Best Picture of the Week…PLUS The Dolphins Trade Isiah Ford… Kenyan Drake News

ALERT:   The Dolphins traded Isaiah Ford to the Patriots for a 7th rounder.  It’s not uncommon for a 4th or 5th string WR to be traded for a low draft pick.   The surprising thing to me is that the Dolphins still seem high on Preston Williams.   I thought for sure that Williams would be the one traded, especially after he dropped not one but TWO easy would-be first down catches on Sunday.  The team must be high on Williams still, as well as Malcolm Perry.  They also may be gearing up to draft a WR next April with our first draft pick, and see Ford as expendable.  Always good to get something for a player you were going to cut anyway.

ALSO:  Kenyan Drake is injured and will likely not play ion the Cardinals game vs. the Dolphins this Sunday.  The Cards are being coy about his health status, but all indications point to the fact that he’ll be out.

After the Myles Gaskin fumble deep in our own territory, the Rams faced a first and goal, and the Fox broadcast team anticipated a Rams touchdown.  They got their “Rams Touchdown” graphic ready.

But what the broadcast director didn’t anticipate was Andrew Van Ginkel’s game-changing score.   Look at the screen as AVG crossed the goal line:

AVG Scores, and the graphic says Rams Touchdown, LOL
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  1. I thought I was the only one who noticed that

  2. You can add Antonio Calloway to the WR mix as he’s coming off suspension. Hopefully he can be another playmaker. Doesn’t look like much of anything else unless something comes in late.

    1. Right, I think it was the fact that Calloway will be eligible to play as much as anything, that and they needed to get more RB help with Gaskin out the next three weeks. That’s another position we REALLY need to place an emphasis on in next year’s draft… Gaskin has been better than expected but I still don’t think he’s really your lead back. And without him…. ooof… Breida better step up or Tua is going to be in for some long days coming up….

      1. Do they give Howard an honest shot now? Can he be that bad after years of being a decent back? I’m sure Breida will be asked to step up but it sure would be nice to see Howard pound the rock…

        1. I have to admit I’m still confused about what’s going on there. It’s hard to imagine he deteriorated THAT fast from last year that he’s not worthy of getting some carries in a backfield without a real feature back.

          1. That’s what I was thinking he can’t be that bad. To add to it Breida is now gimpy so Howard should have an opportunity to turn his season around. Hopefully he takes advantage as they can use a tougher back when the weather is cold.

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