Commentary on the First Preseason Game

Nothing really matters in pre-season, so let’s get that right out in the open.  Yet despite that, some things become noticeable, if not meaningful.

Our new defensive line looked horrendous.  In a normal pre-season game, you don’t read into it too much.  However, I must point out that our STARTING defensive line stayed in the game until the 4th quarter.   So our boys were getting shoved aside by Atlanta’s 4th and 5th stringers.  Guys who will be working construction in a few weeks were getting the best of Christian Wilkins.  Charles Harris, as usual, was a non factor.   The other guys?  Invisible as well.

(On a side note, there was a very funny play I noticed.   I was watching to see how Atlanta was blocking Wilkins, and I saw it was one-on-one on this particular play.  Wilkins couldn’t get past his man.   But on the end, there was Charles Harris facing a triple team!    It had to be a breakdown by the offensive line.   Why on earth would you commit 3 men to block Harris when one is more than enough?).

On offense, Preston Williams was the real story.  He made some highlight catches and looks like he really wants to stay.  With some of the other WRs having injury concerns and with Kenny Stills at risk of being traded, I think Williams has a good chance to make the active roster.

It’s hard to judge Josh Rosen because the o-line was so poor.   But his interception was an ugly one.  Let’s hope that’s a fluke.

Both new coordinators showed nothing special, but that’s to be expected in August.  They are not going to show the whole playbook, as they say.  I must admit, it got a little tiresome and worrying to keep hearing (announcers, media, reporters) how BOTH coordinators PLUS our new head coach have no experience.  “He’s never called a play before”  and “He’s never had to make that kind of decision before” are phrases that only Dolphin fans have to endure.  Ever single year, we offer tryout jobs to rookie coaches (and their buddies), and the novelty has worn out.

Speaking of rookie coaches…Why did we have Josh Rosen playing into the 4th quarter with a bunch of bums blocking for him.   The risk of injury is far too great for him to be out there.  Give him some work, and get him out of there.  Man!

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  1. Rosen needs nearly all 1st team snaps now and needs to be the be the Day One starter. Otherwise,why did we trade for him? Winning this season-how important is that? FitzTragic has regressed since he was named the #1 10 days ago. He may have a couple of great games followed by 5 INT games-we all know that. He is a career backup from now on and Rosen needs the 1st team snaps to validate or not whether is the man going forward. Or let the beard possibly win 4-5 games and we have wasted the opportunity to draft a top 3 QB in 2020.

    1. This is the main story of this year. Is Rosen a number 1 or not. The second story is the O-line still sucks. The T-hill argument will ensue by week 3 and there will be no definitive answer.

  2. Admin how many years have I asked for coaches with experience? To many to count now and each year we get coaches with LESS experience than the year before!
    Hard to get better when the guys in charge don’t know what that looks like

    1. Author

      Yep, it’s a common refrain for me too. I wouldn’t mind one or possibly 2 inexperienced guys.
      But not all 3 of your main decisionmakers. No way.
      I like how they try to play up Brian Flores as 15 years working with Bill Belichick. How about 4 years working under Matt Patricia and 10 years before that working at a desk. All I ask for is a little honesty!
      Let’s hope these new guys are great.

      1. Agreed,4 years under Patricia and 1 directly under Belichick. And look at the body of work for his former underlings who are or were HCs! Not something to hang you hat on.

      2. I agree that I hope they do great! It would be awesome and about time but then I remember that Ross owns the team and figure even if these guys do get to the HOF Ross will screw up their time here and the glory days will be with another team like….. the Jets! That’s what it’s like being a DolFan!

  3. Yep it’s a recurring theme: Ross + inexperienced coaches = a recipe for failure. The reality of being a Dolfan under Steven Ross’ ownership.

  4. It does and has gotten old being a Dolphin fan in waiting! One bright spot was Tannehill had a key INT in practice yesterday from what I heard and seems they don’t know who is their starter will be. But he’s gone and no tears from me. You know, I want to be totally 100% surprised by this team! I feel the gloom doom and again, maybe, bec. I am and have been a fan for so long, that it’s hard to drop that but I hoping they are better than we expect…just beat the damn Jets twice and I’ll be happy!

    1. Author

      I will miss Wake way more than Tanny. It’s still a hard pill to swallow that we gave DeVante Parker an extension and millions & millions of dollars, but kicked Cameron Wake to the curb. 5 WRs on our squad are better than Parker. 0 D-linemen on our squad are better than Wake.

  5. Admin, Wake was a stable force here and that will be missed. Tanny was here past his expiration date!

    The scouts need to sharpen their eyes and pencils to bring in more than journeymen…I want this team to be so bad-ass good that we come out of nowhere and start getting noticed for the right reasons….Am I wishing for something that is not possible? The season will be upon us very shortly and I guess it’s all going to be evident as to what we have.

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