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  1. do you ever have anything good to say?

    1. We have an 8-8 team, and Joe Philbin allowed us to be outscored 7-39 in the two most important games of the year. Does he deserve something good said about him?

      1. I don’t mind that you don’t say anything good. I just mind that you guys never pick on Jeff Ireland.

  2. When exactly did Moreno get hurt? When did he tell the team? Who did he tell? Questions are popping up in the latest round of Dolphins rumors!

    I read an earlier article in which Philbin said he didn’t know Moreno was injured initially, and that he had just found out about it, etc. Unfortunately I didn’t save that link.

    At the time I read the 1st article it seemed a little weird to me, but I didn’t think that much of it. Now, however it seems the media (and probably the NFL) is going to be grilling the Dolphins organization about this.

  3. I wish Tim Tebow would play for the Miami Dolphins then he would be back home in Florida and tearing up the NFL like he did with the Florida Gators and piss off people Tim Tebow is the best quarterback that has ever played the game of football.

    1. Author

      Ha! I don’t know about the best ever.
      But he was certainly enough to beat the Dolphins when we had a 15-point lead with 2 minutes left. And then he beat the Steelers in a playoff game. How did Denver reward Tebow for winning a tough playoff game against Pittsburgh? They cut Tebow, brought in Manning, and then watched Manning blow playoff games for them 3 years in a row, LOL.

      1. Yeah I watch him beat my Miami Dolphins and damn it man! I like Tim Tebow though and wish he played for the Dolphins and yeah he is the best quarterback ever just look at his stats with the Florida Gators my god he would just run over people when he ran the ball and set all kind of NCAA records that even running backs don’t have and him a quarterback. Yeah Denver was crazy to let him go for manning who is wash up and choked 3 times so he is out. Yeah he beat the mighty Steelers with a knock out punch.

    1. 1973, was the year I first became a Miami Dolphin fan . I was fourteen and didn’t know a thing about football but some of my friends ask me to play football with them on a youth football league Sweet Water Valley Youth Association 120lb. unit and my team was called the Red Raiders . My number was 22 and how ironic I knew nothing of the Miami Dolphins that are the only unbeaten team in football but I had chosen that team when I got to liken football and they so happen to be the first team I seen playing on TV. in the NFL against the Dallas Cowboys that year in 1973. I chosen the Miami Dolphins because Florida is my birth state. So I have been a Miami Dolphin fan every since and got to know the game of football.

      1. Cool – great coincidence way back when!

        1. Hahahaha!!! Yeah way back there!

      2. Sweet Water Valley Youth Association in Austell,Georgia proudly Presents The Sweet Water Valley Red Raiders! The Team I First Played Football With And Watched The Miami Dolphins In 1973!

        1. Wow! I can see you in the front row. Your coaches look like real Southern football coaches.

          What position did you play?

          When I first read your original post, I somehow missed the “Sweet Valley” part and mistakenly figured you were in Miami, because the Red Raiders are the mascots of one of the big high schools here.

          I’ve been to Georgia a few times, and the background trees in your pic definitely remind me of my drives.

          As a kid I wasn’t athletic, unfortunately. I’m also built really skinny, so I probably could have only been a kicker if I tried!

      3. Wasn’t that the same year they Classless Shula lost a draft pick for cheating?

  4. I played right linebacker and special teams, Kickoff Return, coach thought I had good speed getting down field to make the tackle which 99% of the time I did. I didn’t know nothing of football but the coach said hit the man with the ball so I hit anybody and everybody who had the ball in their hand including our coach who some times got under center as quarterback during practice He was cool.

  5. Motley Fool has an article about Ross’ renovations to the stadium. It’s a very positive write-up:

    Not sure I agree with the “socially responsible” angle, but it’s interesting to see a level-headed article about this during the offseason.

    As I’ve said (and basically all of us have said) – if these moves somehow contribute to WINS and a POSTSEASON, then fine. Maybe the players will have better morale?

    My only negative point currently (about the stadium) is that the ticket prices went way up for certain games. The team is now setting individual game prices based on demand. I was thinking of seeing the Cowboys game and getting the ticked this week, but now I’ll wait and see if I can get a better deal later on.

  6. Ross is the worst owner in sports . He has made a joke out of this franchise. No one competent wants to work for him as a coach or in the FO. He has never had a winning season and probably never will.

  7. Like I said, hire me as the coach of the Miami Dolphins and I will have them in the Super Bowl as of this year’s season and undefeated again as no other team could do. I watched the greatest NFL football coach there ever was and will be Don Shula, and I know his style of what it takes to win and will not share that method with no one because the NFL has change greatly from what it once was in the days of Don Shula and other great coaches and players who truly had the love for the game and not a political business and media hype bull shit.

  8. Oh I forgot, Admin. you can pass my comments to Stephen Ross, maybe he will catch it if he truly has a passion for the Miami Dolphins as I have had since the age of 14 and playing in a youth football league and learned the game of football and the coaches who coached me. By the way we won our bowl game playing a big team from Tennessee and crushed them.

  9. So after 7 years of losing, clueless Ross tells his staff to “win now”. Lol

    1. Author

      Yes, and the media loves him because he spends money to help his team win. All team owners spend money. Who cares?!

      1. He really hasnt spent money until this year. He cheaped out on Matt Flynn and Vonta Leach, two players Philbin wanted badly. They also didnt pay Reggie Bush, Jake Long, Karlos Dansby, and Carpenter despite enough cap space to pay them all. And he desperately tried to get the taxpayers to repair his stadium and acted like a spoiled child when they refused. If you remember Huizenga did his own stadium repairs without asking for help and got almost every player his coaches wanted.

  10. They could just hire me to be on their staff and I’ll find a way to help win!

    1. Author

      At least you wouldn’t call a timeout and help Aaron Rodgers defeat your own team like Philbin did !

    1. Author

      Yep, we just added a new post on this!!! Was writing our new post exactly when your comment cam through…

    1. I’m surprised Johnathan Martin didnt sue the team as no one should have to endure that discrimination . Maybe Ross paid him under the table

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