Campbell era begins now

Punish Mariota !!  Join us in the chat room


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  1. Computer reboot. Chat restarting soon

    1. Told you guys it’d be a blowout! Oh, happy day!!!!! Tannepuke still sucks! Haha, Jay…beat you to it!!!

  2. Alright guys jig is up the Patriots are wearing Dolphins uniforms and playing against the Titans today that’s the only way we can explain such a drastic improvement. all joking aside this is very very fun to watch and such a breath of fresh air. my Sundays now have meaning once again thank you Dan Campbell you are a god

  3. So I Gus’s all of us except jay and Mike were right philbin did suck that bad and there was talent on this team

  4. Did anybody notice how freakin good our o-line was playing Tannehill actually had time to throw the ball wow

    1. And he still threw 2 INT’s. But a nice win albeit against a crap team.

      1. Hey I feel you on the two interceptions but both of them look like receiver quarterback miscommunications to me

      2. Actually one int was on a tipped ball by the reciver and the second the reciver went one way and Tannehill anticipated he would go the other.

        Obviously we got the answer about was lazor being held back by philbin and there were a lot of new plays run so the guys not being on the same page is not that disturbing at this point.

        Tannehill made a lot of nice passes especially the touch pass to the te in the endzone

        And we scored how many points?

        Also Mike Tennessee defense is pretty highly ranked so although the offense is not great you sell the day short calling them a crap team

      3. those int’s were on the receivers.

  5. Team looked solid! Played with a sense of urgency for the first time this year. This game proved it to me that the team mutinied on philbin. Don’t think we’ll make the playoffs but I’m optimistic about this teams future!

  6. Very fun game to watch. We pretty much moved the ball at will against a good Titan D. Our D finally played like they should and a great day for the Dolphins and Campbell. I’m excited about the rest of the season.

  7. Im glad we kept Lazer. He showed good signs last year, the problem was Philbin overruled him almost every play.

  8. Believe it or not one fan I speak with believes Philbin wasn’t the problem. I don’t even know what to say total craziness as today proved that there was a disconnect on many levels. At least Dan knows that you need to run the ball!!!! Plus stop it!!!!!

    1. You must have been talking with Jay

  9. No Devante Parker today…interesting.

    1. If Davante played, we woulda scored 40 points or more!

  10. You know what sucks though ? Clueless joe might have done enough to make sure we don’t reach the playoffs again. The team might have to win out to make the playoffs the way this division is looking (maybe best in football right now). But I finally saw everything I’ve wanted to see from this team all year. Expect fucking Jordan Cameron who keeps killing this team and my fantasy team with his shitty play, both interceptions seemed to be his fault. When u lead the team in targets you need to do better.

  11. Most of Tanny’s miscommunication picks this season have been when throwing to Cameron. Hopefully they’ll get on the same page here soon.

  12. All I gotta say is it’s a nice problem to have when your lead tight end doesn’t play well and your team still scores 38 points against a good solid defense. But I think Dion Aims sure did come back in style with a touchdown So it seems he’s filling in nicely. I’m still wondering how the o-line played so good yes I know albert is back but still.

    1. Author

      And I love the fact that Jake Stoneburner dressed for the game too. Take your best players and leading scorers each week and ensure that they are active. Stoneburner earned his playing time by filling in well for Sims. Greg Jennings earned nothing and rightfully was benched most of the day vs. Tennessee. Having 3 big active tight ends can cause matchup issues, and Campbell knows a thing or two about tight ends.

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