Another Thursday Night Dud with No One to Root for

Since the NFL is feeding us another boring NFC game tonight that no one cares about, I thought I’d re-make the same point I make every year with all prime time games. Especially since ratings are down.

The NFL needs to have only inter-conference games in primetime. Otherwise, there’s simply ZERO reason for a casual fan to watch. Dolphin fans, for example, have no rooting interest in an NFC-only game tonight…let alone an NFC game between two terrible teams from California with one win between them. It’s a ratings disaster before it’s even played.

Now if the Rams were playing an AFC team tonight…pick any AFC team you want…we would be interested and we would root for the Rams. We need all AFC teams to lose to help the Dolphins’ chances later down the line when AFC records factor into so many tiebreakers.

Watching the Rams play even a crap team like Jacksonville or Cleveland would at least give us something to do. But L.A. vs. San Fran? No thanks. The only possible reason we have to watch is to hear the announcers say how smart S.F. coach Kyle Shanahan is, only to make us laugh. We all know that Kyle is the dunce who kept calling pass plays in the Super Bowl while his team was up 25.

Next week’s TNF features the Bears vs. Packers. That one is a little more intriguing because of the rivalry, but still it’s the same principle: AFC fans won’t care enough to watch, and ratings will decline.

On October 5, the Patriots will play the Bucs. FINALLY the NFL gets it right. You’ll see the ratings spike for this game.

The only other AFC-NFC game on TNF all year is a dud: The Vikings at the Browns. That could be among the worst games in history. But still, at least it’s not two teams from the same conference.

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  1. Except that last nights game ended up being one of the best so far this season.

    1. Author

      Agreed. It ended up being good and entertaining. In the last 5 minutes alone, San Fran scored a TD, recovered a fumbled kickoff, scored another TD, recovered an onside kick…all of that and they still lost!!

    2. Agreed but he’s right as the casual fan probably didn’t watch this game you need to open up the window. Cowherd mentioned this is part of the ten percent ratings drop. Add in Saturday and London games people aren’t tuning in. We spent our whole life focusing on Sunday and Monday night only hard to change our habits. He’s right!

      1. Author

        Plus those Rams’ color burst piss-yellow uniforms messed with my eyes all night.

      2. Don’t get me wrong I love football and if free I’ll tune in but you definitely won’t see me missing a Sunday even if my team has a bye….can’t say that for the rest.

        1. Author

          Well, this year you don’t have to worry about a bye!!

          1. thanks for reminding me…fack!!!!

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