Conference Title Games: Thoughts and Chats

Live chat open!  Join us to root for the Chiefs!

The NFC game is in OT.   Two excellent defensive coordinators (both are experienced head coaches), have stymied two outstanding offenses.

Yet neither of those defensive coordinators will coach the Dolphins next year, because Stephen Ross has tunnel vision and already decided on giving the job to an assistant linebacker coach who was a backup regional scout just a few years ago.  Brian Flores does NOT have a lot of experience calling plays.  Zero experience making decisions.  He’s utterly unqualified.  He is NOT even a coordinator.

When news of Flores started to surface, I refused to believe that Ross wanted him just because he was black.  Having a black GM and a black coach is groundbreaking, but unimportant. Winning games is far more important, right?

No, says Stephen Ross.      Anyway, we can discuss in the chatroom… See ya soon!

Dolphins Truth Chat Room

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  1. Worst no call in history sends the Rams to the Super Bowl!

    1. Yep…looked like a game in NE. They want the rams in the bowl.

  2. Just how bad was the call that kept the Chiefs out of the Super Bowl? Well, the ghost of Helen Keller called the league office, and said, “Even I could see the pass interference! Wtf?!”

    1. Wah wah. Dolphin fans cry more than the Bills

      1. Even when the Patriots win, their fans are never satisfied

  3. Still shaking my head over the guy who waved his arm near Brady and one of the refs 10 yards behind called the flag !! Even the on air ref announcer said You cannot call what you think you see, right ?

    1. That’s part of the bias most other teams simply don’t get. Same with the punt fumble to overturn a call it must be 100% conclusive. Show me where it’s 100%. Most teams don’t get that call…it is what it is.

  4. How many MILLIONS of times have we seen this movie before – Teams that DONT get enough pressure on Brady via the blitz – ALWAYS LOSE !

    It doesn’t matter if your D has 20 guys in coverage, if Brady has time, someone will get open ! Always !

    NFL teams that don’t get that – (after how many years running now) – DESERVE TO LOSE ! Period !

    1. Amen. KC made zero adjustments. And when their D was exhausted, they doubled down on the failed plan

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