Bye week boredom turning Into anticipation of Dan Campbell’s first game

I’m not a big fan of bye weeks.  Never have been.

The NFL switched to 16 games in 17 weeks because of extra money and tv advertising.   As if the multi-billion dollar league needed a few extra bucks.

The timing of bye weeks is arbitrary and unfair.  Some teams get their byes early, and some late, and it’s a crapshoot each year as to when the league will grant them.

But as my usual bye week boredom is prevalent this week,  still there is a feeling that alleviates the boredom:  it’s a feeling of excitement.  More excitement than I felt on opening day.

Dan Campbell might be a worse coach than Joe Philbin.   I don’t think he will be, but until he proves himself, we just don’t know.

From what we’ve seen so far, he’s definitely tougher.   I think his offense knowledge is based on actually playing in the NFL for many years and not just observing it.

You and me and Clueless Joe all played in the same amount of games.   You and me have better coaching records (a .500 record that you and me have at 0-0 is a better percentage than Joey right?)

It just feels like a new start, fresh hope with a hard ass new coach.   I can’t imagine Campbell will stubbornly stick with the same crap game plan on offense and defense.  Removing Kevin Coyle was such a logical decision, you have to wonder why Philbin never did so.

We have a week to wait before we see the Campbell Dolphins in action.

But then how long will it take once the game starts?   We’ll know right away.  If the offense opens in the same predictable 4 wide set and we run a play action toward Miller, we will know that Campbell has some learning to do.  But if we see anything remotely different, it will bring a smile to my face, and. Look forward to that.

I have to imagine that Campbell’s game management will be better than Philbin’s too.  Philbin was clearly over his head on a football field in every way possible.   The whole world, minus Steve Ross, knew this.

Thank God those days are gone, and the sun on the Dolphins helmet will rise again next week.

Now go back to fighting about Tannehill and if his wife is too skinny .   She’s not, Juan.  You nuts!!

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  1. Very well said. Just put out some formations where we might have an extra blocker lined up in the backfield to run behind or pick a blitzer and it should do wonders.

    Tannehill in all likelihood is just average, which is good enough to win behind….provided you dont go out with 4-5 WR sets and put the game in his hands. Especially behind that Oline.

    Gotta agree with Juan on Lauren. I prefer brunettes with curves…she just looks fake to me.

  2. I didn’t realize how down I was about this season until I just looked at the schedule today. I saw the Bills are playing the Titans and I thought, “I hope Buffalo loses.” In the past few weeks I might have seen that same game and thought, “Doesn’t really matter who wins because the Phins are doing so badly – and Philbin’s still here.”

    But now I’m excited enough to hope for a Titans win!

    1. What excites me is the possibility of getting the #1 draft pick next year and a real HC.

  3. Remember when idiot Ross chose both Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin over Jeff Fisher? YIKES!!!!!!!!!

  4. If you guys remember (before he was hired)Joe Philbin was considered a QB guru having mentored both Brett Farve and Aaron Rodgers. It was also believed that he could bring with him the hottest free agent QB at the time Matt Flynn and that’s a big reason he was hired. Philbin wanted Flynn not Tannepuke.

    When cheapo Ross offered Flynn half of what Seattle offered him we lost him. Granted, he didn’t turn out that great but he’s still a lot better than Tannepuke. And Philbin was unable to do with Tannepuke what he did with Farve or Rodgers.

    1. I distinctly recall the buzz about Philbin attracting Matt Flynn around the time Philbin was hired. After we couldn’t/didn’t get him, the narrative changed to getting Tannehill because Sherman was his college coach.

  5. Matt Flynn?

    Yeah, ok Mike. Tell Tatu hello and to look for de plane, because you must be on Fantasy Island.

  6. @Mike J.

    That is halarious!

    The only think that Mike thinks makse a good QB are wins and losses and mostly SB Wins.

    By Mikes own standereds Dan Marino Sucks too so I don’t put a lot of stock in his opinion!

  7. Marino? Probably the biggest choke artist in sports history. Could never perform on the biggest stage. Not the same player in postseason that he was in the regular season. Any coach will tell you the best players play their best in the biggest games. That was NOT Dan. 1-10 in road playoff games.

  8. LOL, OK Mike….whatever you say. Marino failed in the postseason. It wasn’t on the defenses that always got carved up or the lack of a running game, it was all Marino. I’m guessing those teams would’ve been Super Bowl bound with Mark Rypien or Trent Dilfer at the helm huh?

  9. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome!!! Hey, lots of teams in the toilet right now. Looking forward to DAN Campbell!!!

  10. @Mike J.

    Mike thinks all Miami’s woes start and end with tannehill. He even stated the other day that it is tannehills fault that Joe Philbin and Coyle were fired!

    I almost can’t say that without laughing my butt off but thats what he said.

    It’s funny because guys like Mike just don’t understand fundamental football but act like they know everything.

    I do agree with mike that Marino was one of the worst performers in the post season. It’s not debatable its fact. I used Marino just to needle him and get someone else to fight with him but he is right Dan for all his season prowess posted the worst numbers in the post season!

    Russell Wilson would be a better example.

    By Mikes standereds Willson SUCKS!

    His seahawks were on top of the world again last year going deep into the playoffs but look to be worse this year sitting at a very perilous 2-3 which if not for a lot of luck would be 1-4 and last place in the NFC West. They will finish dead last though because Wilson has spent the entire season running for his ever loving life!

    According to Mike that would be all on Wilson.

    Not his crappy OLine which will end up giving the season away.

    It will be Wilson fault because he sucks.

    Its just madding trying to have an adult conversation about football with simpletons who can’t think past their elbow.

  11. Brian M.,

    Any statistic is debatable. Marino did have some bad games in the post season, without doubt. Some were just bad performances by him, others just looked bad statistically but he played well. Shula and the FO never get enough blame for how bad some of those 9-7/10-6 really were. The talent level was not there to compete with real playoff teams. Marino’s best supporting cast came the year he tore his Achilles.

    It’s like his father made a deal with the devil at his birth to make his son a great QB under the understanding that he would never allow him to be a champion.

  12. On Tannehill’s regression:

    I actually think this offense is worse than the one Sherman ran, which is saying a lot! Tannehill made some deep/intermediate throws (albeit more stupid decisions) that we simply have our WRs run anymore. It seems like Lazor oversimplified the routes to be shorter so Thill could throw low risk but low reward passes. A lot of those deep comeback/in/out routes were Tannehill’s best throws, and they opened up the run.

    1. The offense is worse for two reasons that I can see (probably more): no B. Albert and the rest of the league has figured out the spread offense. The first reason is obvious. The second is more complicated. The spread can still work but you need to run the QB (so the Defense might be confused as to who is getting the ball), allow or have a QB audible, and be able to block with 5 O-Linemen. The fins have none of the above 3.

      1. Another reason the offense stinks is they got rid of a top receiver in Mike Wallace who often got double teamed and got rid of Charles Clay and Brian Hartline both of whom had developed some chemistry with Tannebum. Stupid moves by a very stupid franchise.

  13. Marino is, of course, the greatest regular-season quarterback in NFL history. He holds records in every meaningful career and single-season statistical category. But he never got it done in crunch time, and his failure to win a Super Bowl is a black mark in Miami history. Marino is, quite simply, the greatest player in North American sports never to win a championship.

    DollFans have created an entire Mythology of Marino to explain this failure. They say he had no defense, no running game, no supporting cast. It sounds good on paper, but it’s just not true. Fortunately, the Cold, Hard Football Facts worship in a different temple, one where raw numbers and reality reign as Zeus and Apollo. They easily debunked the four biggest myths perpetuated by the cult of Dan Marino.

    Myth: Dan Marino had no defense.

    Cold, Hard Football Facts: Marino played 17 seasons in the NFL. Twice, he had the luxury of playing with the league’s No. 1 scoring defense: his rookie year of 1983 (15.6 points per game), and again in 1998 (16.6 points per game). That’s a pretty enviable ratio in a league that had 28 and then 30 teams in Marino’s playing days.

    Consider this: Terry Bradshaw played 14 seasons in Pittsburgh and won four Super Bowls. The famed Steel Curtain defense that he played with led the league in scoring just twice in those 14 years. Of Bradshaw’s four title teams, only one boasted the league’s best scoring defense.

    In Marino’s record-setting 1984 season, the Dolphins had the No. 1 scoring offense in football and the No. 6 scoring defense (18.6 points per game). The 1990 Dolphins, meanwhile, boasted the league’s No. 4 scoring defense, surrendering just 15.1 points per game.

    There’s no doubt Marino played with some poor defenses in his day, but that’s the price of playing in the league 17 years. But the Cold, Hard Football Facts show that he also played with several defenses more than strong enough to win Super Bowls.

    Myth: Marino had no running game.

    Cold, Hard Football Facts: Marino joined Miami at a time when it had a reputation of being the best ground team in football. In fact, the year before Marino was drafted, the Dolphins made it all the way to the Super Bowl on the strength of a great running game and great defense.

    In Marino’s rookie year, 1983, the Dolphins racked up 2,150 yards on the ground. In 1984, Marino set single-season records with 48 touchdowns and 5,084 yards passing. The Dolphins still managed 1,918 rushing yards and averaged 4.0 yards per carry.

    It would be disingenuous to say that the Dolphins were a great running team later in Marino’s career. Of course, much of that can be attributed to too few rushing attempts and a misguided faith placed in Marino’s arm.

    But consider this: The New England Patriots went 17-2 and won the Super Bowl last year while averaging a woeful 3.4 yards per rushing attempt. The Dolphins averaged more than 3.4 yards per rushing attempt 14 times in Marino’s 17 seasons. In other words, Marino’s Dolphins ran the ball more than well enough to win Super Bowls.

    Myth: Marino had to carry the Dolphins himself.

    Cold, Hard Football Facts: Few quarterbacks in NFL history have been surrounded by more talent than Marino.

    In his 17-year career, Marino played with 55 players named to the Pro Bowl. Marino himself was named a Pro Bowler nine times. That’s a remarkable 64 Pro Bowl players, or nearly four for every season Marino spent in the NFL. Four times in Marino’s career, the Dolphins boasted five or more Pro Bowl players in a single season. Compare that with New England’s two Super Bowl teams, which had a total of just five Pro Bowl players.

    Marino also had the rare luxury of joining a team that had played in the Super Bowl the year before he arrived. He also played most of his career for the winningest coach in NFL history, Don Shula.

    Shula has quite a resume. Working with quarterbacks Bob Griese, Earl Morrall and Johnny Unitas, he led the Colts and Dolphins to five Super Bowls in 15 years. Over the next 13 seasons, working with Marino, he appeared in just one more Super Bowl. He lost.
    If any quarterback in NFL history walked into an ideal situation in which to win a Super Bowl, it was Dan Marino.

    Myth: Marino was a big-game quarterback.
    Cold, Hard Football Facts: Want to know the real reason why Marino never won a Super Bowl? Sadly, the answer sits with Dan Marino himself.
    Simply put, Marino did not elevate his game in the playoffs. In fact, his played dropped off quite noticeably. Marino has a career regular season passer rating of 86.4. His postseason passer rating was just 77.1. He played in 18 playoff games, and won just eight of them.
    In his one Super Bowl appearance (a 38-16 loss to the 49ers in Super Bowl XIX), Marino completed 29 of 50 passes for 318 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs. It adds up to a weak 66.9 passer rating. One wonders what might have happened had his two Super Bowl drives that ended in interceptions ended in touchdowns instead.
    Remember that 1998 Miami team that had the best defense in football? It made the playoffs, but Marino failed to hold up his end of the bargain. The season ended in the second round of the playoffs, with Marino coughing up two interceptions against Denver and posting a passer rating of just 65.5. Yet another opportunity for Marino to win a Super Bowl tossed into the hands of an opposing defender.
    In fact, Marino threw at least one interception in 13 of his 18 career playoff games. He threw two or more interceptions 10 times. The Dolphins went just 1-9 in those 10 Marino multi-interception playoff games.
    So, DollFans, if you’re looking for a reason why Miami never won a Super Bowl in the 1980s or 90s, look no further than the faded Dan Marino poster still taped to the ceiling over your bed.

    1. BTW, Tony Nathan was an excellent back both running and catching passes out of the backfield.

      P Manning won a SB with a crap defense.
      Brady won one SB with no WR’s and another with no RB’s.

      If a QB needs ALL the pieces they’re just not that great.

  14. Tannepuke has to go now. But the scheme is hire a coach
    who can intimidate the team into supporting Tannepuke. In comes Dan Campbell; Someone who they think is big enough to intimidate the players into playing hard so as to camoflage Tannepuke’s inabilities. It will not work though. If the players are smart, they will figure out a way to get Tannepuke out of the lineup before next Sunday, because Tannehill is and has always been the problem on offense. Our offense will not prosper until Tannehill is no longer under center. Let him go to another team and blow their season in the first 4 weeks.

  15. @Mike

    I read the arrival you posted and I agree with it. Who do you propose we get to be qb that would make sense at this point in the season?

    1. I’m not an expert on who is available and who isn’t but I would certainly give Matt Moore serious consideration, maybe trade Tannepuke to Dallas for a 3-4th rd pick and look to try and draft a franchise QB next year. They should be drafting a QB every year until they’re sure they have it right. Just my opinion…

  16. This Just In Darren Rizzi promoted to assistant head coach

  17. Finally Mike you back up an argument with facts and not lame ass attempts at comedy. Quite the impressive rebuttal actually. Now explain why Tannehill needs to go since in three and a quarter seasons he has had nowhere near the supporting cast that you just showed that Marino had during his tenure. Hell last year and the year before were easily play-off seasons with better coaching. 9-7 easily both seasons, only one more win would have gotten a wild card. Hate Tanny all you want but he’s not the the reason the Dolphins have consistently lost to better-coached teams over the past few seasons . He has been a good and steadily improving player. But it would have taken a great player at his position to overcome the atrocious situational game management, slow or non-existent in-game adjustments, and bad clock management this coaching staff specialized in when Philbin was at the helm. Besides a few wins against New England tell me one highly-touted tactician of a coach that didn’t beat the Dolphins these past few seasons. I could basically look on the schedule last year and tell you what our record was going to be because I knew the teams we wouldn’t beat. Ravens game last year being the perfect example. Any evenly matched teams or any team with even slightly better talent was a shoe-in to beat us because this staff couldn’t generate a gameplan to minimize any opponents strengths. K.C. game last year as a perfect example. Andy Reid put a coaching clinic on on Philbin’s ass. That shit was the norm. Dude should have been out after the bullying scandal. He had zero pulse on his team. Regardless of who we played it was always the same shit. But according to some of y’all Tanny got Philbin fired. That’s a bunch of mularkey. Trust me when I say that Philbin didn’t need any help with that.

    1. Tannebum got Sherman fired, Philbin fired, and will get both Lazor and Campbell fired if he continues to start. No team wants an accuracy challenged QB that stares down receivers has zero pocket presence and a slow delivery.

  18. Matt Moore? Really? Any respect you get with your analysis of Marino you lose in droves with your Matt Moore insistence. Sure he can throw a good deep ball and has a good arm but that’s it. He’d get murdered behind this o-line. And if he had started every game this season and had thrown 40 times a game like we have this season he’d be leading the league in picks right now. He’d have already thrown 10 ints. going into the bye week. You complain about Tannehill’s accuracy on deep passes but Matt Moore’s ball placement isn’t consistenyly accurate on something as simple as a seven yard slant. Just ask Brandon Marshall. Last time we played Dallas he missed him in the end zone on the go-ahead touchdown late in the second half in a very winnable game. Anybody here that actually has consistently watched Dolphins football over the last 5-6 years? Matt Moore isn’t even Josh Mccown good. It’s easier to look competent when you only have to throw 15-to 23 times a game like he did in his previous run as the starter but he would have floundered greatly under the pass-happy scheme Philbin bought to Miami these past few seasons.

  19. Over half the starting qbs in the league the past few seasons would have spent serious time on IR if they’d taking the beating Tannehill has behind his o-line.

    1. Nah, they wouldn’t have taken a beating because they have faster releases, have pocket presence, can buy time and can read defenses.

  20. No fan wants idiot trolls like Jay in their fanbase that have zero understanding of the game frollicking around their favorite blog sharing stupid ass opinions like they do know what they’re talking about. Did Tannehill get queasy in the Green Bay game and refuse to call for a pass on 3 and 7 of our final drive to at least try to get a first down in effort to keep the best qb in the game from getting the ball back? No I’m sure that was Philbin’s call. Was Tannehill the one later in the same game that decided that an offense that had been stopped cold three straight downs and was out of time-outs and struggling to get lined up after a strip sack that they recovered needed time to regroup so they could get a good play-call in and get the ball snapped before a delay of game? No actually that was all Philbin’s call too. And later on that same drive in a goal to go situation with less than ten ticks left and Green Bay having no time-outs still(obvious passing situation) you call a time-out to regroup and still manage to put your worse coverage linebacker(once again in a obvious passing situation)back on the field in man-to-man. Out of a frigging time-out when you had time to think about it. Hilarious! And if I’m correct again. None of this was Tannehill’s call. But Tannehill got Philbin fired? Jay you should do stand-up. Not because you’re funny but because there’s no way you could be worse at that than you are at this.

  21. So without any other qb to consider Jay would have us jettison our starting qb. I’m sure Todd boles would be the happiest person in the NFL if we made that move!

    Matt Moore huh?

    Every team has had three years to pay Moore more then 4mil a year (his current salary) but none have!

    Care to guess why?

    If Tannehill got cut today he would be signed immediately and there would be more then a few team trying to sign him.

    If Moore were cut he too would get signed. Eventually and as a backup.

    @Jay quite telling me that Tannehill has to go immediately when your only alternative is a not as good backup.

  22. My points are defendable. Yours as usual, are baseless rhetoric. And I’m still waiting on you to explain how Philbin’s terrible situational game management, bad clock management, terrible use of time-outs, and inability to scheme to his players strengths and minimize the opposing teams strengths are Tanny’s fault. I’m sure you won’t though. By now everyone here that actually watchs the games are hip to the fact you don’t.

  23. What Dolphdope doesn’t realize is that good QB’s don’t need great OL’s. They read D’s and make EVERYONE better!!

    And BTW, I agree with Juan that Dolphdope is an idiot….

  24. Who said great o-line? We’d settle for an average o-line. That would be a serious upgrade over the below average o-line play that has existed in Miami for the past two, going on three, seasons. Still where is this fairy tale land where great qbs and their teams win with a bad offensive line? Name a good qb with a line that sucks that won a Super Bowl in recent memory. Hell name one that made the play-offs recently with a sudpect o-line and little run suspect. Hell name the offensive lineman that have sucked as bad as Dallas Thomas, Tyson Clabo, Jonathan Martin, Shelley Smith, John Jerry, Bryant Mckinnie, etc.., have sucked when they were Dolphind. And then name the qbs that went to the play-offs recently with them and the offenses that have exceled in spite of them. I know. It’s getting kinda tough right now. Too many I must actually know something about football to answer correctly questions.

  25. Let’s see, Eli. Two Super Bowl rings but a bad o-line last year and inconsistent run support. You guessed it no play-offs. Then there’s Flacco. One Lombardi trophy but his o-line and backs were horrible a year later in run-blocking and at pass protecting so a year after winning it all they missed the play-offs completely with the same qb. They revamped their line after missing the postseason and it payed off with a breakout year from Justin Forsett and a league low 18 sacks allowed on the year. And by the way another trip to the play-offs followed. So why couldn’t these Super Bowl winning qbs make it to the postseason in the years that their o-lines struggled?

  26. The same football morons that loved Chad Henne love Ryan Tannepuke. LOL

  27. Let’s see. Your basic schtick is to call the qb names, say he sucks, tell whack jokes, offer insults, and then when backed into a corner refer to one of your troll amigos. Never any actual football facts or observations gleamed from games as evidence of your ridiculous assertions. You should change team alliances and become a Cowboys fan. You’d feel right at home in their fanbase because you’d instantly be in the company of like-minded individuals. All you have to do now is memorize the phrase “we got five rings” and you”ll be set.

  28. What about bringing back Josh Freeman?

    1. Yeah, he cant be any worse than Tannepuke!

  29. So I told you guys the offense would be pathetic this year. Many argued. Now everyone agrees with me! Getting rid of Mike Wallace( often double teamed despite Tannepuke’s lack of accuracy), Brian Hartline, and Charles Clay all in on year was moronic! What team does that? None because its absurd. Throw in a crap QB and crap RB and there’s not a playmaker anywhere on offense

  30. @Jay

    Josh Freeman couldn’t even beat the Blacktips!!!!!

    You probably have no idea what I’m talking about (Not hard to imagin…LOL) but your coveted QB is playing for the Brooklyn Bolts which is a charter team for the FXFL!

    Yep…… you hope for Miami’s super bowl run is not even an NFL QB!

    Worse then that he can’t even beat a team who’s QB never played in the NFL and wasn’t very good in college.

    BTW you might want to catch Freemans next game on the 17th against the fearsome Hudson Valley Renegades !

    Can’t miss TV – oh ya its not on tv

    @Admin – I propose we have an idiot comment button similar to a like button so we can vote who has the most moronic comments!

    1. @Brian M.

      Tannepuke couldn’t beat the Blacktips either!!

    2. Author

      I am patiently waiting until after Sunday’s game.

    3. @Brian M.

      Uhh….Maybe you should learn how to spell before you propose an idiot button. Just sayin.

  31. Umm, maybe you should post some facts and stay off the liquor. Wallace and Hartline have 29 catches for like 360 yards and one td combined through five games. I can see that they’re really tearing it up minus Tannehill. Rishard Matthews has well over half that production in catches and yardage alone plus three times as many touchdowns. Charles Clay is doing well in Buffalo but he’s the only one shining on a new team. The Dolphins offensive problems stem from the lack of a run game, the team is only averaging 69 ypg rushing. I have no idea how you can continually be allowed to denigrate the integrity of this blog since it’s obvious you’re only here to troll and have no knowledge of the sport.

    1. Uhhh…. you were talking SB and I have no knowledge??? TOO F’N FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

  32. @Jay

    Yep im a poor speller but there is a difference between poor spelling and being an idiot!

    At lest my spelling can be corrected!

  33. Whether or not you have any knowledge is no longer a question to anyone that has read any of your post since you started commenting on this blog.

  34. “Tannepuke”, “Tannebum” or whatever name you want to refer to Ryan Tanehill as…..the dude has done better statistically each of his seasons. Get him some protection and I think the story at least could be evaluated properly.

    Is he Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers? Of course not. Is he Marino? Nope. He’ll is he even as good as Jay Fiedler (for my money, the only player in that era who showed moxie)? No.

    Ryan Tannehill is a servicable NFL QB who under the right tutelage won’t win with his arm, but won’t lose games for you.

    This team is abysmal right now and as a fan for 40 years now it pains me to say that.

    I wanted Marty Schottenheimer….we got Nick Saban. I wanted Jeff Fisher. We got Philbin.

    He’ll I think Gus Bradley’s enthusiasm and drive to win would be good for Miami, but we’ll most likely get Bill Cowher and his tired @as cashing a check and more 9-7 seasons.

    We had a shot at Rex Ryan for Pete’s sake!! Think he’d choose us over Buffalo? I think so!!

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