Cardinals Take Out Tannehill Then Hand us a Win

So all the Tannehill haters got their wish, and Ryan is done for the year.  Matt Moore can make a strong statement next Saturday with a good game vs. the Jets.    We still might miss the playoffs (I don’t see us winning in Buffalo), but having a winning season for once would do wonders for everyone.

So this fat cheap-shot Cardinal lineman claims he was blocked into Tannehill. Then it's hard to explain how he had time to wrap his arms around T-hill's leg
So this fat cheap-shot Cardinal lineman claims he was blocked into Tannehill. Then it’s hard to explain how he had time to wrap his arms around T-hill’s leg

Man, the Cardinals tried all day to give this game away, and we didn’t take final advantage of it until there was literally one second left on the clock.

On a day when Carson Palmer kept throwing it to the Dolphins and/or kept dropping snaps right in his hands, the Cardinals hung around.  Much like the Browns game, if it weren’t for the opponent having a horrible kicker, we lose this game in regulation.

Before getting to anything else, I have to address how atrocious the refs were today.  No play better summed it up than when Ryan Tannehill fumbled the snap at the one yardline.  Jay Ajayi recovered it.   Cardinals’ ball.  Huh?

Up until recently, anything goes at the bottom of one of those piles.  Whoever had the ball in their possession first was meaningless, because someone strong would wrest it away at the bottom.   But all that changed.  Case in point was the Cowboys game at Minnesota just a week ago.  A Cowboy clearly recovered a fumble, just like Jay Ajayi did.  Some mindless strongman Viking at the bottom pulled it away.  Vikings’ ball.   They reviewed it and gave the ball back to Dallas.  Once you recover it and you’re touched, play over.

The identical play happened Sunday afternoon, except since it was Miami and not Dallas, they allowed the play to stand.   Inconsistent reffing is worse than bad reffing, and the Dolphins get the brunt of it.   Ajayi had the ball under him with both arms around it, and a bunch of Cardinals downing him.  Play over.

There were plenty of other ghost defensive holding calls against us.  Meanwhile, the Cards, especially former Dolphin Ulrick John, yanked down Cameron Wake on seemingly every play and kept getting away with it.  Or the time two different Cards yanked down Jay Ajayi by his facemask and the refs “didn’t see” it.  Or the time Tannehill got drilled in the head, asked ref Jerome Boger for the penalty, and Jerome laughed at him.  That ref, and his entire crew, needs to sit next year.   They were truly that bad.

Matt Darr had some more of his 30-yard punts when we needed him most.

Matt Moore completed his last two passes.   Both were horrid, wobbly ducks.  But he gets all the credit in the world because he got drilled while throwing both of them.  He took two huge hits and completed the pass anyway…although that last one was so lucky that Stills got under it after it floated for 25 minutes up there.

Adam Gase almost got too cute at the end there.  If Damien Williams would have stayed on his feet one more second, then regulation expires and we go to OT.

Ronde Barber shows why he is on the D-list of Fox’s announce team.   Chris Meyers is not much better.  When Ryan Tannehill left the game and was being looked at on the sideline with an obvious ACL, Barber and Meyers were discussing some 4th-string Cardinal DB who might be hurt.  Were they even looking at their monitors?

Our MVP today is Cardinal tight end Jermaine Grisham, who took a Dolphin-like penalty to keep a drive alive, and then dropped 2 passes to him (And then Ronde Barber said he was playing great).

Jarvis Landry continues to rack up holding and unsportsmanlike penalties.  He even fumbled after running into his own man.   They need to reign that kid in.

Mike Hull showed you why he belongs.  Kudos to the entire linebacking crew.

Your thoughts?…

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  1. I think the Russians are influencing the referee’s and the obviously don’t want the Dolphins to win because there are no Dolphins in the Baltic Sea

    1. It’s the Russians I spoke with three un named interlegance sources today.

      1. Is this your attempt at some kind of humor? If it is, don’t quit your day job!

  2. 2017 Home opponents: Bucs,Raiders,Saints,Broncos & AFC South.

    1. Saints game isn’t home thanks to ross

        1. Author

          The Saints game next year is in London. Technically, it is a home game for the Dolphins.

          1. Not technically, it IS a home game. Which will save season ticket holders some money since it’s not included in package or have the opportunity to see them yet again in London if they choose to pay. I bought the ticket through them before and decided against attending. Gave to a flight attendant friend who had an layover there. I’ll go next year since I decided to renew next season.

            1. Author

              Part of having a home game is that the players know their own turf better than the opponent. The “home” team has 98% of the audience cheering wildly for them. We only get that advantage 8 times per year, but Stephen Ross decides to give one of them away.

  3. So who’s starting quaterback next year? If Matt Moore steps up and takes the team to the playoffs, no doubt he gets a chance to start next year. But if not then who takes over, if tannehill tore his acl he’s not coming back week 1 next year.

    1. Matt Moore is 93 years old! The only way he starts next year is if tannehill is slated to come back the first four games. Even at that it would make more sense to use the off-season and the first few games to bring Brandon Doughty along if you thought he was a liget starter some day or even moored replacement behind tannehill soon.

      And Matt Moore taking us to the playoffs?

      If he can win two of three games it would be incredible and that probably won’t get us in. However based on the Ravens game what will happen if we get there?

      1. Author

        I started to study Doughty last night. He’s a confident, cocky kid. He held some decent college records. But when you look at him, he’s so skinny. Nothing is set in stone, but I have to imagine that he’ll be Moore’s backup next week, and they’ll bring in a couple of emergency QBs during the week.

      2. IF we beat the Jets this Saturday,I don’t see us winning in Buffalo,with DoorMatt OR The ‘Bust. I know the Jills season is over and I hope they mail it in,but I doubt it. Even if we finish 10-6,it won’t be enough. (Thanks Stills for losing the Seattle game for us). If DoorMatt starts the 1st 4 next season,we start 1-3 again. He’s awful.

  4. We’re up 21-9 in the 4th qtr and Gase should be calling running plays,but he calls passes and gets The ‘Bust busted. For once I agree with Admin about Gase’s play calling.

  5. This is a blessing. Matt Moore will clearly take us farther than TannePuke would.

    1. LOL-you obviously missed his 2 completions,the longest of which was a floater that anyone her would have caught,barring the PI penalty.

  6. What the fuck is wrong with Gase, he tried to fuck his team out of a sure win by not using his last time out sooner. The Dolphins barely got the clock stopped with just one second to spare to kick a field goal because of Gase’s dumbass clock management.

    1. Author

      With about 11 seconds left, he called a handoff. If Damien Williams get in, we win. If not, we blow a few seconds and call the timeout. The plan wasn’t all that bad…the execution was. Matt Moore fell down. He BARELY got the ball to Damien. The play was blown up, and Damien panicked a little bit, I think. He tried to get through a sea of Cardinals and someone fought back to the line of scrimmage. However, all that extra nonsense took a lot longer than the simple handoff up the middle that was originally called. Gase must remind his team “If something goes wrong, just take a knee and we’ll try a field goal.” Instead, they were all unprepared.

      1. Author

        And why is Damien Williams our exclusive two-minute offense guy? Especially if you’re going to call handoffs two downs in a row down there like we did. Why not put Ajayi in?

        1. That’s one of the big problems during that crucial clock situation, using Damien Williams when you can clearly see that your O-Line has been pathetic all day at blocking during run plays, it didn’t make much sense at such a delicate time like that when you know everything has to be executed to almost almost perfection.

          Remember, Damien Williams got replaced on kickoff and punt returns because of his stupidity, so he would be the last back I would’ve used in that situation.

    2. Bad clock management is a Miami thing. Just ask UM and Dolphins fans.

  7. Ajayi dropped the ball earlier in the game perhaps they felt safer with Williams. Either way they have to know to get in or go down.

    Admin is correct about the refs although they were horrible all around. Brady gets the call if someone whispers in his ear. The refs made it very clear that the rule only applies to certain players or teams.

    Fins have to beat the other team and the refs…sad.

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