Broken Record: Stephen Ross Gets Involved in Yet Another NON-Dolphins-Related NY City Venture

Another week, another venture for Stephen Ross that doesn’t help the Dolphins.   Add this to the long list of distractions that Ross involves himself in, rather than concentrating on the Miami Dolphins.

While most other NFL owners are actively participating and attending the scouting combines in Indianapolis, overseeing their scouting departments and meeting daily with their personnel departments, Ross instead is home.

Home, by the way, is not Miami.   Ross is a Jet fan who lives in New York City.  His businesses are there.  And many of his non-Dolphins adventures are held there.

This time around, Ross is conducting business lessons for NFL players, so they have some business acumen after the NFL.  In other words, many players blow their millions and millions of dollars and then are broke after retirement.  They are not bright enough to SAVE SOME OF THEIR MILLIONS, but somehow they are supposed to be smart enough to start businesses?

Before conducting these business lessons in New York, Ross was in Ann Arbor, MI, doing a similar program near his second favorite team:   The Michigan Wolverines.

Jets first.  Wolverines second.  Dolphins third.

Or maybe Michigan comes first and then the Jets second.



Or maybe the Patriots fall into the top three, leaving the Dolphins fourth.

In any event, Ross’s actions speak louder than words.  He has made it very well known who his favorite sports teams are.   He barely even bothers with the Dolphins.

I strongly believe that when the owner is as absent and uninvolved as Ross is, then the senior management has no accountability.   Just ask Joe Philbin.   Never produced a winning season, but got to keep his job over three and a half seasons because Ross was too distracted.  You know Philbin’s philosophy was, “Owner doesn’t care if I win or lose, so I’m gonna half-ass it.”     When your football knowledge is already extremely limited to begin with, and then you decide to not even try, you end up with a guy like Philbin.

Anyway, I’m waiting and longing for the day when I can write a headline like Ross Storms into Locker Room and Demands Accountability and Results.   Or Ross Stands Up to Roger Goodell and Demands….(fill in anything here)


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  1. Yeah I agree. Most of the great owners- Joe Robbie, Al Davis, Jerry Jones, etc. all have/had just one iron in the fire- their teams. They were known because of the teams that they owned. And at least on the surface, were involved in all the day-to- day activities of the team. And they were not known for schmoozing with A-list celebrities or other teams players. Ross does open up to compensate his players but really falls short on being on an involved team owner.

  2. One thing we agree on………The worst owner in sports!

  3. I read where Ross said his business lessons helped the Miami Dolphins by bringing the team closer together. But only 16 guys showed up out of the entire organization.
    And do we really need closeness? No, we need toughness. And we need linebackers. And as Jay will say, we need a franchise QB.
    I can’t imagine spending so much time and effort in organizing a business seminar to allegedly make your team closer and therefore better.

    1. Author

      Ryan Tannehill attended. He makes $17 million per year, so lets assume he brings home $9 million a year. That equates to $173,000 per WEEK…TAKE HOME.
      Here’s the only business advice you need: Save that money, and sit on your ass after you retire and enjoy life.

  4. Just read an article that former Dolphin Will Allen was sentenced to 6 years in prison for his role in a Ponzi scheme. I guess he didn’t attend Stephen Ross’ “life after football” business course. 😃

  5. @Admin

    Anytime Jay is agreeing with you I have to scratch my head and find something to break ranks with him on…….

    “Just ask Joe Philbin. Never produced a winning season, but got to keep his job over three and a half seasons because Ross was too distracted. You know Philbin’s philosophy was, “Owner doesn’t care if I win or lose, so I’m gonna half-ass it.”

    I can’t agree with this statement at all.

    1 – By stating the Philbin (Who Jay thinks it one of the best HC in the NFL) was a crappy coach because he “half-assed it” is ludicrous. Philbin was a horrible coach because he didn’t know how to coach.

    2 – Philbin didn’t keep his job because Ross was too distracted he kept his job because Ross didn’t know how to do anything right at that time. He literally screwed everything he did up. The good news is last years draft shows that maybe we have a GM (Whichever guy that is now) and last years season shows he might have the right coach so I give him a little credit there.

    I too wish he would spend a little more time with the fins!

    1. Author

      Well, let’s agree that it was a combination of Philbin being inept, PLUS Ross being absent-minded.
      Philbin gave away a free win to the Packers that time, and Ross defended him.
      I found it infuriating that in 2014, on the very day that Miami was eliminated from the playoffs, Ross gave Philbin his extension.
      My point is that these were just a few examples when Philbin clearly failed, and he knew he failed. And yet Ross rewarded him with praise and with money. Somewhere in th back of Philbin’s head, he must have been thinking, “Man I can get away with anything!”

      1. Far worse than that was Ross keeping Irescum for 7 years and TannePuke for 6 +

    1. @Jay

      That’s about the most intelligent post your capable of which I why it’s so painful for everyone to put up with your comments

    1. Where Gase talks about the last 2 games that is…

      1. @Sean

        Great point. I really have a high opinion of Gase. He has some flaws as we all know about tring to out think the playcalling and not sticking with what works as much as we would like but I hope some of those things get worked out and improved on next season.

        In my opinion he is the best coach we have had in the building since Jimmy Johnson.

        1. I agree. He seems to have a desire to win and build upon last season. He relates well with the team and that alone speaks volumes over (Regis) Philbin. Hopefully we don’t screw up free agency or the draft.

        2. Author

          I agree as well. You guys know how much I question his play calling, but I like most other things. He wants to win, and isn’t satisfied just to show up.

  6. You can’t possibly say this guy was better…

    1. @Sean

      Yes Jay actually argued with me for months that Philbin was one of the best coaches in the NFL and he based that not off what he did with the Dolphins but what he “did” with the Packers. Jay contended that Philbin wanted to bench Tannehill and start Moore (who was a pro bowl worthy QB) but Ross wouldn’t let him. If Philbin had been allowed to start Moore the Dolphins would have been a Super Bowl contender according to Jay!

      This is one of the few reasons I can’t listen to anything Jay says. The guy is eather a Jets fan who gets off on needling us or he is a complete and utter idiot.

      1. @ Dumbass Brian

        Yes, we would’ve had 3 more playoff years if Ross didn’t force Philbin to bench the reigning TEAM MVP QB!!

        Name another team that voted a TEAM MVP and IMMEDIATELY benched him?


        1. Author

          Jay is right and wrong. No disputing the fact that Matt Moore was the team’s MVP right before Tannehill came along. The players voted him such. Then came Philbin, who made David Garrard the starter. He made Tannehill second string. He made Pat Devlin third string. And he had Matt Moore hold a clipboard, ready to be cut. The players told Philbin that Matt Moore is their choice, and Philbin spit in the their faces by making Moore 4th string.
          However, there is no proof that Stephen Ross was behind any of this. Possible, I suppose, but not probable. Ross didn’t even know Ryan Tannehill. Ross had to ask him about where he went to college, etc. Very unlikely that Ross said “Joe, I don’t know this kid, but I order you to make him our starter.”
          More likely is that Philbin, in his infinite genius, truly felt that David Garrard and Pat Devlin were destined to be NFL stars for years to come.
          And even if Moore did start in 2012, I doubt we make the playoffs three straight years as Jay alleges.

          1. Ross knew TannePuke HE was the ONE ORDERED they draft him!

            Do some research before u spew nonsense!

  7. I totally forgot about Garrard, but, didn’t Mike Sherman coach Tannehill in college? I believe there was some connection there.

    1. @Sean

      Yes which is why Philbin brought him in. That and they were friends before which probably had something to do with the Dolphins picking Tannehill to start with.

      What is lost on Jay is that the Dolphins under Jay’s All Time Greatest Coach Joe Philbin Miami moved on from the failed team that voted Moore MVP.

      Yes many of the same players remained because Miami was rebuilding but the moment the drafted Tannehill (probably the moment Philbin came to miami) Moore was finished here.

      So Jay can retell the story however he wants but like usually the version in his head dosnt line up with history!

      Ross had nothing to do with Moore moving to the bench that was Philbin and I don’t disagree with the move as last year obviously proved!

      Go sit in the corner for a while Jay

      1. Author

        Yeah, Moore was adequate against inferior Jet and Buffalo defenses. But in Pittsburgh, he had nothing left.

    2. Author

      Yeah, time has erased a lot of memories of David Garrard among Dolfans. I remember watching Hard Knocks, and Philbin sat down Matt Moore and told him, “Sorry, you won’t be the starter.” Then he sat down with Tannehill and told him the same thing.
      Then he gave David Garrard the good news. Then David hurt his knee the very first preseason game, and the rest is history.

      1. Actually Ross wanting Matt Flynn to be the QB was a big part of him hiring Philbin. But Ross cheaped out bigtime when it came time to pay Flynn and he took the cheaper option TannePuke.

  8. Ross thought TannePuke would at least sell some tickets so he drafted him and made sure he started.

  9. I guess it’s a good thing that we didn’t get Flynn cause he hasn’t done squat. I got to tell you though, that every time I’m about to throw in the towel and give up on Tannehill, he actually has a good game. Not necessarily win, but, just no stupid mistakes. It seems we say this every year but, this has to be his make or break season. I think the verdict is still out. Franchise QB? I think it still has yet to be seen but I believe he has great potential. I still want to see him, one day, just torch the patsies and earn their respect. Just my 0.02.

    1. An exact replica of Chad Henne who had the occasional good game also.

      A below average QB that will never take us anywhere.

      And the worst QB I’ve ever seen after 75 consecutive starts.

      1. @Jay

        An exact replica of Henne….

        Your an imbecile!

  10. Henne didn’t get 77 consecutive starts but if he did he’d be right where TannePuke is now OR BETTER!

    1. @Sean

      This is a typical idiot statement by Jay the “I know nothing about football but Im going to run my mouth about crap I know nothing about and insist Im the foremost expert”

      Jay – “the truth hurts” Henne had 65 starts and SUCKS. This is nothing like Tannehill who had a QBR of 96+ last year on a playoff team with a crap defense.

      There is a reason your middle aged and alone Jay!

      What a complete idiot

      1. @Jay

        Hennes highest QBR was 80.7 his average was 75.5 how is that on par with Tannehille?

        Oh ya in your mind Philbin was the best coach ever in the NFL and Moore (Who was benched by your greatest coach) was the second best QB ever……….

        1. @Brian

          You’re just a stupid DUMBASS!!

  11. NFL Combine has been going for on for about three days. Which players would my football knowledgeable posters like the Dolphins to draft?

    1. @Rick James

      1 – Reuben Foster
      2 – Jarrad Davis
      3 – Zach Cunningham
      4 – Cody Whitehair
      5 – Vadal Alexander
      6 – Jalen Tabo
      7 – Dan Feeney
      8 – Montae Nicholson
      9 – Pat Mahomes in the 3rd if he is still there but I doubt he will be
      10 – Tanoh Kpassagnon this kid is a beast at 6 – 6 and a 3rd round steal if hes there

      Thats my top 10 wish list. Lots of LBs which we need a guard DE and a potential steal of a QB is he develops at the NFL!

      1. Author

        Anything other than linebackers, linebackers, and linebackers are wasted and unneeded picks for the Dolphins. DEs and DTs can be helpful, but neither is a need for us.

        1. Smh! Dolphins need another DE because Branch is a free agent and the only other proven one on the roster currently is Wake. They desperately need a influx of young talent at the position. Fede may not ever be a true rotational player and Dion Jordan is a waste of a roster spot apparently. I expect them to pick up another vet in free agency at least. DE definitely isn’t a wasted pick and is indeed a priority along with finding two new starting caliber linebackers.

  12. With you on Foster but don’t think he’ll drop to 22 even after getting sent home from the combine. Jarrad Davis is a beast and was Kiper’s pick in one of his earliest mocks for the Dolphins. By all accounts he’s the real deal but in a draft full of talented linebackers I wouldn’t mind going for a DE like Taco Charleton 1st-round as there are some very talented ones this year and we need one with an aging Wake on our roster. I also like linebackers Zach Cunningham as well as Hassan Riddick as potential 1st-rounders. I noticed not a lot has been said about Tim Williams of Alabama lately. But there are also good second to mid-round backers like T.J. Lang, Raekwon Mcmillian, and Alex Anzalone that can be had later. I would rather we get two second tier guards in free agency as opposed to draft one in the early rounds as bad as we need help on defense. With the injury to Qudus at safety Jabril Peppers might also be a need if he’s still there at 22(which I doubt) because he’s such a versatile player. Initially I thought we should draft a tight end at 22 like some are mocking but with this being a deep tight end draft also it would be wise to wait because one will probably fall to the later rounds due to the position not being as prioritized as others. Another potential sleeper is DE Jordan Willis of Kansas. I think the Dolphins brass even interviewed him at the combine. Hopefully when free agency kicks off tomorrow the Dolphins can resign Stills and Branch to reasonable deals and maybe pick up a vet on defense. However it looks like the Dolphins won’t be making any big ticket acquisitions this year and that might be a good thing. Some of the price tags I’ve heard attached to middling players is ridiculous.

  13. I meant T.J. Watt at linebackers not T.J. Lang. Wrong T.J. but we probably could use both actually.

  14. Dolphins need to come out of this draft with a DE, two linebackers, a guard, and a tight end at the minimum. I’d say draft the DE and backers in the first three rounds and either trade the fifth round picks to get back in the 4th for a guard or tight end. The defensive players should be the priority.

  15. They’re going nowhere until they obtain a franchise QB

    Its a QB league and the 2 best QB’s took their teams to the SB.

    just sayin’

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