Bill Lazor Fired…and that opens many possibilities

It is a VERY scary thought that Mike Sherman’s son-in-law will be calling plays for us.

Zac Taylor was first given an NFL job because Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman were buddies.  And now Zac Taylor has been promoted because Bill Lazor got fired.
(And there was pretty much no one else left to give the coordinator job to.)

This Zac Talyor was elected US President and earned the job fairly. The Dolphins’ Zac Taylor is a different story…

Over the last few weeks, Dolphins Truth readers have noticed how hard we’ve been on Bill Lazor.  His schemes and play calling have been atrocious for quite some time.  No Dolphin got better this year.   Our schemes were outdated, and our play selection was predictable.  Lazor watched Lamar Miller run through the Cowboys early and often, and then–for no reason–he switched to pass plays.

Lazor ran the 4-wide formation 95% of the time with Lamar Miller in the backfield.  The other 4% of the time, he used a 5-wide formation.  That leaves only 1% of the time when Lazor tried something innovative.   Opposing defenses were never fooled because the Dolphins under Lazor were too easy to study.   You learn how to defend a 4-wide formation, and you have taken away 90% of the Miami Dolphins.   Opponents got it.   Lazor didn’t.

As I wrote last night, Lazor deserves to be fired after generating nothing at all against the Jets.  Dolphin management must have listened to me.

The firing of Bill Lazor is important for the 2017 Dolphins.   It’s all but certain that Dan Campbell will not be back.   Sean Peyton is a possibility, but I think he will stay in New Orleans.   Coaches with 100% control of a team and with millions and millions of dollars in guaranteed money do not walk away from that often, if ever.   Peyton will stay with the Saints.

The other intriguing name is Mike Shula, who has the Panthers scoring left and right.  Stephen Ross would be doing himself a favor by keeping young Shula on the radar.  That last name alone commands more respect than Philbin-Sherman-Lazor combined.  I would love to see Mike come back.   His pedigree combined with the Dolphins’ rich history would be a confidence booster.

The other name I love (although no one ever agrees with me) is Brian Billick, former Super Bowl championship coach. The guy knows offense, and he is still my favorite commentator on TV for the way he breaks down plays.  He has the smarts, and he’s a fierce competitor.

Whether it’s one of those men or someone completely different, the bottom line is that both Dolphins’ current coordinators are considered temporary stop-gaps, and a new head coach will not be given any orders to keep them.  A head coach prefers to choose his own subordinates, but oftentimes, the teams’ executives interfere.   This won’t be the case  for the Dolphins’ new head coach; he’ll be able to hire whomever he wants and fire any stinky remnants of the current regime.

Now back to why Lazor.    When Bill Lazor was first hired, I wrote a column about what he needed to do.  The link is here.  Take a moment to re-read that, and then we’ll see if Lazor did these things.

A few of the items that I noted were that our offense needed to develop a simple QB sneak.   We didn’t.   Lazor’s fault.  So so so many 3rd-and-one and then 4th-and-ones ended with incomplete passes.    Lazor never once called for Tannehill to hurry to the line and run a quick QB sneak.   Brady does it 3 or 4 times a week.   Tannehill never.

Another item I noted was for Lazor to change Tannehill’s cadence.  (remember the “Go” and “Go Go” shouts?)   Well, Lazor did get him to mix it up some, but we still didn’t use a hard count as a weapon like we should have.

I also asked Mr. Lazor to develop a killer instinct in Tannehill, and we know that failed.   90 percent of that is is the QB’s own fault, but we never saw the coach get on him.   I still feel that Tannehill needs a coach to light a fire under his $96 million ass, so that perhaps Tannehill would light that same fire on his teammates.   Lazor inspired no one.

The hurry-up offense?   Nonexistent under Lazor, despite repeated promises.

I also asked Lazor to develop pitchout plays to the RBs.   Didn’t happen.  Did you see Denver’s two long TD runs last night?  BOTH were on pitchouts.   The pitchout is the perfect weapon against New England.  Denver proved it, quite easily too.  If only Pete Carroll and Bill Lazor learned it too.








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  1. It seems like some coaches are so wed to their system or scheme that their behavior is pathological. They persist in their schemes even when they’re getting blown up. I guess they’re thinking the next play will be the one to succeed. I’ve lost money in the slots thinking that way and it’s not working any better here.
    It’s just weird. Do they only know their scheme? Is it possible they don’t really understand football thoroughly enough to modify an offense or defense on the fly? Or are they just fatally hard-headed?

  2. When you have a crap QB EVERYONE gets fired!

    Firings are rare when you have a good QB.

    Its not rocket science.

    Tannepuke stinks!

  3. Prediction: Future OC’s and HC’s continue to get fired until we obtain a franchise QB.

  4. Future prediction

    Even if Tannehill flourished and ended his career with more records and super bowls then Brady (not going to happen) Jay would still be here writing

    “Tannapuk sucks”

    After every comment

    1. Author

      Personally, I wouldn’t mind Jay’s repetitive rants about Tannepuke if he at least complained about another player once in a while or made up a funny nickname for some other Dolphin besides R.T.
      By focusing his anger on Tannehill and only Tannehill, it makes it hard to take Jay seriously, even though he is a knowledgeable fan. Or even if Jay for once blamed someone else IN ADDITION to Tannehill, I would respect his opinion more. But no. Jay blame RT and only RT.
      For example, if you want to assess the loss, you can say that we gave up 38 points because Brandon Marshall owned Brent Grimes and because Jamar Taylor is awful and because Tannepuke threw a terrible interception and he sucks. That is fair.
      But you can’t say simply that Tannepuke sucks and Matt Moore would have gotten us 39 points. Just silly.

      1. Ummmm……. @Jays comment about what a great OC Philbin was in Green Bay took him out of contention for my “Best Commenter of 2015” award!

  5. Author

    There’s a story under the radar out of Foxboro today, where the Patriots got rid of the guy who muffed a punt last night. A decent player makes one mistake, and he is cut. A player is late for a meeting? Cut! No questions asked. Meanwhile on the Dolphins, guys like Jamar Taylor and Damien Williams cost us games every week, and they are promoted!
    Some things the Patriots do is almost mystical and no teams can match them. But other things they do is common sense. Other teams CAN match them in that department. But they don’t even try. Miami holds onto mistake-prone players while New England cuts them the very next day. You tell me…which team has been more successful lately?

    1. Admin. I agree it sounds ruthless,but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and I also agree Miami keeps putting these mistake prone players in ,e.g. Fox , Taylor and Damian Williams,thats why we keep losing .We need a hard nosed coach that wont put up with this .I myself like Brian Billick as the next coach and have him pick his own personel.

    2. And Jason Fox ……….. Don’t forget the human turnstile

  6. Adam gase or Sean McDermott please! For once it would be cool to get excited about a coaching change. Even if you can’t get either of them, let whoever you hire evaluate the team. Don’t fuck this up by telling candidates that they can’t bring there personel people in. That’s the reason no one but puppet ass philbin would coach the team. Remember how many other people we wanted before him? If Ross can’t learn to take a step back this team will never go anywhere

  7. Need Ross to not hire based on who he likes personally. Hire a guy with experience and demands hard work. The question becomes will someone with value come with the power structure they have in place?

    1. No one decent wants to work for the Ross circus.

      Pray for new ownership!!

  8. I’ve been reading all your rants and raves these last 24 hours. I’ve also been watching and re-watching Campbell’s press conferences and here are my thoughts on the rest of the year and the future.

    I believe Campbell will be back next year and I’m OK with that. He brings and edge and toughness this team needs and truth be told he doesn’t have players on the roster that fit his vision. Why give a guy who “probably” will be replaced next year the power to purge the coaching staff?

    Personally, I think Campbell somehow was the right guy to get promoted at the right time with the right background. Because of these things and because he’s young with a good pedigree he will be back. When’s the last time we had a coach like this? He doesn’t beat around the bush. He apparently connects with players. He is respected throughout the organization and he’s got a high growth ceiling. I’d rather give him another year than recycle the entire coaching staff for a Payton, Billick, or whoever else. Campbell can give us something to build upon whereas all next year could be a transition year.

    Now as far as the new OC is concerned… I wasn’t aware of his connection to Sherman. Maybe he sticks or maybe he doesn’t. What other choice do we have right now? Worst case scenario he finishes the season and we find someone else next year.

    Time waits for no man or his talent. I’d rather build upon what we have right now than purge and plug next year. It’s not like Campbell is a Cam Cameron or a Joe Philbin or maybe a Tony Sparano.

    1. Author

      I’m okay with Campbell coming back too. I liked that he had the balls to fire his coordinators, and I respect Dolphin management for allowing him to do so. I can’t believe I just complimented management!
      If you weren’t aware that Zac Taylor was Sherman son-in-law, then you need to read my columns more often! 🙂
      I’ve been harping about that nepotism since the day he was hired.

  9. With Rosses track record Campbell my be the only choice left after everyone else refuses to return Rosses phone messages

  10. It never works when you draft a WR at QB.

  11. Ross is and will be the biggest deterrent to getting a top head coach for this team. Unless he reaches deep, very deep into his bank vault, and this HC is given total control. Been a fan of this team for way too many years and I have never seen players with a lack of killer instinct. Watch this team’s body language-you will not see that with NE. The coaching swinging door (Campbell not included) was a bunch that was not taken seriously but more important not respected. Until there is a HC that puts respect, In all its forms back in this organization, from ball boy to assistant HC, the players will run the asylum. You don’t see this in NE!

  12. I don’t know if Dans the man or not too little information at this point but at least he has the balls to get rid of the problems. Philbin couldn’t swat a fly which was his downfall.

    As for Tanny you can’t put all of this on one player. He could be doing better but when you run 9 times with a bad line there aren’t many QB’s that would survive that. Give him a line and a running game and he’s shown that he can be better than average. Let’s see some balance and go from there hopefully this new OC gets that. Hopefully he’s his own man and doesn’t let Sherman influence him…

    1. Author

      Flyer, you may be right about Campbell, as there isn’t quite enough info. But we are seeing some good and some bad habits already. A few poor decisions in the Bills game was bad. But it was good that he owned up to it and gave detailed explanations about why he made the calls. Philbin woulda just said, quote, “It was the right call to make given the down and distance and the game situation, We were right where we wanted to be.”

  13. I have no reason to believe Campbell will ever be a decent HC .

  14. Why would we keep cambell? The team got absoluty destroyed by every decent team he has coached against. I mean he was the tight end coach yet somehow the team can’t figure out how to get Jordan Cameron going. Just cause he’s young and can relate to the players doesn’t mean he’s a good coach.

    1. Not defending him but he had 5 minutes to implement his scheme and had to work with Philbins players. Give him a training camp and that would be more accurate but who knows if he’s smart enough to handle the position that’s what we need to figure out this season.

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