s an article about Lawrence’s options…


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  1. No Dolphin cuts were claimed from waivers.

    1. Author

      You mean no one wanted our scraps?

      1. LOL! Most teams would be to embarrassed to do so. And the opposite may see how many Pats cuts or other teams with strong rosters had cuts picked up.

  2. We made out salary cap-wise in trading him. To the tune of almost 7 million which we can carry over to 2020. He was so poor in pass coverage his entire career that he was a huge liability in passing situations. We were smart not to cut him like I said a few days ago as we got something in return and saved huge $$$ in the process.
    At this point,I’m hoping for Justin Herbert but we’re still 7+ months away from the draft. Here’s a scenario that we actually trade down and pick up more picks next year and still get the QB we want.

    1. Author

      Gase and Clueless Joe. Where would be without them?

      1. That article was hilarious. Gase as GM makes me laugh every time I think of it. He’s another “stable genius”.

  3. This is beyond hilarious! I receive the Herald online and in today’s issue,there is a special NFL preview section. On the front page,guess who the 2 players are with the caption,” Building Blocks’! Tunsil & Howard. It says they were the 1st 2 pick in the 2016 draft and are counted on to be the leaders of the team’s rebuild. I guess they decided not to pull the section from today’s paper.

  4. This guy Davenport we got in the trade allowed 12 sacks last season,which was 2nd along all tackles and 41 QB hurries,which were tied for 2nd. As a run blocker,he was 94th of 127. So we got a turnstile in the deal.

  5. The state of the Dolphins these days:How many teams have 7 undrafted rookies on the 53 man squad?

  6. Houston say hello to Laremy Tunsil, your future highest-paid left tackle in NFL history.

  7. Can someone please explain how or why Diva Ante keeps making the 53?

    1. My guess is he has dirt on Ross or Flores! 1,why would they extend him earlier this year and 2,why keep him like you say and I’ve been saying for 3 years.

      1. He probably does! Would any other team tolerate such player? I don’t think so.

  8. Armandos reporting Jon Denney has been cut.

  9. Vincent Taylor cut too. Sheesh this is getting ugly.

    1. Yeah, no reason to cut decent players who don’t make a ton of money. Like Denny and Taylor

      1. Taybor Pepper is our new long snapper.

      2. Hopefully they were upgrades. It can’t be about money at this point.

        1. Apparently Taylor didn’t fit the new scheme too bad as he played hard he will definitely find a new home.

        2. According to Barry Jackson, our new long snapper, Taybor Pepper, auditioned for the team this morning.

          1. I guess the thought is that Denny won’t be here for the long haul so may as well get a younger guy in there now. Hopefully he lasts as long as Denny did what a warrior…wish him luck in retirement.

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