Coordinators Now Set, But Brian Flores Remains Silent

I’ve said a million times…I’d rather hear a coach say “No Comment” rather than lie to our faces.

I would have no problem with Nick Saban ditching the Dolphins if he didn’t lie to our faces all season long and say it was not gonna happen.

I’d have no problem with Bill Parcells trading Jason Taylor if he had not promised to never do so.

I wouldn’t mind if Stephen Ross admitted he was a disinterested NY businessman instead of saying he’s a Dolphin fan and then undermining the team.

When it comes to Dolphin management, the long journey of dishonesty has gone on for years.

Brian Flores spoke to reporters this weekend about his coaching staff, and he sorta kinda played it in the middle.  He didn’t seem to lie to our faces, but he was not forthcoming either.  Why was Chad O’Shea fired?  The guy had so little to work with, and one of the worst O-lines in NFL history, and he still turned the season around–somehow.   The offense surged to average over 28 points per game in December.   Twenty-Eight!   During December, when we typically fold.  28 ppg!

By comparison, in December 2018 we averaged only 18 ppg.   In 2017, it was 22 ppg.   December 2016 yielded only 17 ppg.

Chad O’Shea’s offense was the only one to strive in December.   To get better and improve.  To defeat 2 very strong teams in the Eagles and Patriots.  They showed a lot of promise, and I looked forward to seeing what O’Shea could do with a stronger line next season.  But it wasn’t meant to be.

When asked about O’Shea, Flores did nothing but speak in cliches and innuendo, repeating different variations on “I make decisions that I think will make our team better.”  No specifics were given.  No qualifications given.  No indication as to why Flores himself thought O’Shea was the best man for the job last year, but not this year.  Chan Gailey was sitting home doing nothing LAST year, and suddenly that year of playing golf made him a better coach?    Nothing from Flores but the standard, secretive lines about “making our team better.”

As usual, sadly, the Miami media did not press him.   No follow-up questions trying to dig further into Flores’ decision-making process.  Just an acceptance.  Would it hurt a reporter to simply ask “Why?” or “How?”

Why is Chan Gailey better than a man who got the team flying high in December to end the season on a promising note?  How is it better to ask your entire offense to learn a whole new system from scratch? The offense will now have zero continuity, so all of last year’s “learning the offense” is tossed out the window.   Why can’t the Dolphins ever keep the same system longer than a year or two?  And why won’t they explain it to us honestly?





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  1. WHAT?????????????????????????

    This can’t be the same ole ADMIN… nope, nah, no way, especially after the blasting and bashing you gave this Dolphins Offensive Coordinator, Chad O’shea.

    ADMIN, here is an example of some of your best critiques and comments in 2019.

    – Dolphins Add a Patriots Assistant Wide Receiver Coach as new Offensive Coodinator –

    I’m too angry–and perhaps too lazy–to look up the guy’s name again, but the Dolphins have raided that Patriot Coaching Tree for the second time.

    They’re taking a man who’s never called a play in his life and thrusting him into an enormous role that he is unprepared for. He has zero experience with designing offenses and calling plays.

    Much like our new head coach has never advanced further than being a linebacker coach.

    You’d think Stephen Ross would have learned his lesson about hiring inexperienced assistants and promoting them to the top job.

    No one else in the NFL wanted Brian Flores to be their coach. Doesn’t that tell you something? Why do the Dolphins give out head coaching and coordinator jobs as if they were charity? Is it stupidity? Did Ross really want to sacrifice wins just so he can say “I have the only black GM and Coach combo in history”? Has he given too much power to Chris Grier? Where is Rex Ryan? LOL.

    – They Call Him Flo, But They Should call him “Fired” –

    Ross is the puppetmaster to blame behind this, because he allowed Flojob to hire his buddies at coordinator positions instead of forcing him to hire experienced coaches.

    – Here’s Our Take on the Dolphins’ New Defensive and Offensive Coordinators –

    So having struck out on an experienced head coach, surely we’d get two experienced coordinators, right? Uh, nope. We got a couple of inexperienced no-names calling plays for us now, and I will emphasize their no-name status here by not naming them.

    Once again, Stephen Ross has allowed an inexperienced rookie head coach to hire his inexperienced buddies to be our coordinators. Will this never end? Will one of these jokers ever prove me wrong?

    – Stephen Ross Continues to Show How Little He Cares –

    I thought it was a new day. I fell for it. I fell for Stephen Ross’s words when he said it was a new day and when he said he won’t try the same old things again and expect a different result.

    Just a few weeks after saying he will try new things, Ross instead tried the same old failed things. He hired a coach with zero experience. He allowed that inexperienced coach to hire his inexperienced friends. He promoted an assistant GM with a poor track record to the top job. Again.

    To tell the truth, I can’t wait to read some of your articles again on how you expertly analyze the draft and Dolphins coaches upcoming season.

    1. I get what you are saying but to defend Admin a little, all those comments did come in the beginning of the year and at the time were valid. The point he was making comes after the fact that the Phins Offense improved as he stated in the article. These now are two separate situations

      1. “Valid?”

        Dude, if you wanna defend ADMIN, then that’s your prerogative. I’m only presenting samples of statements that appeared to be made as a matter of fact and not just somebody’s queries. Now a lot of you can let ADMIN slid, but I won’t. I never read an apology at the end of the season by ADMIN concerning what he said about Flores and O’Shea. But I do see him now being somewhat inquisitive about Flores and the Dolphins letting O’Shea go. Sorry, but something like that is just a little too peculiar to me.

        1. Author

          I won’t apologize for the facts I share. Flores had zero experience as a head coach when he was hired. He then went out and he hired two coordinators who had zero experience as coordinators.
          The fact that one of these coordinators got better as the year went on needs to be acknowledged, and I’ve done that.

          1. Facts “YOU” shared? Dude, you found out about the hiring of Flores the same time WE did. What you then preceded to do was give what you thought was your expert analysis of the hiring. Heck, you even agreed with another poster whom I won’t name at this time that Ross only hired Grier and Flores for political correctness… remember that?

  2. Author

    Phil, I give credit where it’s due and I critique when it’s justified. Chad O’Shea deserved every single insult I hurled at him last summer and over the first part of the season, What did we score? 15 points in our first 3 games? You expect me to praise a guy for THAT?
    I point out facts. Facts. O’Shea was indeed a low-level assistant buried low in the Patriots’ system. 31 coaches had the chance to hire him as an OC, and all 31 said No way. Only his buddy Flores said yes. That wreaks of nepotism, and I stand behind that.
    Now then, skip ahead a few months. The offense solidified, and the points piled up. O’Shea got over the hump and went from scoring 5 ppg in September to scoring 28 ppg in December. You can bet your bottom dollar that such an improvement deserves my praise. it also deserves, in my opinion, another year of work.

    1. Ha!.. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much when you’re untwisting your tongue ADMIN. With BS like you wrote in response, you should go into politics.

      1. Author

        Yes, well admitedly it does sound like that. I was wrong about O’Shea early in the year, and he won me over by December. All I can do is admit that he improved during the year, and the numbers speak for themselves.

  3. I thought that I heard philosophical differences which I can see as they barely attempted to run the ball. Being a defensive HC that won’t fly for long especially since most of the team’s in the playoffs can all run. I know oline was shit but you still have to try to get better it looked at times as if they gave it up.

    1. Author

      I’m not sold on “needing” to mix it up. If the run game works, then keep pounding it. Look at what the 49ers did Sunday. Don’t tamper when something is working.
      Same for the Dolphins. O’Shea called a zillion passes because it worked. Our running game was shit, and O’Shea (correctly so) stopped calling runs. He did not stubbornly try to run when we couldn’t.
      I don’t mind passing it 99% of the time if we can’t run. That’s what O’Shea was stuck with. Unlike Gase, who passed it 99% of the time when he had Ajayi, Drake, Gore, and more !

      1. Oh I hear ya go with what works in game but maybe Flores didn’t see the run game improve and blamed it on O’Shea. It was historically bad and a miracle that Fitz wasn’t destroyed. Most playoff teams are able to run the ball so banking on a pass only philosophy is a death sentence for most. Perhaps O’Shea didn’t care to try to improve it or wasn’t capable and with Flores being a defensive coach he simply demanded it. I can see this as passing that often all year won’t get you to the bowl.

  4. i agree with FlyerFinFan, that it was some philosophical difference on offense – run/pass philosophy or QB choice. The difference probably came to a frothy head midway during the season. But since Flores & O’Shea are both rookie coaches, they realized a break-up midway during the season would look bad on their their records, so they come up with some gentleman’s agreement to finish out the season.

  5. I wanted O’Shea fired after week 2…. the team was an utter embarrassment and I never felt so low in almost 40 years as a Dolphins fan. But he did do a LOT to turn the team around and finish out the season 5-4 in our last nine with a couple quality opponents in there. I would have been curious to see what he could have done with more talent. Better O-line maybe a guy like JK Dobbins carrying the ball.

    BUT… the one thing that frustrates me (and this kinda thing happens a lot)…. we had Kenyan Drake and traded him for peanuts and he looks like a pro bowler in AZ. Did they have THAT much of a better OL? I wonder how much of our offensive turnaround was O’Shea versus Fitzmagic just all out balling with nothing to lose and is that sustainable?

    In the end, I agree it would have been nice to see what he would have done with more talent, but I don’t think we really hurt ourselves by going to Chan Gailey. I’m MUCH more concerned about the defensive coaching staff to be honest.

    1. I think Drake did not want to stay on a rebuild. I could be wrong about that but if this is true then you have no choice but to trade him.

      1. Author

        Well, I don’t know about having “no choice.” They are legally under contract and can no nowhere…unless you let them.

        1. Sure you have control but if the player whines and sulks it’s not a good look. Plus if they don’t give 100% that sets a bad precedent. Overall it’s a bad thing for sports when players play that game. If you win I don’t believe that it’s a big problem also drafting players that want to be here helps.

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