Bill Arnsbarger, RIP to the Architect of the Perfect Season

Former Dolphins Defensive Coordinator Bill Arnsbarger has passed away.   He was a genius. plain and simple.  No other way to describe what he did.

He inherited a laughing stock defense under Don Shula, and in just a few short years had them playing in three Super Bowls in a row, winning the last two.

He built the no-name defense and rode them to the championships.  When Bob Griese broke his leg, the Dolphins defense had to rise to a new level in 1972, they did so under Arnsbarger.

RIP Mr. Arnsbarger. Thank you for 1972.

Pay attention this weekend to what the old Dolphins say about this guy.   Every player will be saying what a genius he was.

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  1. I bought a Chromecast today and watched the 85 Dolphins/Bears game. I had read that Arnsberger passed earlier in the afternoon but had forgotten when I decided to watch this game. That Killer Bees defense was definitely on the verge of swiss cheese back in 85 but for that Monday Night game they were top notch. I assume Arnsberger was the D coordinator that year. It also helped that McMahon didn’t play the 1st half. Marino was locked in, special teams blocked a punt, and the crowd was insane.

    Speaking of the crowd, the Bears offense had to re huddle numerous times. Do you all remember back then when the refs could/would pause the game or even throw a flag when the crowd was too loud? That would NEVER happen today. No silent count back then, I guess.

    1. The Defensive coach for that Bears game was Chuck Studley and they caused 4 Bear turnovers.

  2. Bad memories that bears game brings back as I was a Bears fan in those days. I had grown up in west Chicago and I was disappointed that the Bears lost and to the Dolphins!

    Who would have know that in 1986 I would move to Naples and then several years later become a dolphins fan.

    Remember that back then if you were a fan of an out of state team you could watch two or maybe three games a year back then and we were so used to going to all the games in Chicago so once we transplanted we took on the new team

    Funny looking back

  3. RIP Bill. Shula was lucky to have him and vice-versa. At the end of the ’72 season Shula made a public comment saying he has talented coaches working for him, and that he’d be glad to recommend any of them for head coaching positions on other teams. Class acts; both of them.

    Here’s the video – go to 13:00 for Shula’s comments:

    1. Definitely a class act. Shula would never have guys like Incognito or Suh on his team. And Arnsbarger did become a HC I think for the Giants but didnt do very well and eventually rejoined the Dolphins.

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