Chiefs Offer a Tough Challenge

I’ve been preparing to move, and I’ve been a bit behind on our Dolphins commentary.

Tomorrow brings the KC Chiefs to town.  Seems like no one can stop Patrick Mahomes and that offense, but the Dolphins defense has quickly developed into a strong unit, and they can spell problem for Mahomes.  TE Travis Kelce has hurt many opponents, but the Phins have done a better job covering TEs this year, plus I think Kelce is overrated.  Yes, he’s a big formidable target to cover, but the Chiefs are so good on offense that everyone seems like a star.   Even former Dolphin Damien Williams (who is sitting out this year because of the Covid scare).

The government just approved a vaccine, so let’s hope all of the world is slowly coming out of this 2020 Hell.  It should certainly help sports get back to normal.

The Chiefs defense is average.   Even when they win, they tend to give up points.   I don’t know if our offense is strong enough to outduel the Chiefs, but then again, I said the same thing about the Rams and Cardinals.  Our D will need to get extra possessions for Tua if we are to have a chance.

The fun part is that it might not be a blowout.  Last year, you knew which teams we would lose to, and we did.  This time around, we have a chance, and that’s what makes it interesting…


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  1. We just got dealt a big blow! Gaskin out due to Covid! Sucks big time!

    1. Author

      The only good thing is that our running game stinks anyway, with or without him. Didn’t gain much by cutting Jordan Howard, but we definitely lost a much-needed backup. Depth is important this time of year, and we ain’t got none!

  2. Quote from Armando Salguero: So Dolphins backfield has Myles Gaskin and Matt Breida on Covid-19 list. Salvon Ahmed out with a shoulder injury.

    DeAndre Washington will be available despite being limited in practice Wednesday and Thursday with a hamstring injury.

  3. Dolphins fined after Cincy game:

    Hollins, Mack $4,412

    Ogbah, Emmanuel

    Parker, DeVante

    Hollins, Mack

    Wilkins, Christian

  4. Kyle Van Noy inactive today. No bueno.

  5. Bummer on the covid and Von Noy news.
    We need LBJ to have big game!

  6. I’ll tell you what, we may have lost today but we were going toe to toe with the Champs! Tua is progressing nicely as well! The team plays hard for Flo!

    1. That was my take away too… we really aren’t far from being able to beat anyone in the league. I really think we are one good off-season away from being an elite team if our young guys keep progressing (especially Tua obviously) and we get a couple more play-makers on both sides…. but especially on offense. We need to get Tua a legit ground game and some at least one more high-caliber receiver and we could really go deep into the playoffs next season.

  7. It will be a major loss if Gesicki is lost for the season!

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