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  1. Anything definitive on Jelani Jenkins’ health ?

  2. Author

    We have no updates unfortunately. Jenkins made the trip to London, so that is a good sign at least. Some of the other guys didn’t even get on the plane, so we know they’re definitely OUT. Gotta wonder how serious is Randy Starks’ back problem if he didn’t even make the trip to cheer on his teammates.

  3. Really appreciate any update. My FF team is counting on him.
    He’s from Olney, Md. and attended Good Counsel Highschool. I policed and lived in that area for many years.
    Have followed his career closely. Fine young man.

  4. Author

    That’s a great little story, Jack. Thanks for sharing. Is Olney in the Baltimore area?

    1. Olney is a tiny town, 25 miles due north of D.C. in Montgomery County, Md.. It’s approx. 45 miles west of Baltimore.
      Thanks again.

  5. Are you looking for anymore writers?

    1. Author

      Trevor, we do accept guest writers, yes.

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    I really dont like to advertise on behalf of others but given the rarity of his offerings it would be an absolute shame for his site to go offline for lack of support. And an even bigger shame for so many of us who never saw the golden years of the dolphins to never get an opportunity to do so in the way it was viewed in its originality including the famous beer commercials from those days . I found that to be an added treat!.

    I have for several years now searched endlessly for archive phins games including with no where near the success.
    truly is the only source I could find for games of this value. If some one wants to prove me wrong I am listening loud and clear. But I honestly doubt anybody can challenge in any meaningful way the shear amount of archive games his site has.

    So for as much as we all love our Miami Dolphins can we extend that to one of its most valuable fans? And to be honest, his prices still make it seem like we are still getting more than we are paying for.

    Thanks PhinsUp

    1. I saw this a while back, but never commented. Thanks for the tip, PhinsUp!

  7. Hey Admin – love the site; you know I comment a lot.

    Sometimes (like right now) your site won’t let me post comments. I bet it’s happening to others as well, because sometimes a while goes by without any comments. Just letting you know!

    (This is also testing to see whether I can post on your site at all – or if I’m only prevented from posting on a current article.)

    1. I successfully posted. Here’s what I think happened: In my original comment I had to web links (spaced apart). I deleted one of the links, and the comment posted.

      So I guess we can’t include two links? Seems a little weird, but I’m happy I got it to work!

  8. Hey Admin- how about a new deflategate article? Nothing better than to rip on the Patsies in the off season

    1. I was thinking that this morning! But I believe Admin’s out of town for the next few days or so.

      In the meantime – I’m sure most of us are happy to see the Pats embroiled in a scandal of their own making; especially one centered upon Brady!

      While I’m at it – I can’t help but wonder about Tedd Wells being the investigator. Even though I haven’t read the report (just its findings being reported), I have some nagging doubts about how thorough or biased he is. That feeling’s based on his ridiculous Jonathan Martin report.

      Hopefully this report is more even handed. If it’s not, don’t be surprised to see lawsuits popping up! I’ve no doubt the NFL cares more about the Patriot’s “good” name, as opposed to the Dolphins’.

  9. Now that the suspension, fine and loss of draft picks is in….I’m satisfied! Sure his appeal will probably get reduced to 2 games. The only thing I’m disappointing in is that we don’t get to play them during the suspension.

    1. Ha! Was just thinking the same thing – do we play them the 1st 4 games? As Jimbo mentioned, we don’t, which is too bad.

      By the same token, we’ve had a better record against the Pats the last two seasons, so it’s reasonable to think we can win at least one game.

      Of course that’s contingent upon all of our new players (on both sides of the ball).

  10. I think something’s wrong with the site. When I click on your newest post (about Tedd Wells from May 20th), I get a message that says “not found” (see my uploaded screenshot). That message comes up when I click on the title of the article, the “read more” link at the end of the article, and the “comments” area for that article.

  11. Author

    Thanks Mania. Not sure what it was, but I re-posted.

  12. I can’t post in current thread. Or log in.

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