Coaching Change is behind us so welcome to the new 2015 season

It ain’t over yet.  If anything, it’s just beginning.

Like we’ve been saying for 4 straight weeks, we’re about to face a team with a very pathetic offense and an unknown young quarterback who should be susceptible to blitzes as long as we don’t make it easy for him.

In the previous month, we did make it easy for them.  It’s frustrating and embarrassing to lose to the likes of Tyrod Taylor, Kirk Cousins, 87-year old Ryan Fitzpatrick , and draft bust Blake Bortles.  None of those QBs is any good, yet 3 of those 4 beat us and the other one tied us (minus a special teams TD by Jarvis Landry).

Let’s do our best to forget the last 3 games, as we also try to forget the last 3 years.

Those days are gone.   We have a new coach and hopefully a new determination in our players.

Coach Campbell is still SAYING all the right things, but let’s hope that deep down he hated Joe Philbin’s strategies and secretly disagreed with virtually every decision Clueless Joe ever made.

Any smart coach would.

And finally, just for fun…l took a peek back the Dolphins official website back in 2011, right before Joey took over.   Here is an interesting snippet:

• The efficiency of quarterback Matt Moore continues to be remarkable. He has thrown two interceptions in the last seven games. It’s been a while since a Dolphins quarterback has been so mistake-free. Another aspect of Moore’s game that is highly underrated is his running ability. He has a great knack of knowing when to take off, when to slide, and when to just throw the ball away. You just don’t see many minus plays with this guy. Every game, I am more and more impressed.

• Can we finally put to bed all those questions about Reggie Bush being an every down back? It is clear, abundantly clear, that Bush can run the ball 20-25 times a game and still be fresh in the fourth quarter. This is a unique player, a unique person.

• Cornerback Vontae Davis is finally playing at an All-Pro level. He is a healthy and seems so at peace with himself. His sack against the Raiders was the first of his career, though I’ve got a feeling there are many more to come. When Davis is at his best, he does not need help from a safety. The value of this can not be overstated. There is no reason why Davis can’t now reside among the top cornerbacks in the league.

BUSH, MOORE, and DAVIS.   3 men tossed aside by Clueless Joe.


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  1. Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, and Karlos Dansby. Three players we were jettisoned by Philbin that we could surely use now. Dansby was the last solid middle lb. we had and our corners were solid before Joe Philbin decided them for God knows why. Philbin was the original Chip Kelly. Sans the offensive intellect. I wish some Sport network would interview him and pick his brain to find out just what the phuck he thought he was doing in Miami.

  2. Yeah, cuz Matt Moore is better than Tannehill, and Reggie Bush amounted to soo much….

    THis site is bogus. Keep living in the past idiots.

    1. @NY fin fan…
      Pay no attention to DOLPHDUNG. He’s a idiot. Nuff said.

    2. Matt Moore is clearly better than Tannepuke. Tannepuke never came close to winning team MVP like Moore did when he played every week.

      And Reggie Bush was one of the best outlet RB’s in the game when he was allowed to walk. He would’ve turned many of Tannepuke’s sacks into positive plays. A real playmaker and fantasy favorite when he was let go.

    3. Reggie was the last best player we had. Remember the game in Buffalo under interim Head Coach Todd Bowles? Reggie had a awesome 70-yard run. and a thousand yard season. A little later, Reggie gone and Coach Bowles gone.

      1. Yup, this team has this nasty habit of always getting rid of their best players. And then they wonder why they stink.

  3. And BTW, I agree with Juan that Dolphdope is an idiot….

  4. DOLPHGANG Never mentioned Matt Moore, Tannehill, or Reggie Bush.

    Who’s the idiot?

    The person who wrote the comment not mentioning these players or the one calling a person an idiot who didn’t read what the said idiot wrote to begin with?

  5. Thanks Brian M. ! I am an idiot actually. Not for my support of Tannehill but because I’m not smart enough to ignore obvious trolls like Juan, Jay, or Mike who obviously don’t even actually follow Dolphins football or follow football in general.

  6. DOLPHGANG is a Jets troll. Hence, the Gang…as in GANG GREEN! In his case, it’s Gangrene in the brain.
    Anyway, he’s a dick.
    A head without a brain spewing goo.

    Anyone else really bothered by the class act move of firing your head coach by conference call? This fuckin’ owner sucks ass and will NEVER get anybody good to work for him because he’s such a classless, clueless dolt.

  7. He’s the laughing stock of the NFL owners. The dirt ball Moron who gave Philbin a raise, defended him every inch of the way, couldn’t find the decency to fire him in person? I was not a fan of Philbin ever, but, he deserved the time from Ross to be there in person. Philbin I do believe is a good man, just not a head coach. Ross is an absolute idiot. We are stuck with him.

    1. Too many advisors, VP’s, etc. And what the hell is Zac Taylor still doing there? We shall see if Campbell can motivate this team and fix whatever is wrong with Tanneshit. Personally, I would bench Tannemedal if he’s outperformed by Matt Moore in practice…and start those DB’s on the practice squad that intercepted him!

      1. Author

        I’ve wanted Zac Taylor fired the very day he was hired.

    2. Author

      Armando S from the Miami Herald had an interesting article about how Ross runs his team from afar, by phone, and by Fax. I’ve been saying that for years. The guy probably loves his Dolphins, but he has too many other things he loves more.

  8. I guess that would be Jonathan Dowling and Ced Thompson.

  9. Practice squads guys get interceptions in walk through practices because in a walk through the defense gets a copy of the offensive play sheet also so they already know what route is being run and which receiver is the primary read on any given play. So basically they’re only intercepting passes because the know exactly where the ball is going beforehand. The purpose of the offensive walk through is to get the offense players ready for the scripted for the next day’s game. So defensive players picking off passes that they know are coming defeats the purpose of the drill. Therefore the reason the offensive players had been getting upset about it. You’re a clueless as Philbin.

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