Brocktober Heads into November

Brock Osweiler will start his 4th straight game Sunday.

He had an excellent game against the Bears, especially considering that he foud out he was playing about an hour before game time.   In the games against Detroit and Houston, he was so-so, but not horrible.  The defense clearly cost us those games and came close to costing us the Bears’ game as well (Thank you, Cody Parkey!).

Today, Brock showed why i really like this guy.   He said he wants to keep the starting job, even when Ryan Tannehill returns to health.   Now that is a gamer.  He’s not spouting the usual cliches about “I just want to help my team win any way the coaches use me.”   He is honest.   He is a competitor.

Of course, Adam Gase has already stated that Tannehill will resume the starting role no matter what.   That same attitude has doomed many a coach, and Gase obviously has not learned from history.   The offense has been playing well under Brock for a month.   At the very least, Gase should say, “We’ll see” instead of already sealing Brock’s fate way in advance.  But Adam Gase has never been one to listen to common sense.

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    1. I believe Gase thought that the Fins have a shot of making the playoffs in a weak AFC and wanted to bolster the rest of the team in the draft instead of spending picks on a QB. Not sure why he simply doesn’t say that this was the plan as it’s obvious. The main question should be was this a wise decision should you bottom feed like the browns until you find a top 5 QB? Hasn’t worked for them and didn’t the Eagles just win with a backup QB? Just a few nuggets to think about…

      1. Well I’m from Philly so I can tell you the eagles winning with a backup thing is not the full story. Carson Wentz did tear his acl late in the season, but when he started the eagles were 11-2. And he was on pace to win mvp and throw for 40 touchdowns. Nick Foles had 2 great games in the playoffs but without Wentz playing like an MVP the eagles don’t even make the playoffs let alone have home field advantage against 2 teams that play their home games in domes (Atlanta and Minnesota) also Foles struggled heavily this year till Wentz came back.

        1. Good point you can’t discount Wentz’s contributions but they still won playoff games with a back up. Trent fuckin Dilfer won a super bowl. I don’t disagree that teams shouldn’t keep trying to find a better QB as it can’t hurt trying but constantly blowing up your team like the browns doesn’t seem logical either. If the Fins D didn’t implode they probably win in cinci and maybe find another win in the last two games. This is with Os in the mix who’s been a decent backup. Hard to tell me that blowing everything up trading X etc..makes sense where does it get you? The browns! I sure wouldn’t be happy with that…but if they keep building keep looking for a better QB I’m cool with that.

  1. TannenBOMB and Gase and the Bearded Monkey need to be gone after Dec.31

  2. Gase embarrassed the organization again yesterday in his press conference verbally attacking a reporter. It’s hard to watch but if you really want to see how incompetent and honestly how much of an asshole this guy is watch the video. He basically says that anyone that isn’t him can’t judge Tannehill, now I can see how this guy actually thought he could win with Jay Cutler. Please fire him now before he turns Miami into the Cleveland Browns

    1. Author

      Yes. I read that account. According to Gase, you are not qualified to have an opinion unless you study the game film repeatedly. So none of us are allowed to say that Tom Brady is good or Nathan Peterman is bad because we don’t study film.
      I love that Armando challenges Gase about Tannehill, but that is a moot point. The media, fans (and God forbid the owner) need to challenge Gase on his playcalling.

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