Defensive Attitude, not formations, won the Titans game

I re-watched the Titans game and listened to every interview and press clip available,  To a man, every single guy on defense insisted that Lou Anarumo did not change things up.

After you re-watch the game, you tend to believe the players.  There weren’t a lot of fancy new stunts or blitzes.  Reshad Jones’ interception came from his studying the Titans’ previous games.  Cameron Wake didn’t seem to do anything different than weeks past.

So how could these guys play so much better?   Is Dan Campbell’s attitude really THAT infectious? It really might be.   But I don’t think it was the D feeding off of Campbell as much as it was feeding off the offense.  And vice versa.

Jamar Taylor even got his hands on a ball, if you can believe that! You know things are going well for you when Jamar Taylor, who is normally getting burned 20 yards away from the ball, got near one, let alone picked it up!    Of course, he had a certain touchdown and no one ahead of him but them tripped on his own two feet.  But that’s just Jamar being Jamar, a Dolphins liability who they were able to overcome Sunday.  Also, on the play right before Jones’ pick 6, the Titans faced a 3rd-and-20 or so.   Taylor’s man caught the ball about 3 yards short, and then ran over Taylor for the first down.   Block the pass.  Or at least tackle the guy after he catches it.  Jamar did neither as usual.  The only two times I saw Taylor all day, and both times he made bad plays.    Meanwhile, Nolan Carroll is scoring touchdowns for Philly and Vontae Davis is a Pro Bowler and….ah, the ones who got away.  Anyway, we’re all in too good a mood to keep picking on Jamar.  He didn’t cost us the game, so we’ll give him props.

That being said, it’s refreshing to only pick on one player this week, instead of a whole slew of guys on both sides of the ball.  And it’s refreshing to not criticize coaching decisions.  It’s even refreshing to not criticize owner Stephen Ross.  Although he barely knew Campbell last week and hired him over the phone, it might turn out to be Ross’s best decision.

Then again, when your previous decisions were hiring Joe Philbin and allowing Gloria Estefan’s husband to become a “celebrity” owner, the bar is pretty low.

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  1. I also re-watched the game last and I know the company line from all the players was that they didn’t change much scheme wise.

    Let me translate that for you…..

    Campbell said to the guys on day one.. “We all have known for a long time that Philben needed to go and that the man couldn’t coach but we are going to take the high road and not kick him while he is down. That said the way we will do that is to not talk about any changing any of his scheme because that would be a direct indictment of Philbin.”

    I can tell you on offense there was a hugh shift in scheme because they

    1 – Ran the ball – alot

    2 – Ran out of a power formation with a fullback (Kind of fullback)

    3 – Threw the ball out of a two tight end formation with only two receivers (Many times)

    4 – Used the spread formation to throw out of instead of running out of it on 3 and 15 thinking it would trick anyone

    5 – Rolled Thill

    6 – Designed runs for Thill

    7 – Misdirection out of almost all the formations

    On Defense about 2/3rds of the way through the 1st quartert they tossed out the coyle scheme of each Dline man protecting 2 gaps and just had them all responsible for one gap (which is just a base defensive alignment and what they ran in the preseason) and look what happened!

    So I don’t buy the talk that they didn’t change any of the scheme . They changed all the scheme on offense and left the Defense alone until it was apparent during the game that it wasn’t going to work and they tossed it out the window and went back to a base defense and cut the guys lose.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more…nice post.

  2. Author

    I wonder if Joe Philbin is sitting home alone with one hand on the phone, waiting for teams to call him for his coaching expertise. Crickets….
    Although Ross is still paying him $3 million a year to sit home.

    1. I would be shocked out of my skull if philbin ever got a coaching interview again in the NFL.

      He wasn’t just bad. A lot of decent coaches don’t get traction with certain teams for one reason or the other. Philbin was bad and had no clue what he was doing and it was appears to to everyone.

  3. Philbin should never be a coach in the NFL again…not that he ever really was.

  4. I think queasy Joe should follow in our former OC Sherman’s footsteps and try HS level coaching. Those 2 were meant for that level, and did NOT belong anywhere near an NFL team.

    1. @AJ

      I appreciate what your intentions were with this comment but I’d rather have Joe at home where he can’t influence anyone with his dumb ideas! At lest Sherman had a few bright moments although I rather he not tarnish kids eather

    2. Author

      And then lie about it like Sherman did. “I didn’t want to return to the NFL . Nope. This was my choice to leave the NFL on my own. I’m very happy working with little teenagers.”

  5. Now that I think about it maybe Sherman will hire hoe to be his assistant!

  6. Brian, I was thinking the same thing about the scheme. Your right on about the offense. The defense has always used a one gap system but Coyle would use the bridge technique and have the DE go 2 yards up then squeeze the B gap while keeping the outside shoulder free to contain the C gap. Once the bridge was set the DE would read for the run. I think the bridge changes it to a 2 gap 3 technique read and react. Gap integrity says that if you send your DT into A gap, then that will leave a hole in the B gap which is supposed to be fill by a LBer or blitzer. So I think they threw out the bridge and let them loose. Like you said went back to the base D and look what happened.

  7. From everything I read, see, and hear, Davonte Parker is ANOTHER Dolphin 1st rd bust. GEEZ!

    1. I agree completely. His surgery is past. He’s a high 1st round pick that can’t start on a mediocre team. He’s EXPECTED to start,barring injury,but here we are in week 6 and he barely sees a snap. I hope we’re wrong but epic fail sure isn’t out of the realm of possibility given our draft history.

  8. Mike…that’s not true. Nobody is saying he’s a bust. You’re making shit up, bro.

  9. Not making anything up. That’s my opinion which I’m entitled to. When you get rid of all your receivers Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Clay and your 1st rd pick at WR cant contribute he’s a bust IMO.

  10. You said, and I quote: “From everything I read, see, and hear…” If it was just your opinion, just say, “In my opinion”…otherwise, you’re just talking shit.

    1. Our opinions are formed from everything we read, see, and hear.

  11. He had foot surgery…a pretty complicated one. He lost a ton of time and he will need time to get up to speed and be 100% in confidence and ability. When he came into camp, he didn’t drop a pass….did you forget that, already?

    1. Can’t say bust yet on Parker. But you can certainly say noncontributor. I am very impressed that Dan Campbell benched him.

      1. Well, a first rd pick on a bad team that is a non contributor is pretty much a bust.

    2. Author

      The team KNEW he had a foot injury and took him anyway. I have to believe they see him as a long-term contributor, and maybe not for help in 2015.

      1. Well, drafting damaged goods in the first rd is plain stupid. They did the same thing with Jared Odrick and he missed an entire year.

  12. @Floridan…Yes! He won’t be a bust. He will, however benefit from riding the pine, learning from some pretty good WR’s, and plenty of competition. Look what happened to Rishard Matthews. He just needed time and a shot to prove himself…I believe Dan Campbell can even take Dion Jordan and make him a great player next year. Maybe a TE? I would LOVE to see that happen.

    1. I hope Parker isn’t the WR equivalent of “Leon” Jordan.

  13. Unless you are a SB team you expect your top draft pick to make a significant contribution.

  14. Once again, that pick #14 overall is supposed to be an impact player, as far as i can see we blew first and second round picks again, the reason we are stuck spending big $$ in FA, is we cannot keep our first and second rounders past their rookie contracts or they just do not get on the field, Dion Jordan and nor Devante Parker.We should just trade our 1st and 2nd rounderpicks and get a gaggle of 3rd 4th and 5th round picks.. We suck at assessing talent

  15. Author

    Being drafted that high, Davante Parker is supposed to be an impact player. But sometimes you miss. Sometimes you THINK a guy is supposed to be awesome, and he ends up being average. In that case, you bench the guy and give others a chance.
    Dan Campbell understands that, and that’s why Davante rode the bench.
    Joe Philbin never understood that, and that’s why guys like Parker, Dion Jordan, Greg Jennings, Damien Williams (and others over the years) got to play all the time. “Oh, they are SUPPOSED to be superstars, so I better play them.” Just another failed Philbinosophy that Campbell rightfully threw in the garbage can.
    That being said, I gave up on Dion Jordan a long time ago, but not giving up on Parker yet. Far too soon.

      1. Welcome back Jay we all missed your spelling and grammar corrections!

    1. @Juan, lol. I am a good speller at work, but on here I just write fast and don’t care about spelling. Who cares Jay? I still don’t know how to spell Ju’uan James’ first name!

      1. Hard to take someone seriously when they cant spell. And for the admin to spell the top draft picks name wrong? GEEZ!

        1. Author

          @Mike, when Parker earns a spot instead of being a benchwarmer and when he catches a touchdown pass, I might consider looking up how to spell his name. Until then, he’ll be D’vonte or Davontay or whatever comes off my keyboard.

          1. Very unprofessional and irresponsible when some bloggers follow your lead. Any other professional with his own blog would never do that purposely.

            1. Author

              Relax, it’s just satire and humor.
              At least I finally got the spellings of Rishard and Reshad straightened out. Now if I can just memorize Mr. Suh’s first name…

        2. Get over yourself. You’re here,so the bar can’t be that high! LOL!

  16. Kind of off topic but Pouncey and Albert did not practice and might not be game ready come Sunday. That could be really bad for Thill and Miller.

    1. Author

      Let’s hope they both play. Practice is very overrated for veterans, especially this time of year. These guys know the playbook.

    2. Please stop calling 17 “Thrill”. It’s closer to Bust,as in Tannebust. He’s an average QB with a big contract. I know all of you statboys like his numbers but numbers don’t win games.

      1. But if you consider Thrill as in, “I don’t knw what to expect next”,then get it. At this point,I might like Kaaya instead.

  17. I wouldn’t write Parker off they obviously made him have surgery in hopes that he’ll contribute later this season. Missing training camp hurt his cause but doesn’t mean that he won’t be a good player. On top of it Mathews stepped up so they don’t have to force him in there.

    I sure hope that Albert and Pouncy play or they’re screwed. Where did you hear this???

    1. I saw it yesterday as a this and that note on a Miami Herald story but I don’t put much stock when veterans who have come back from injury take a midweek practice off. I would suspect they take today off to it’s not like they are still getting into football shape and there is no reason to risk any further injury during the week as was already said these guys are vets and know how to play football.

  18. Hope your right Admin & Brian about Pouncey and Albert. Im sure they will pay Sunday. However I don’t think they would would just take day off for no reason with Campbell running the show now. He is going to change the team attitude through practice and having all the vets there as leaders is important to the team. Did you see Matt Moore got a broken nose. Is that telling of the kind of practice that Campbell is putting them through?

  19. John, Stop calling Thill Thrill. You like T- Hill so much you call him Thrill. I don’t see whats so thrilling about Tee-Hill. If we keep talking about Tea-Hill then Jay will bust in about how un-Thrilling Thill is. We already talked to much about #17RTHill.

    1. Its amazing to me how any of the coaches or FO personnel or owner is satisfied having Tannehill as the QB. Just shows how low their standards have gotten.

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