Coach Jim Caldwell Resigns

Citing a health issue, Jim Caldwell has “stepped back” from his role of assistant head coach and will now be merely a consultant.

As I always say, there is no good news that ever comes out of June or July, and this is bad news.

First, Caldwell is the ONLY member of the Dolphin staff with any semblance of experience.  He’s been coaching for years, including head coaching jobs.  5 years ago, he was a football coach while Brian Flores was an assistant to a regional personnel specialist, i.e., a desk job in an office.

Second, he was seen as a real QB guru, and not an Adam Gase guru.  In other words, Caldwell truly helped QBs.  He didn’t just just take credit for Peyton Manning, he actually helped him.

Third, I don’t like the notion of paid consultants.  Health alerts are scary.   Resign and go home to nurse it.   Don’t be a distraction–while on the team’s dime–and show up for inspirational consultant meetings.  It doesn’t work.  Dan Marino is the greatest QB to ever ever play, and he is a paid consultant.  If he can’t help any of our QBs over the years as a part-time consultant, then no one can.

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  1. Yeah, this news isn’t good news for sure. Good luck to him on his health!

  2. Author

    Agreed. Let’s hope he comes back strong and healthy.

  3. Hard to say if his reasons are authentic or not. This, to me, is reminiscent of when Parcells walked away. I can’t help but think if it is the A-List ownership of the team that coaches don’t like or merely just Ross himself that makes a coach walk away from this job?

    1. We gotta assume it is authentic. I didn’t realize Caldwell was so respected until I read about this all weekend.. He may be missed

  4. Definitely a loss as apparently he was doing a great job all spring. It’s probably legit and hopefully nothing too serious. Wish him the best.

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