Burrow vs. Tua Will Not Be (this year anyway)

We already had Tua vs. Justin Herbert, and the Dolphins won that game fairly handily.  I was really looking forward to Tua vs. Joe Burrow as well.

But it’s not to be.  Burrow is definitely out, and Tua is iffy himself.  So the game now–more than likely–will come down to the non-marquee QB opponents of Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. practice squad member Brandon Allen.  That is not a matchup that will sell many tickets.

Yet despite the lack of star QBs, the game is important for the Dolphins’ playoff chances.   This is the third week in a row that Miami faces an inferior opponent.  They already blew the Broncos game and bounced back nicely vs. Jets.   Let’s hope they learned from the Denver game about taking an opponent lightly.


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  1. I won’t be on the game chat today. I’m taking the kids snowboarding. We better win this game!

  2. I’m out too, good luck today admin.
    I vote for Fitz today and Tua next week assuming Tua has not fully recovered for today’s game. Then Flores can play the starting QB coy evasion game with the press during this next week, and make announcement of Tua starting just before start of chiefs game. Boom!

  3. I’ll say one thing….how much was Gaskin missed?!!! He runs with physicality and catches well. Except for the fumble he had a great game. Great to have him back, and I can’t wait to see Ahmed back as well!

  4. Yeah, Gaskin was a welcome return and looked good, except for that fumble late. We are really challenged in short yardage running situation, which will be a big negative against the better teams. Nice to finally see Bowden in the mix! he looked good and tough

  5. The big test is tomorrow fellas. I feel like it’s going to be a nail biter with very little room for error. I predict a W with 30-27. Your thoughts?

  6. We’re going to find out how good the defense really is tomorrow!

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